Chapter 9 Night sickness:

The procedure to resume school was much smoother than Lu Yi Bei imagined.

At the General Office, after a simple questioning he gave the form for his request for the resumption of school and the original admit letter of the school, he also filled out a bunch of forms that he did not know what it was meant for.

After that, the teacher in the General Office helped him register him as a student.

The whole process only took less than half an hour to complete.

“Okay, student Lu, you can go to the faculty to report in.”

“Thank you teacher.”

Lu Yi Bei thanked the teacher before taking the thick stack of documents handed by the teacher, and got up leaving the General Office.

Before he went too far from the office, he heard whispers coming from inside the office behind him.

“Is it another student who was on leave of absence due to a medical issue?”

“Yeah, we also don’t know he might cause any problems, it’s really worrying!”

Was there a problem with a student who is on leave of absence from school due to a medical issue?

Lu Yi Bei stopped walking, wanting to listen to the “gossip” from the two teachers talking in the General Office more clearly.

“You know that student from last year right? I heard that when the police busted down the door of his dormitory, the room was just full of rubbish and he was sleeping just in it with the rats that made a nest there and under the trash…”

“Stop! Stop, don’t continue, just hearing it gives me goosebumps!”

Lu Yi Bei, “…” why not continue? What’s hidden under the trash?

It is said that if you only say half of it, you will face heaven’s wrath!

“In my opinion, the incident was caused by the sun’s bizarre shortening! Otherwise how is it possible for the sudden increase in people with strange illnesses”

So they thought I was a “night sickness” patient? Lu Yi Bei frowned slightly, I’m definitely not a night sickness patient!

I was in fact involved in a car accident, I even have certificates from the hospital as proof!

What’s more, what about the night sickness? Did it eat your family’s rice?

During Lu Yi Bei’s hospitalization, he heard about night sickness being mentioned as much as yokai’s.
There was even a patient of the sickness(1) in the next ward, so his understanding of the sickness was definitely much more than the two teachers.

The so-called night sickness was not a specific sickness, but a general term for strange illnesses that started popping up after night time increased which were difficult to explain even with modern science.

Since the exact cause of the illness was unknown, night sickness can be said to be more terrifying than cancer, as the cure rate was extremely low and it entirely depended on luck whether you could be cured completely.

By the time Lu Yi Bei was discharged from the hospital, the number of people determined to be suffering from night sickness had already exceeded two hundred thousand, what’s more the number is still slowly climbing.

“Who disagrees with that! Also isn’t it said on the Internet that the world is coming to an end? At most ten to fifteen years and there will no longer be any daylight!”

“You’re so full of shit, you really believe those clowns on the internet? You, a teacher, said such a thing if the director were to hear this.
You should be more careful and stop ranting about such things!”


After the hoarse cough, the discussion in the general office came to an abrupt end and Lu Yi Bei likewise picked up from where he left off and went to the Chinese Language faculty to report in. 

Yes, the course he majors in is the Chinese language!

In a science and engineering University, choosing to major in Chinese may sound very strange.

But there was no way he could have said no to his father’s dying wish right?

Lu Yi Bei and his father had a really good relationship.

Although he grew up in a divorced family, he didn’t feel not loved from his family.

When he was young his father at the time could be considered as doing literary and art as his work.

His father wrote web novels back then.

Back in the day, writing online novels was a hopeless profession, and writing one just leads to a dead end.

In that era, only the best writers made their mark, but his father did not.

The monthly income was barely able to make ends meet for the two.

Lu Yi Bei always felt that his father’s writing was not bad, but that there was a problem with his creativity.

For example《Lu Xun’s Crusoe adventures》who would read these types of stories!?

You might as well write《I’m Not a Magical Girl》or something like that right?(2)

When Lu Yi Bei entered primary school, his father ultimately had to make the choice between his dream and his son choosing a profession with a relatively stable income.

Picking up the workmanship passed down by his ancestors and becoming a Sichuan chef.

After years of saving his father finally saved enough and finally bought a storefront, ready to open a Sichuan restaurant.

Lu Yi Bei originally thought that his father had long since given up his dream of becoming a well-known writer, but never did he expect on his deathbed to ask him to learn ancient Chinese as his final wish.

As a matter of fact, Lu Yi Bei personally thinks that being a chef and running one’s own restaurant was pretty good.

If only……

“Forget it, if this is how I have to repay his love and affection! What harm is there in just sacrificing a little bit of one’s own dream?”

Lu Yi Bei sighed standing in front of the student apartment building of the Arts and Literature faculty.


Even if the course you majored in is for the Chinese language, it doesn’t mean that you can’t become an excellent chef in the future, right?

Stepping back, after finishing his Chinese major, the name of the dishes in the restaurant could be named with fancy literature and the price can be appropriately increased just that little bit!

It could be named like tomato mixed with sugar, seaweed egg drop soup, smacked cucumber  or something like that.(3)


Noon, at the corner of the campus sports field.

The scorching sun passed through the dense branches spilling patches of sunlight on the floor.

Leaves were fluttering from under the old maple tree a girl in a light blue camisole sat on a stone platform that was showing its age, her pure white legs swaying back and forth revealed itself from under the light brown shorts, with a shallow smile on her face , breaking the leftover sandwich into smaller pieces and giving it to a chubby stray cat.

“Are you also someone no one wants? How pitiful, don’t worry, I’ll be attending this school from now on! As long as I have the time, I will come to feed you!”


As if responding to the girl, the stray cat narrowed its eyes slightly and rubbed its back under her hand, and let out a gentle purr.

“Food is very precious, you mustn’t waste it!”


“That’s a good boy!” The girl smiled sweetly, lightly scratching the cat’s chin, “If there are any leftovers, be careful that I burst your balls!”


