The mobile phone screen lit up, accompanied by a vibration.
One by one, several system windows with people’s names popped up.

A target has been detected nearby.

Skyler Bon Aitero Leblethan.

A target has been detected nearby.

Lexus Cressian.

A target has been…

Before she finished reading, Ariel rushed to the window and sat down under it.

The nearest target was only a few meters away.
Ariel poked her head out slightly to check the situation outside.

There, in an empty gloomy corridor, three or four steps away from her, was a dark wooden door with a sign ‘Study Room №3’.
It held classes on ancient history.

Due to the fact that the subject was unbearably tedious, students almost did not come here.
That’s the reason Ariel chose this place.

‘But what are these guys doing here? They don’t even attend regular classes…’

Ariel was puzzled.
Was she being followed?


As soon as the vibration was heard, her doubts were confirmed.

A target has been detected nearby.

The system window announced their new location, and the feeling that she was being chased sent a chill down her neck.

She looked around carefully, but saw no one.
Wherever they were, five senses weren’t enough to determine it.

She needed to look into her phone to find out the exact location of the target.
She didn’t risk running into them.

Ariel turned on the screen and stared at the narrow system window.

Skyler Bon Aitero Leblethan

▷ Sympathy: ♡♡♡♡ (They like you.
They will always try to find you.)

▷ Current location: Academy Corridor №1, Room №3


Ariel hastily covered her mouth with her hand to stifle a scream.

He was c

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