Ch 9 [Selim Snare] A teacher who is not well-liked.

Me, flying with a broomstick up to the Academy of Magic and Witchcraft, and Roy, the heroine.

“What should I do with this…”

In the forest behind the school building, there grows a large tree.

It is the “Tree of Tyranny”.
It is said that Ein, the founder of this school, planted this tree in ancient times, wishing for the peace of this land.

In other words, it is like a monument to the founding of the school.

“What should I do… Marcoy-kun? The teacher will be angry with me…”

“I know, right~…”

And then.

“… What are you doing, you guys?”

This baritone voice!

I turned around and there she was, a tall woman with hair like wakame seaweed.

“Oh, you are…! Selim Snare-sensei…!”

Selim Snare.
She is one of the most important characters here!

She is a female teacher who is always mean to Harris.

But there is a deeper reason for it…

In the beginning of the book, I thought she was a jerk who always interfered with Harris along with Marcoy, but in the last volume, her reputation was turned upside down.

Snare is a very popular character.

“Yeah, I’m glad…”
I’m freaked out.
Yes, I was.
Snare-sensei is on my side, isn’t she?

In the original story, Snare was explicitly patronizing Marcoy.
It was because she was from the same Dark Wizard’s side.

If it had been any other teacher, or if I had been Harris, I would have been in trouble.

But I am Marcoy.
I was Snare’s favorite student.

In other words, she’ll make the scandal go away…!

I’m sorry, actually…”

Then she looked at the shattered tyrannical tree and…

“You ahhhhhh!”

She looks indignant and comes over to me, and then she overthrows me.


Ah!? Why?

“You did this!?”

“Oh, no… well… yes…”

A bummed out Snare-sensei pulls out her cane and thrusts it at me.


The paralyzing magic hits me and I’m stuck.

Whaaat!? Whyyy!?
Wasn’t Marcoy your favorite in the original!?

No… wait.

Yes, the Great Tree of Tyranny was, I believe, very dear to Snare’s heart!

Yes it was! No wonder she hates me for destroying it!

“I’ll kill you!”

“Please don’t!”

Roy tries to stop her.

But Snare doesn’t care.
Roy is hit with a “Boom!”

“What are you doing?”

I use my physical enhancement to force the paralysis out of me.

“! How did you… do that to my paralysis spell?”

“Don’t you dare raise your hand to a woman.
I mean, you’re a teacher, right?”

“Who are you to tell me what to do when you destroy the school’s equipment?”

Ah, yes.
That’s right, sorry…

And then…

A bird circled above us.

It morphs and takes on human form.

“What are you guys doing?”

“! Gandalve, the headmaster of the school…”

The one who landed softly on the ground was the indigo-haired female headmistress Gandalve.

“I was going to punish this student for destroying the school’s equipment…”

Snare says, glaring at me.

She totally hates me…


Gandalve snapped her fingers.

Then the shattered tree was restored.

“This is all good, right?”

“… Thank you very much, Headmaster.
This brat… students are not allowed to enter the forest.
Furthermore, it is a fact that they broke equipment.”

Uh, sure…

However, the Headmasteress just smiled.

“Don’t get me wrong, Snare.”
She smiles at Snare-sensei and says.

“Marcoy and Roy aren’t exactly students yet.
They will become students of our school only after they participate in the opening ceremony.
Am I wrong?”

“… Technicality.”

“But the fact is, they don’t have our stu

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