Ch 6 School principal Gandalve and admission decision

“Hey, wake up, hey.”

I opened my eyes with a wince and there was a translucent, naked girl.

With fluffy hair and a young appearance.

“What a dream…”

“Aha! It’s not a dream!”

The naked girl slapped me.

… Did I get smacked?

“You are…?”

“I am Minerva II.”

“Mine… what?”

“Minerva II.
Well, you can call me Milz if you like.”

The nude woman laughs and leans on my stomach.

“… Seriously, who are you?”

“The will of the great sage whose red stone you saved me from.”

… I see.
My Heart fits the setting here.
The Great Sage’s red stone has a will.

But I believe that [Only one person] in the work was able to talk to the will of the red stone.

Not only Harris, but even Marcoy couldn’t do it…

“Hey, kid! You’re awake!”

The door to the room opened and Grida, the red-haired dragon woman, entered.

She gives me a big hug.

“Thank you, benefactor! I just wanted to thank you!”

Geez! Gee… It’s painful…

And I feel like I’m going to suffocate in the big chest…

“Oh my God! Let go of my Marcoy, you fool!”

Miltz’s hands cut through the air.

Milz’s voice doesn’t seem to reach Grida, and she can’t even touch her?

“G, Grida, calm down.
Let go of me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry about this.”

Grida briefly explained the situation.

After the attack of the Skeleton Dragon… I seem to have fainted.

It seems I was taken to a nearby clinic for treatment.

I heard that there is nothing wrong with my body at all.

Also no adventurers or knights died in the attack.

“The Red Stone was not stolen, and I and everyone else is safe.
It was thanks to you.
Thank you so much, my benefactor.”

Grida, sitting by the bed, bows deeply.

“You’re welcome.”

Well, at least I managed to get through the event somehow.
Now if I can just live my life without getting involved…

“I’d love to thank you for all you’ve done for me!”

Grida grabs my hand and brings her face closer to mine.

“No, no… don’t thank me.”

“What a humble man! I like you more and more!”

No, I’m not being modest, I just don’t want to get involved with you because I’ll have to participate in the main story even if I don’t want to…

I don’t want to get close to you if I can help it…

“Let me thank you! Anything is fine!”

“No, seriously, it’s good…”

“Or me.”


“Moo! Get away from him! Marcoy is mine! He’s my Marcoy!”

The transparent Milz is trying to smack the Grida.

Oh, what? Milz likes me too…?

I was puzzled.

“What are you doing? Keep quiet in the hospital room.”

The door opens and a man in a white coat walks in.

At… that moment, I froze.

This guy…! What the hell is he doing here?

“I’m sorry…”

“You are interrupting my examination.
You’ll have to leave.”

“Yes, sir… See you later, kid.”

Grida was told by the doctor to leave the hospital room.

No, why… no, I see.

Grida doesn’t realise who this guy is.

It’s just me and the doctor in the room.

I wonder what it’s like…

“What’s the matter, Marcoy? You look stiff.
Are you hungry…?”

Milz looks up at me with concern.

“No, I’m fine.”

This boy is not in the hospital because he has a stomachache, so don’t worry, Milz.”

Milz and the doctor were conversing.

Yeah, that’s right… I knew it…

“You’re not surprised that I’m talking to an invisible being.”

“Oh, no…”

“It’s as if you know who I am.”

He snaps his fingers.

Then the doctor’s face changes, and with a jerk.

From a male doctor to a bespectacled woman with indigo hair, dressed in a suit.

Argus Gan

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