Chapter 1 Patient:

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“Lu Yi Bei.”

“How old?”

“Umm…all eighteen.”

What does he mean by all eighteen?

The doctor who was currently looking down at the medical report furrowed his eyebrows.

Raising his head to stare at the young man with a look of bewilderment while suppressing the thoughts in his heart.

“Then could you first tell me the situation?” inquired the doctor.

Lu Yi Bei nodded, “Ok then.”

“I actually think there is a problem with my eyes, I always see strange things.”

“Strange things? Then does your eyes hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt…”

“Any symptoms like itchiness, discomfort in bright light or teariness?”

The doctor questioned in a professional tone,While flipping through Lu yi bei’s past medical records.

 After looking through the medical record, he furrowed his eyebrows.

“It says here that you were involved in a car crash and had to do a corneal transplant.
Did you consider the possibility of it being side effects of the surgery and get it checked out?” questioned the doctor.

“I have already gotten it checked.
Here’s the test and diagnostics report.” Lu yi bei replied while taking out the test and diagnostic papers and handed it over to the doctor.

The doctor frowned, after carefully going through the entire test and diagnostics report.

From the results of the test and diagnostics report.

Not only were there no signs of lesions and infections.

His eyes also recovered speedily, compared to other cases of corneal transplant and was considered as one of the best case scenarios.

“That’s strange.
The report shows that everything should be fine.
How about you be a little more specific on what exactly you saw?” questioned the doctor.

“Must I say it?” Lu yi bei’s eyes looked left and right as he spoke, gulping down his saliva looking slightly nervous.

The doctor showed a gentle smile and reassured, ”young man you don’t need to be afraid I have no ill intentions.
This is just the standard procedure for doctors to diagnose the patient.
So I have to understand your condition first.”

I’m alread not too scared of it anymore, I’m just worried that you will be scared if I say it. 

Lu yi bei thought to himself and then sighed lightly.

“Okay then, since you insist on knowing I will tell you!”

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“I said I see strange things all the time but it occurs randomly.
When it occurs, I see dark figures that appear to be like shadows.”

“Also sometimes I will also hear strange voices…”

“What kind of shadows and voices?” Interrupted the doctor.

“Errr… Most of the shadows are very blurry and hard to see.
They also don’t appear very much when it’s day time, while appearing more often at night.
If I describe it, it’s as if seeing someone beside or behind me but when I turn to look it’s as if I saw a shadow pass by and I then would not be able to find it anymore.
As for the voices…”

“Hold on a minute!”

The more and more the doctor listened the more he thought something was amiss.

Therefore he once again interrupted Lu Yi Bei.

“Hold on after listening to your story doesn’t it sound like what you met were… ghosts?”

Lu Yi Bei furrowed his eyebrows, after hearing such an unexpected response by the doctor.

He responded coldly, “Doctor this is a hospital.
I came here seeking a medical diagnosis not some superstitious nonsense on what I experienced please refrain from saying such superstitions, you’re making me very scared.”

The doctor scratched his head shyly and apologized, “My apologies, that was unprofessional of me.”

It’s all because in recent years, there were many rumors circulating around about there being ghosts.

Making people always talk about such things, after hearing his story on what he witnessed. 

The doctor subconsciously associated it as him witnessing what the rumors were talking about.

Thinking about that the doctor chuckled to himself, “Go ahead and continue with what you were saying.
Also seeing double images is a common after effect of a corneal transplant, but from your laboratory test and diagnosis report.
The probability of the cause being caused by pathological factors is relatively low.
So there’s a possibility of it being related to psychological or other factors.”

The so-called other factors refers to the phenomenon of residual optic nerve memory under specific conditions.
Which will result in the corneal transplant patient seeing some things the donor saw.

However this will gradually disappear over time.

The doctor took that as a possibility of the cause of Lu yi bei seeing strange shadows.
However it should be mentioned that there wasn’t enough scientific evidence to prove that this was not just a theory.

“There is also the possibility of the latter…” muttered the doctor.

The doctor pondered for a few seconds before asking, “Are the shadows blurry and unrecognizable? Or can you see them clearly?”

If he could see them clearly, then the probability of it being the latter case being the cause would be relatively high.

“Yes but is it necessary for me to say it?” Asked Lu Yi Bei hesitantly.

If he told the doctor what he saw, wouldn’t what happened last time repeat itself?

At the last hospital I visited so as to get a diagnosis of my condition got me kicked out after describing what I saw.
Lu Yi Bei thought to himself.

The doctor made a warm gesture to Lu Yi Bei before saying, “Please be my guest.”

“Ok then since you insist I will describe it!”

Lu Yi Bei took a deep breath and calmed his emotions down, “I’ve seen it clearly three times.
The first time was late at night, I was hungry and decided to go out to eat kebabs.
At a crossroads I saw a young lady wearing a yellow floral dress, who was followed by a yellow and white corgi which was the size of a minivan.
In a blink of an eye she mounted on top of the dog and before I knew it she flew up into the night sky.”

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“Haahaahaa!” The doctor was amused by the ridiculous story told by Lu Yi Bei, he was originally a bit nervous but after hearing the story told by Lu Yi Bei he calmed down a bit.

“Young man, have you also heard about the rumors of magical girls being inside our city? But you know those are just rumors, are they not?”

“Of course I have heard such rumors, but I didn’t take them seriously.
Also how does that have to do with what I witnessed?”

“Of course it has to do with what you’re seeing.” The doctor said with a smile and continued to talk, “Things you often think about may affect the double image that you see.”

Lu Yi Bei “…”

So what you are telling me is that what I witnessed was all in my head, a fiction of my imagination?

I am not mentally ill! Thought Lu Yi Bei.

“Didn’t you say you saw it three times? Could you describe the other two times you experienced it?” the doctor continued to question.

“Five days ago when it was raining I was in the men’s locker room bathhouse of the school when.
I ran into one of the school’s senior’s girl and as soon as she saw me she turned around and ran away[1].” 

“You bumped into a senior school gi

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