thought away.
Liang Yu wasn’t going to be there, so there probably wouldn’t be anything for the paparazzi to catch.

“You don’t have to go if he doesn’t call for you.” Zhang Man wanted to be lazy today.
Xu also needs to rest.” 

Due to the sex scandal from last time, Dr.
Chen was very careful when picking a location this time.
In order to meet with celebrities without getting caught, it was necessary for his clinic to have more than one location.

Xu Jingzhe drove himself to a high-end residential area in the suburbs.
After parking his car, he walked for nearly twenty minutes before arriving at the door of the psychological clinic.

“I saw the news.” Dr.
Chen was over fifty.
His hair was graying, but he still looked full of energy.
“You guys looked good in the photos.”

Xu Jingzhe sat down on the treatment chair.
The treatment was mostly conversational, but, for comfort, the clinic was equipped with soft reclining chairs in which he could lie down and rest. 

“It’s just work.” Xu Jingzhe was lying down.
Chen had been treating him on and off for two or three years.
In terms of psychogenic erectile dysfunction, this wasn’t a short period of time.

When Xu Jingzhe first discovered that there was a problem, he assumed that it was because he was under too much pressure.
However, he wasn’t someone with a lot of sexual desire to beign with, so he hadn’t paid much attention to it at first.
That was until he discovered that he couldn’t get it up even with his hand.
It was only then that he realized that he couldn’t go on like this.


Even if he didn’t sleep with anyone, the fact that he couldn’t get it up was a matter of pride.
No matter how open-minded Xu Jingzhe was, he still felt a faint sense of insecurity and frustration about it.
This was something he could not escape.

“Actually, it’s not like there hasn’t been any improvement.” Dr.
Chen looked through some files and asked, “Have you had any morning wood recently?” 

Xu Jingzhe thought for a while and said, “Maybe twice a week.”

Chen encouragingly asked, “Did you masturbate at all?”

“No.” Xu Jingzhe hesitated.
Then, he said, “It usually calms down pretty quickly.”

Chen: “You don’t need to be too nervous.
Whenever it happens, just think about happy thoughts.
Has anything good happened recently?” 

Xu Jingzhe awkwardly said, “I really don’t have that kind of relationship with Liang Yu.
We’re cooperating with each other right now.
We’re just ordinary friends at most.”

Chen hummed in response.
Then, he suddenly said, “Have you ever thought about starting a new relationship? Having someone you can share secrets with? Sometimes, keeping too much stuff to yourself can cause psychological pressure.”

He pointedly said, “Who knows? Maybe Mr.
Liang can be that person for you.”

Xu Jingzhe was silent.
He didn’t look too opposed to the idea, but he wasn’t exactly happy with it either.
He thought about it a lot before finally replying, “He’s a man.
And he likes men.” 

Chen: “Isn’t that good…”

“I don’t feel particularly insecure about myself,” Xu Jingzhe calmly interrupted him.
“But it’s true that I won’t be able to do it.
Even if there were something between us, it would only be an emotional relationship, not a physical one.
However, he’s a normal guy, and he has his own desires.
It wouldn’t be fair to him.”

“I’m not saying that anything has to happen between the two of you.” Dr.
Chen laughed.
He looked at Xu Jingzhe and changed the subject.
“I’m guessing you’ve been under a lot of pressure recently? Let’s talk about something else then.
For instance, what kind of person do you think Liang Yu is?”

“I don’t know.” Xu Jingzhe blanked for a long time before finally answering with this.
He emptied his gaze and stared at the ceiling of the consultation room.
His mind seemed to be drifting off.
“He’s completely different from me.
He’s got a huge temper.
He likes to do as he pleases.
He’s headstrong.
He’s got a foul mouth.
In my mind, he’s like a boiling kettle of water.” 

Doctor Chen: “…”

Xu Jingzhe paused for a while.
Finally, he reluctantly admitted, “Of course, he’s still very charming.”

This two-hour consultation wasn’t exactly particularly meaningful, but Xu Jingzhe did feel a little more relaxed afterwards.
No matter how omnipotent he was, there would still be times when he needed someone to just listen.
There were a lot of things he couldn’t say to anyone else, but he could say it to a psychologist.

Chen’s advice was the same as always: reduce anxiety, try masturbating, and open up with others a bit more. 

This last piece of advice was actually the most difficult for Xu Jingzhe.
It’s not like he could just go up to Liang Yu and say, “I can’t get an erection”.

If he really wanted to get into it, this could be considered sexual harassment.


Moreover, Liang Yu’s mood seemed to finally have improved a little bit.
The two of them were now able to calmly exchange text messages on WeChat.

“What time does your flight arrive?” Xu Jingzhe sent him a message. 

Liang Yu quickly replied, “Four o’clock in the afternoon.”

Xu Jingzhe: “I’ll pick you up then.
What do you want to eat tonight?”

It took a while before Liang Yu finally replied with a single word: “Whatever”.

Liang Yu didn’t say anything about what he wanted to eat, but he didn’t reject Xu Jingzhe’s proposal to pick him up either.
Xu Jingzhe held his phone and smiled.
When Zhu Xiaoxiao saw this, her heart was once again filled with sugar. 

Liang isn’t angry anymore?” Zhu Xiaoxiao cautiously felt him out.
“I heard Xiao Luo say that Mr.
Liang’s been in a bad mood these days.
I thought that you two were fighting.”

Xu Jingzhe still had a smile on his face.
He patiently explained, “We’re not fighting.
There was just a little misunderstanding.
When he gets back, I’ll explain it to him.”

Zhu Xiaoxiao responded, “Oh.” Then, she heard Xu Jingzhe continue.
Liang’s a little temperamental.
He’ll be fine once you coax him a bit.
I was also at fault this time.
I didn’t make things clear beforehand.
I’ve ended up causing trouble for you all.”

“…” Zhu Xiaoxiao didn’t want to hear the word “trouble” right now.
What about her ship?! When will her ship become real?! 

The author has something to say:

Zhu Xiaoxiao: “It’s so hard.
My ship is being put together and torn apart before my very eyes.”

Xiao Luo: “Ship? What ship? That’s my sister-in-law.”

Translator’s Corner: 

There it is.
The big secret.
He has ED.

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