Ch 3 Adventurer not to be involved in the main story

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Two weeks were about to pass since the duel with the main character Harris.

One day, in a certain forest.

“There you are, goblins!”

There are green-skinned goblins in front of me.

A total of 20.

According to the report, there were only a few goblins, but it seems that there is a nest nearby.

“D rank… huh? Well, I can manage.”

I took out a staff from my pocket that looked like a baton.

“[Magic Sword]”

A purple light is generated from the tip of the staff.

It looks completely like a lightsaber.

This is a magic sword, one of the non-attribute magic.

It is a magic to fight with magic power like a sword.

When it comes to wizards in this world, the mainstream are the ones who bang magic from behind.

Because of the need to chant spells, the mainstream is to fight with powerful magic while being protected from the front.

There are not many users nowadays.

“Gigi!” “Gigi!” “Gigi!”

About 20 or so goblins attack.

Twenty D-rank monsters.

Normally, I would have been in a hurry.

But I’m not.

“[Forced Estrus]”

A peach-colored flash spreads around me from the tip of my staff.

The forbidden technique, [Forced Estrus].

As the name implies, this is a very erotic magic that forces a creature to go into heat.

I have no talent for dark magic, but Malcoy was able to use three forbidden arts.

[Instant Death], [Forced Estrus], and [Absolute Submissive Marionette].

While all of them are powerful, they require an enormous amount of magical power to use.

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Furthermore, I have no aptitude for dark magic, so I can’t use the forbidden arts in succession at this point.
The repercussions are severe.
I think so.

But I also need to use strong power.

[Forced Estrus] In the original story, this magic was mainly designed to make Marcoy bring women into heat and bring them to the bed scene.

However, I discovered that it is also effective against monsters.

When [Forced Estrus] is cast on a monster, it will cause it to temporarily lose its will to fight.

Simply put, the monster is paralyzed.

“I wonder if the original characters would have thought of these ideas.”

I may be a Marcoy, but I am not a resident of this world.

The common sense in this world would be to think that the ability to do [Forced Estrus] is just to do it with a woman.

But because I am from another world, I was able to come up with free ideas that are not bound by common sense.

All the goblins in estrus (I hate this term…) are standing upright.

In the meantime, I use my magic sword to slash the goblins to bits.

Can a little boy easily behead a subhuman goblin with the strength of his arms?

I can.

If I cast [Physical Enhancement] on myself, I can easily chop off the head of a goblin the size of a human child.

“Whew, subjugation completed.”

I take a break after defeating the goblin.

“Thank you for your hard work♡ Marcoy-sama♡”

At that moment, a woman in a maid’s uniform comes out from the nearby bushes with a smile on her face.

She’s a beautiful, silver-haired, big-breasted maid.

“Oh, oh…”

“Here is a towel♡ Please use it♡”

“Oh, thank you…”

“I will collect the goblin’s body parts, so please rest over there♡ I also have some tea ready for you.”

Aria listens and collects some parts of the defeated goblins (cash items).

I sit down on a leisure seat and sip my tea, thinking that I can’t bear to let a woman do this.

“How did this happen…?”

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The story goes back to the day of the duel with Harris.

I won the duel with Harris.

My father [Lucius Draco] saw that and was furious.

“It is outrageous to harm Harris, who will become the Dark Lord! Marcoy! You are banished!”

Harris is the [Boy who survived] even though he received a death spell from the Dark Wizard Noir.

He has the potential to become the second Noir.

The Draco family has been Noir’s subordinates for generations.

That is why they cherished Harris, the second Noir, so much.

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