The male protagonist is the flower of the romance novel!

Cordelia pretended to be lying on the table while she yelled and heard a loud voice.

“Oh, it’s the author.”


Cordelia straightened her back right away and turned toward the door. 

A girl who looked to be about ten years old walked into the room with her head sticking out of the doorway.

Rosetta Luther was Mason Luther’s only daughter.

“Author, are you doing that again?”

“What do you mean again? I’m serious Rosetta.”

Cordelia’s voice hinted at a very close relationship between the two of them, which was different from how she talked to Luther. 

Even though he was treated badly, Luther did nothing but shake his head. 

Rosetta turned her head to the side and spoke quietly.

“But Author, you said the same thing months ago when the deadline was coming close.”

“Oh… did I?”

Cordelia coughed without success. 

In fact, Cordelia’s deadlines always included the problem of the handsome male protagonist. 

That’s likely because she doesn’t really have a keen eye towards men at this time.

Luther had to change the rhythm to fit Cordelia, who insisted that even the fiction should be perfect because it doesn’t exist in reality or is just someone else’s bread. 

He had a sudden idea.

Making a living is very hard.

“Are you leaving your job?”

“Calm down.”

Luther put the cake in front of Cordelia to calm her mind, who was moving around a lot. 

Cordelia’s fork cut sharply through the air as she looked at the tart with apricots on top of the crunchy cheese.

“Oh, it’s delicious! Luther cooks really well.”

“Ah, that’s reassuring.”

Luther thought that it’s a very hard job, but he also placed a slice on his daughter’s plate.

Cordelia was one of the most honest and demanding writers, even though she seemed like she wasn’t.

Most of the time, nobles don’t have to deal with commoners.

So, unlike other aristocratic writers who usually only send their manuscripts by subordinates, Cordelia came here when she was bored and Luther was overwhelmed by her affinity. 

She has been doing this for over 10 years.

“Why not try magic? You said you know a priest, didn’t you?”

No matter what time it was, a mysterious ability will get everyone’s attention. 

Even though the temple is the only place wizards can be found, it is said that the only time you can see magic in action is at a temple event.

To figure out why, we have to look at the history of the kingdom. 

The Kreits Kingdom, where they live, has a history that goes back about a thousand years.

In the founding story, Kardian Rinaen, the first king, and three people who helped him set up the kingdom are shown. 

People say that, unlike the two public servants who were given dukeships for their work, the third asked the first king quietly.

‘Power is not a bad thing.
It just depends on how you deal with it.’

The believer who served the god Felicie and was the only one of the three to be a wizard felt sorry for magic, which was seen as a special trick at the time, and for the wizards who were treated badly because of it. 

He talked with the royal family about building a temple, and he and the temple came to an agreement that they would be in charge of everything magic-related.

The leaders of the first temple, Abis and Hellas Sandria, are this person.

So, not all priests are also wizards, but every single wizard had to be part of the temple. 

After talking with the royal family two years ago, the law was changed so that an awakened wizard no longer had to join the temple, but they could if they wanted to. 

The result wouldn’t be clear for at least a few more years.

So, magic does exist, but to people who didn’t have anything to do with the temple, it was just a story like the one about the nobleman.

Just enough to think that there is something like that?

Even if they were nobles, many people had never even seen magic in their lives, unless they were involved in the event. 

Unless the information was about magic, it was hard to find out how well information was controlled in the temple.

It’s not a very flexible group, so if she puts some magic stories in the book, the temple won’t stop her… 

Cordelia gave a sad head shake.

They have no idea that I’m a writer.
I have no plans to tell anyone, and even if I did, they would have been bugging me for three hours about how magic isn’t so easy.”

“Magic isn’t that convenient.”

“And now, I care more about the main male character than the story itself, so what?”

Still, there are more worries than usual.
It was clear, but Luther asked another question first.

“Is it because people didn’t respond well to ‘Grey Dorian’s Letter’? It was the only one of your stories with a sad ending.”

Grey Dorian’s Letter is the latest story from Cordelia.

A man fell in love with an aristocratic woman who was as beautiful as a rose. 

He told a woman who was married to another man once a month about his feelings.

The number of books sold wasn’t much different from the last one, but many people wrote to the publisher to say that the ending was disappointing.

Cordelia gave a firm nod of her head.

“No, the ending was good enough for me, so that’s it.
It’s too far to have a happy ending.”

It was written in beautiful sentences, but in the end, it was sad because she was constantly watching other people’s private lives. 

She didn’t even think about how the two stories would end.

Because she’s been in a similar situation.

She doesn’t have a man!

So she couldn’t do anything to her character.

It left her with no choice.

She felt so good when she killed Namjoo!

Cordelia was usually happy and upbeat, but she had a stubborn corner where she wouldn’t give up on her work no matter what.

In particular, she was very mean because she didn’t think twice about taking money from people around her. 

She did

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