Chapter 15: Sword Art

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“What were you thinking?!”

Fang Mu was really angry when he saw Xiao Fan bringing Li Hao home badly injured.
Xiao Fan told him everything that happened and Fang Mu felt that Xiao Fan had gone too far.

“You can scold me later; we’d better treat Li Hao’s wound first.”

Fang Mu wanted to curse, but seeing Li Hao’s condition made him decide to prioritize treatment first.
He took out various ointments and herbs that could relieve pain and speed up wound healing.

“Nine Heavens Manual doesn’t seem as powerful as we think…” Xiao Fan watched Fang Mu treat Li Hao while muttering softly.

Li Hao finally managed to use the Red Stone Fist to perfection after draining all of his qi.
He made both his fists red and had more power, but his attack power was still not enough to penetrate the skin of the demonic beast he was facing.

Fortunately, after finding out that his punch didn’t have the desired effect, Li Hao changed his way of fighting and attacked the weakest part of the Demonic Beast.
He still failed to kill the creature, but managed to make it escape at a high cost.

If Xiao Fan didn’t stop his bleeding using qi, perhaps Li Hao would be in critical condition by now.

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“Of course! The qi of a tier 1 Forging Qi cultivator is still too little even with the Nine Heavens Manual! You having him face a demonic beast equivalent to a tier 5 Forging Qi with his bare hands is no different than sending him to commit suicide!”

The normally calm Fang Mu couldn’t hold himself back any longer.
Xiao Fan scratched his head and didn’t argue as it was his fault.

Fang Mu continued to nag for about five minutes, only starting to stop when Li Hao looked bothered by his nagging.


“Body cultivators are not inferior to other types of cultivators, but they can only truly show their superiority when they reach at least the Earth Foundation.
As long as you are a Forging Qi cultivator, you should use tools to deal with your opponents, especially demonic beasts…”

It took two days for Li Hao to completely recover from his battle wounds with the demonic beast.
Fang Mu took over Li Hao’s full training until Xiao Fan managed to come up with a training plan that would not endanger the young man’s life anymore.

“If you want to face that demonic beast again, it’s better to use the swordsmanship I’m about to teach you…”

“Teacher Fang, my punch can break rocks but can’t hurt the boar, so how can this sword hurt it?” Li Hao looked at the wooden sword in his hand doubtfully.

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Fang Mu responded with a laugh.
“The wooden sword in your hand is not an ordinary sword, but a Spirit Tool…”

Fang Mu explained that in the cultivator world, there are various kinds of weapons, armor, equipment, and so on, which are made from special materials that are generally used by cultivators.
These artifacts are called Spirit Tools.

Spirit Tools, as well as pills that are commonly consumed by cultivators, are divided into several levels, starting from Mortal, Profound, Earth, Heaven, Ancient, and Immortal, but Spirit Tools and pills that generally circulate in the cultivator world are only up to Heaven level, while pills above Heaven level are believed to be extinct.

“At first glance, this sword looks like ordinary wood but is actually harder and sharper than a sword used by ordinary humans.” Fang Mu explained while pointing at the sword in Li Hao’s hand.

“Oh, is this sword a Heaven-tier spirit tool?” Li Hao’s eyes widened.

Fang Mu coughed softly.
“Of course not.
You think that a Heaven-tier Spirit Tool is like grass that could be found everywhere? This sword is a low-tier Mortal sword.”

Fang Mu added that each level of the Spirit Tool was further divided into three small classes, namely low, mid, and top.

“There are also tools that have magic power made by humans but cannot be compared to Spirit Tools; we call them Magic Tools.”

Li Hao tried to swing the wooden sword a few times but still wasn’t convinced by Fang Mu’s words.
His feelings were clearly visible on his face, and Fang Mu realized it.

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“Hao’er, today I will make sure you understand that Sword Dao is the best…”


Xiao Fan, who was sitting quite a distance from them, suddenly exclaimed.
He could hear all of Fang Mu’s words from his spot.

“Shut up! Don’t interrupt my class!” Fang Mu swung his sword at Xiao Fan while Xiao Fan just stuck out his tongue.

Li Hao patted his forehead. Come to think of it, Teacher Fang Mu and Teacher Xiao Fan argue almost every day over small matters.

Fang Mu refocused his attention on Li Hao, and he asked Li Hao to take a good look at him.
“I can only do this once with the amount of qi I have now…”

Fang Mu raised his hand, and suddenly, a purple-colored sword qi that was about sixty centimeters in size appeared.
He threw the purple-colored sword qi onto a rock located not far from where he was standing.

The sword qi shot so fast and pierced into the boulder before slowly disappearing after leaving a fairly large crack on it.

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“Due to the state of my qi, I can’t use it to its fullest…” Fang Mu sighed, his face revealing disappointment.
“Hao’er, this move is part of the Yang Divine Sword, the greatest swordsmanship technique in the entire Eastern Star Continent.”

Fang Mu explained that, at the peak of his strength, he could create a single sword that could turn the boulder into dust.
He added that it required a high level of sword comprehension to learn the Yang Divine Sword, so he would teach other moves to build Li Hao’s foundation.

“The Yang Divine Sword may look simple, but in order to conjure up sword qi as I did, you must have a deep understanding of the Sword Dao…”

Sitting in the distance, Xiao Fan smiled faintly when he saw Li Hao’s normal expression, because he knew that the number of cultivators who had died because of Fang Mu’s Yang Divine Sword were already countless.

The Yang Divine Sword should only be taught to one person per generation.
If Fang Mu teaches it to Li Hao, LI Hao would indirectly be the successor of the Heaven Mountain Sect… Xiao Fan mused to himself.

According to Fang Mu’s words, the Yang Divine Sword was the best swordsmanship technique in the Eastern Star Continent for the past hundreds of years, as well as one of the two most advanced skills of the Heaven Mountain Sect.

A successor to the Yang Divine Sword would be faced with two choices: to become the Patriarch or Grand Elder of the Heaven Mountain Sect.

If Fang Mu teaches with all his heart, I guess I should pass down my Thousand Poison Art too…

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