Chapter 4 A smile:

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If I said I’ll do it, I will do it!

Ten minutes later, Lu Yi Bei arrived at the corner of the neighborhood’s manmade lake with a kitchen lighter and a bottle of purified water in his hands.

“Click– click– “ “Whoosh–!”

He lit up the lighter while carefully inching it closer to the paper ball.

Although this act might be him being way too paranoid it was better to be safe rather than sorry.

A breeze blew by making the flames flicker.

The paper ball seemed as if it was weak and helpless as if scared of the fire, swaying gently in the wind making a rustling noise.

“Scared my ass, just now when you scared me didn’t you seem very proficient at it?”

Lu Yi Bei cursed under his breath.

Without further ado he ignited the paper ball.

Under the burning flames the paper ball collapsed and deformed emitting a burnt smell.

The smell didn’t smell like burnt paper but rather smelt somewhat like burnt animal skin.

It probably isn’t because I accidentally found the actual way to use the flyer right?

Emmm, probably not! Lu Yi Bei thought to himself.

Night was about to fall, before it got dark the square dancing group who completed their last dance hurriedly rushed home.

When passing by the man made lake a person from the square dancing group smelled a burnt smell looking at the direction the smell came from she was slightly taken aback.

Not far away a young man wearing a red coat was squatting at the edge of the man made lake, he was squatting as if he was a toad staring intently at the flickering flame in front of him.

A dim yellow light shone on the expressionless young man’s face, it was as if he was performing some kind of ancient and mysterious ritual.

Just staring at it for a few seconds, made her feel like her life force was being sapped.

Coming back to her senses she cursed in a low tone, “What is he doing? Does he want to scare people to death?” not wanting to stay any longer she hurriedly left.

“Huh? Did someone just speak just now?” Lu Yi Bei shrugged his shoulders, “Forget it.”

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The time it was taking to burn the paper ball was a lot longer than Lu Yi Bei remembered, it took him over 20 minutes for the paper ball to completely turn into ash and it took him a few more minutes to use the purified bottle of water to flush the ashes into the lake.

When he was about to return, the sky had already completely darkened.


When he reached his house, Lu Yi Bei just opened the door and saw the coat that he was wearing today lying on the sofa.

Lying on the gray coloured fabric sofa the coat was slumped in an odd manner, it looked like a piece of fur that was just peeled off.

While staring at the coat Lu Yi Bei’s eyes felt a sharp pain for no apparent reason, suddenly he saw a pale mist surrounding the coat like a grotesque parasite.

Damn it!

How come there’s also a problem with my coat!

What should I do, wouldn’t it be a pity to throw it away after buying it for a few hundred dollars?

How about tomorrow I put a listing of it on xian yu[1] to sell it?

For tonight……

I’ll Just hang it outside?

Lu Yi Bei thought about it before going upstairs and finding the clothes drying pole, hanging his coat on the drying pole before opening the window and hanging it outside.

After being busy for quite a while Lu Yi Bei was finally done and the feeling of hunger after being  quiet for a long time slowly appeared.

After lying on the sofa for a while he finally got up, taking his own sweet time walking towards the kitchen, preparing to make a simple dinner for himself.

It’s not that he didn’t want to order takeout, it’s just that takeout after it’s dark has a expensive fee.

And not to mention there were hardly any restaurants that were still open for business at night, even the delivery fee is absurdly expensive, sometimes the delivery fee is even more expensive than the takeout itself.

Because of the high pay of the job there are some people that will brave it out and accept the job, after all night food delivery workers are a high risk industry these days.

The possibility of a tentacle from behind the door reaching out to take the meal, following the delivery address and arriving at the location only to find out it’s a cemetery.

This kind of ghost encounters often happens to the food delivery workers.

A while ago Lu Yi Bei saw an internet post about a ghost encounter, it is said two years ago at night the poster ordered takeaway food delivery and up until this day it has yet to arrive.

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Until now, every night he can still receive the message from the food delivery worker【Your delicious food is currently being delivered, please wait patiently.】

Changing mobile phones, using another account and canceling the order were all ineffective against the surprising persistence of the food delivery worker.

Every time you order a night time take out a food delivery worker might be in danger, the protection of food delivery drivers starts with me!

Therefore, Lu Yi Bei felt that doing it yourself was safer and more convenient.

If he actually encountered such an incident it wouldn’t be as simple as burning the paper ball after all you can’t just burn the food delivery worker right?

In addition to the rumors in the city of there being ghosts the country also has criminal laws[2].

After dinner, Lu Yi Bei and Bai Xiao Hua did some intimate stuff together for a while, before Lu Yi Bei started to get sleepy.

After taking a quick bath and saying goodnight to Ming Wang statue, he went upstairs putting on his sleeping mask and ear plugs.
He threw himself onto his bed.

Because of getting his eyes checked, Lu Yi Bei had to travel the distance of half the city going place to place for the entire day making him feel worn out.