How do you™ manage to say such terrifying words while showing such an angelic smile!

After the girl fed the final piece of the sandwich to the stray cat, she leaned over gathering up the food scraps that had fallen on the ground and carefully sprinkled it at the entrance of the ant’s nest under the maple tree, dusting off her hands, standing up extremely satisfied and fished for something from her small bag.

 After fumbling for a while, she pulled out a ballpoint pen.

The ballpoint pen looked awfully shabby, with a few cracks on the dirty plastic casing.

After the girl took out the pen, the surrounding air instantly became gloomy and cold.

The stray cat stopped eating and the fur on its back stood up, staring at the ballpoint pen letting out a low growl.

Even the ants under the old maple tree seemed to be affected by some force, and were in disarray, scurrying around chaotically.

“Hey Hey! Are you there, system?”

“Hello host, I’m here!”

The girl swayed the ballpoint pen in her hand, “This is the body of the pen yokai from this school right? How many points can I convert this for?”

“Performing assessment, please give me a moment…… assessment complete! This pen contains upper C-level energy fluctuations, you can exchange it for 20 points, do you wish to convert it?”

“Yes!” The girl responded, the ballpoint pen in her hand suddenly started distorting, as if there was a bad signal on a video that looked like snowflakes flickering, as it gradually and weakly faded away, before finally disappearing without a trace left behind.

“20 points, then is it possible to spin twice then?”

“That’s right, host, do you want to spin the roulette twice right now?”

“Spin Spin Spin! I’ll definitely not get nothing this time.
I feel like I already broke my dry streak!”

“Alright, the destiny roulette of the host has begun spinning, please hold…”

“Ding! The roulette spins are done, congratulations on getting the 300 yuan campus card recharge! And congratulations on getting the 500 yuan campus card recharge!”

“Yes!” The girl seemed to be very satisfied with the results of the roulette and threw a fist in the air, “With 800 yuan, the meal money problem will be solved for this month, I don’t need to work myself to death! I can even buy some snacks!”

“Yes host, congratulations! Do you wish to withdraw your rewards now?”

“Then sorry for the trouble, but please help me withdraw it!” The girl said politely and suddenly thought of something, her brows furrowed slightly, “Oh yeah, system……”

“I’m here.”

The girl rubbed her chin looking pensive, “Say that Lu Yi Bei, he hasn’t become a witch yet, no? In other words, he’s still a human, so I can’t kill him right now am I right?”

“Host, the target will definitely endanger the world in the future.
It is best if you kill him while he’s still weak.”

“But didn’t you say that with great power comes greater responsibility and our responsibility is to protect all humans am I wrong? Then how can we kill people?”

“But, host……”

“Stop talking! Let me finish!” The girl interrupted impatiently, “Just tell me when he will change into a witch! When he is half way in transforming, I’ll cut his head off in one blow.
Isn’t that a better solution?”

“Host, fate is changeable, he may change at any time, I can’t pinpoint accurately when he’ll change.”

“Ha!” The girl sighed helplessly, so he can transform at any time, I can’t just constantly follow him around right? I still have a lot of other things I have to do!


“I’m here.”

“You sure are useless.”

System, “……”


On the other side of the sports field, inside the student apartment building of the Arts and Literature faculty.

Lu Yi Bei was following behind a “passionate” senior who was leading the way to his dormitory room, listening to his rambles absentmindedly, as his attention unconsciously drifted outside the window.

Under the illumination of the afternoon’s scorching sun, the entire sports field seemed to be covered in a layer of gold, emitting dazzling rays of light, Lu Yi Bei’s vision went blurred for a while by the dazzling light.

While in a trance.

At the corner of the sports field he saw a figure with long scattered hair wearing a white dress seeming like a ghost in white, followed by a huge hazy, seemingly distorted silhouette that was emitting a dark and negative atmosphere.

The silhouette looked like a huge monkfish, jumping up from underneath the ground, it opened its big mouth revealing its sharp teeth, swallowing the white-clothed female ghost in one bite and fell back onto the floor before sinking into the ground, silently disappearing without a trace.
What the fuck!? What trickery is this? Lu Yi Bei was stunned with his eyes wide open at what he saw.

However, all he saw was leaves being blown along with some sand and a stupid looking girl that was moving her hands and feet about seemingly talking to herself.
Isn’t that the person who stopped me earlier? Lu Yi Bei frowned, what’s she so giddy about!? Forget it, it’s best to not care.

The girl’s bizarre behavior, coupled with the dark silhouette that flashed by a few seconds ago, made Lu Yi Bei make up his mind to absolutely not involve himself with anything having to do with that strange girl!

“Junior, junior you there?”

After being called twice by his fellow senior, Lu Yi Bei snapped out of thought, scratching the back of his head, and said indifferently, “Oh, my bad senpai!”

The upperclassmen glanced out the window looking at what Lu Yi Bei was staring at and when he saw the cute girl at the sports field, he showed an understanding expression, “Haha, it’s fine! I get it! Who doesn’t look forward to such a lovely scene when they go to college?”

“Makes sense, by the way, what year are you, senpai?”

“Third year.”

Lu Yi Bei nodded his head and asked curiously, “Have you found love yet?”

The senior looked bashful, swaying his waist shyly and whispered, “I did, we now share a dormitory, I say we are really happy!”

Lu Yi Bei, “……”

I suddenly feel like he shouldn’t lead the way anymore, what to do? Am I in danger?

Translator notes

the author wrote artist but I think he miswrote it for patient since the pronunciation is the same↵

2. Another one of the authors books is pretty funny maybe ill translate it?↵

3. pretend the names are fancy↵

wow one month of procrastination, hopefully i’ll do another chapter tomorrow.

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