helped him take care of everything, inside and out. 

Zhang Man had no choice.
“If you don’t want me to look for them, then I won’t.”

She added, “I’ll go ahead and contact Liang Yu.
The two of you should at least meet with each other first.”

Xu Jingzhe’s silence meant that he was acquiescing.
He seemed to daze off for a little while.
Then, he suddenly thought of something and frowned slightly.
“He really didn’t participate in that sex party? What did the drug test say?”

Yang Jierui held Xu Jingzhe’s drug test report in his hand.
He seemed satisfied.
Then, he carefully glanced at the man in front of him, who was on the rowing machine. 

Liang Yu had a very strict and high-standard fitness schedule.
He changed personal trainers often throughout the year.
Sometimes, Liang Yu would feel that his personal trainer wasn’t good enough and switch him out.

After finishing his last set, he stood up and wiped his head with the towel handed by the personal trainer.
Then, he turned towards Yang Jierui.

Yang Jierui had to admit, even after watching him for more than ten years, Liang Yu’s face was still as striking as the first time he saw it.

He had deep eye sockets and a tall nose bridge, which was rather rare among Asians.
The angle of every shadow on his face looked as if it was measured.
He looked perfect in any lighting, regardless of the angle. 

This was as long as he didn’t speak.

“So what if he didn’t take drugs? It’s not like you’d be able to tell if he fucked around.” Liang Yu’s tone contained a bit of ridicule.
Because of how beautiful he was, even his malice appeared vivid and lively.
“He might’ve done it more than ten times that night, men and women.”

Yang Jierui didn’t really approve.
“Xu Jingzhe hasn’t had a single scandal after all these years.
I looked into it, and his team didn’t suppress anything.
It’s just that the paparazzi weren’t able to get anything on him.
If he was really that messy of a person, there’s no way there wouldn’t be any clues.”

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Liang Yu snorted.
Then, he snarked back, “You sure have looked into him a lot.
You want to switch employers or what?” 

Yang Jierui: “…”

Liang Yu took another look at the drug test report.
He quickly flipped through it.
Then, he threw it aside rather irritably.


Yang Jierui felt a headache coming on.
“What about him are you dissatisfied with?”

Liang Yu blankly commented, “He looks like a playboy.
I bet he’s a scumbag.” 

Yang Jierui: “?”

Liang Yu was indeed at the hotel that night, but, like Xu Jingzhe, he couldn’t reveal what he was actually doing.
Although Yang Jierui wasn’t entirely clear about it either, he still knew a little bit.
Many celebrities kept information about their families a secret, and Liang Yu was no exception.
He wasn’t professionally trained.
He was already twenty-five by the time he debuted.
Some information about his background had come up before, but none of it was definite.
In the end, Liang Yu ended up suppressing a lot of it using money.

He had worked as a model before becoming an actor.
If he hadn’t become an actor, he probably would’ve become an international supermodel.
That was the reason why his resources within the fashion industry had always been very good.

Of course, his sexual orientation was also exposed at that time.
Within the fashion industry, nine out of ten men were gay.
The last guy had a high probability of being bisexual. 

Liang Yu’s team planned to use this “date” as proof that he did not participate in the sex party from the beginning.
Liang Yu was gay, so they didn’t need to find a woman to help with the cover up.
After looking through their options, Xu Jingzhe was the only male celebrity that fit the team’s requirements.

However, Xu Jingzhe was so clean that Yang Jierui wasn’t sure whether the other party would be able to accept a man.

So, when Zhang Man’s team responded that they would cooperate, Yang Jierui thought to himself, “Xu Jingzhe sure has hidden himself well.”

“It doesn’t matter.
It’s not like he’s going to lose out.” Liang Yu sat in the back seat and closed his eyes.
“He’s got the awards and the popularity.
He’s already got a strong foothold in the industry.
The public likes him.
His sexual orientation isn’t going to affect him at all.” 

Yang Jierui huffed, “You’re talking about yourself, aren’t you?”

Liang Yu didn’t deny it.
This wasn’t the first time he was being this narcissistic.
If it wasn’t for how cringy it was, he would probably call himself “Young Master”.

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Today was going to be the first time the two main characters would meet.
They were going to meet at a Japanese restaurant in the center of Beijing.

The place seemed to be rather hidden, but Zhang Man and Yang Jierui had actually secretly arranged everything in advance.
When it came to the relationship between paparazzi and artists, they were often pretty antagonistic with each other, but there were also occasions where they worked together.
For example, someone on the artist’s side would pretend to have something to expose and reveal a little bit of info.
Then, the paparazzi would sniff out the gossip and squat around for a headline. 

Xu Jingzhe was in his car.
His personal makeup artist was still doing his hair for him.

He and Liang Yu would definitely have their photo taken, so, in order to not lose to Liang Yu in terms of appearance, Xu Jingzhe took the initiative to get his hair professionally done.

It was hard for Zhang Man to comment on his all-around hard-working attitude.
She knew that Xu Jingzhe cared a lot about appearances.
To some extent, it was good for an artist to have a high bottom line, but, if it was too high, it was easy for the people under him to have nothing to do.

“It’s already perfect.” Zhang Man looked at the time.
“You won’t be able to find a problem even if you pressed a microscope against your face.” 

Xu Jingzhe looked down at his shoes.
“I feel like I need to change my socks.”

Zhang Man: “… Liang Yu really isn’t going to look at your socks.”


Everything else might’ve been fine, but Zhang Man turned out to be wrong about the socks.

They were having Japanese food.
When Xu Jingzhe took off his shoes and stepped onto the tatami, Liang Yu, who had arrived ahead of schedule, unabashedly turned his attention towards his socks. 

Xu Jingzhe: “…”

Liang Yu’s gaze stayed on his socks for a little too long.

Xu Jingzhe subconsciously wanted to pull his feet away, but he held back.
He paused for a bit.
Then, he took a few steps forward and sat down at the low table.

Liang Yu was still looking at him.
This man didn’t seem to know the meaning of the word “hidden”.
His gaze was blunt and direct.
Xu Jingzhe felt like a machine gun was sweeping across his face.
Those eyes could shoot holes into people. 

“I have to say, Mr.
Xu.” Liang Yu changed his sitting position.
He leaned forward and held his chin in his hand.
Then, he gave him a fake smile and said, “The color of your socks is kind of … lame?”

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