As soon as his head touched the pillow, his eyelids began to feel heavy and before he knew it he fell asleep.


Night has already fallen.

Under the darkness and the illumination of the moon the water droplets made a faint red colour. 

A red and white coloured jacket hanging outside the apartment swayed in the wind like it was clumsily doing a strange dance.


The sound of a rodent grinding its teeth could be heard coming out of the left pocket of the coat.

A light sound could be heard as something inside the pocket wriggled.

Following that a pitch black paper cube nimbly jumped out of the coat’s pocket, stopping in mid air for a few seconds and then…

Started free falling.

A screeching sound could be heard in the wind like it was an auditory illusion.


When Lu Yi Bei opened his eyes, under the dim light of a street lamp a hunched figure stood, the figure seemed to be a tall and hunchbacked man.

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The man’s body was hidden under a dark cloak, holding a dimly lit candlestick in his hands, he was emitting an aura that made Lu Yi Bei feel uneasy.

Seeing this scene Lu Yi Bei wanted to leave but he found that he could not move at all, while he always kept a certain distance with the man.

The scene in front of him had a yellowish hue, it was like he was watching an old movie only and was only a spectator.

The man walked along the street entering a residential area before entering a house[3]. 

The pitch black corridor had seemingly no end in sight, the man wearing the dark cloak seemingly blended into the darkness.

The rusty metal doors on both sides of the corridor were tightly closed, as soon as the wind blew on the doors it made a creaking and squeaking sound giving people the impression that the door might open anytime, pulling the passersby inside.

The man continued walking down the corridor stopping at the metal door at the end of the corridor, with one hand holding the candlestick while the other knocked gently on the metal door.

“Tap tap tap-!”

After knocking three times the man used his seemingly ordinary voice to ask, ”Is anyone home? If no one’s home then I’ll come in!”

No one responded.

The man gently twisted the door handle, the metal door seemed like it wasn’t locked in the first place making a clicking noise before opening.

This was a very ordinary one room apartment, smooth white walls, the ground had ordinary white tiles, simple decoration for the living room with a tv, a coffee table and a blue coloured sofa it was very common decoration for a rental house.

The man walked around the house without turning on the lights, wandering around with seemingly no purpose for a while, before sitting down on the sofa waiting quietly for something.

Time passed slowly in the dead silence, after a while a sound of a woman’s laughter and the sound of keys being taken out from outside the door.

Afterwards Lu Yi Bei’s vision suddenly distorted, changing from the man in the cloak to a woman’s.

The woman was wearing an ordinary light gray professional attire, her face was blurred.

She was seemingly drunk.

After fumbling for quite a while in her bag she finally took out the key to open the door.

The inside of the house was a very ordinary one room apartment, smooth white walls, the ground had ordinary  white tiles, simple decoration for the living room with a tv, a coffee table and a blue coloured sofa it was very common decoration for a rental house.

The same decoration and arrangement of the furniture made Lu Yi Bei realise something in an instant, opening his mouth he wanted to shout to the woman.

Run away! Quickly run away! Someone is in your house!

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However it was like his mouth was covered by a pair of hands as he couldn’t make a peep.

He could only spectate.

After entering the house, the woman also didn’t turn on the lights.

After kicking off her high heels, she stumbled towards the bedroom, cursing resentfully.

“Damn boss, always trying to take advantage of me whenever possible but whenever I try to ask for a salary raise you only know how to act like your r̲e̲t̲a̲r̲d̲e̲d̲!”

“Sigh, when will I be able to quit this job.”

Arriving at the bedroom the woman took off her coat, crushing it into a ball and threw it to the corner of the room before plopping down onto her bed.

Not long after, a peaceful breathing sound could be heard in the bedroom.

Accompanying the sound of breathing, time seemed to be slowed down, every minute and second passed by very slowly, but Lu Yi Bei still could not change the direction where he was looking and could only quietly watch as the woman slept soundly.

Damn it! What do I do now? That man is still in the house! Lu Yi Bei thought to himself.

Maybe he is still in the living room, maybe he’s hiding somewhere, or maybe he was approaching right now.

Lu Yi Bei’s heart felt like it was going to jump out making him extremely restless, he also felt motion sick making his stomach feel cramped.

At this moment, the woman suddenly woke up after hearing a sound of rustling coming from under the bed.

“Are there mice?”

The woman muttered to herself leaning half her body out of the bed to look underneath.

A fluffy head suddenly emerged from the darkness, the lifeless glass ball-like eyes were blood red and the three petaled mouth revealed a smile[4]. 

In the dead silence of the night, the woman and Mr Rabbit looked at each other……

Translator notes

1. xian yu’s a second hand market↵

2.if you get it you get it↵’s a two storey or more house but I couldn’t think of how to add it without it sounding wierd↵

4.because it’s a rabbit mouth and they look like 3 lines in a petal formation↵

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