Ch 1 Reincarnated as a doomed villain in an erotic fantasy novel…

“Ahi♡ Marcoy-sama ~♡ I like ~♡”

… Eh, who is it?

In front of my eyes, there is an incredibly beautiful maid.

She has a ♡ in her eyes and is panting.

I know her.

This is Ariadne, one of the heroines of “My Heart”!

“Marcoy-sama it’s so good, it’s so good.”

Bang! and the door opens.

There he is…


Yes, Harris.

The main character of my heart, Harris Draco!

“Marcoy! What have you done to Aria-san?”

And Ariadne.

I know these guys, or rather, these characters!

They are the characters from the popular fantasy novel, “I Dedicate My Heart to You”.
They are commonly known as [My heart] characters! 

Harris called me Marcoy.

Does that mean I’m Harris’ rival and older brother, Marcoy Draco?

“No, wait, calm down.’

“Shut up! What a horrible thing to do to Aria-san!”

Harris has a strange [bruise] on his forehead, like a flame.

Harris is a genius with special powers.

On the other hand, Harris’ brother Marcoy is also a man of extraordinary talent.

But Harris is a very famous person in this world.

He is, after all, “The boy who survived.”

“Marcoy-sama it’s so good, it’s so good.”

Harris, furious, tries to hit me.


I was helplessly blown away and crawled to the ground.

Hey, you’re too angry, aren’t you…?

No, but It can’t be helped.

For Harris, the maid of my heart, Ariadne is such an important woman…



I Dedicate My Heart to You.

Also known as My heart.

It is a fantasy novel loved and read around the world.

It is a fantasy of magic and adventure, in which the main character, Harris Draco, takes place at the Royal Ain School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The author is Kamimatsu, a very famous light novelist.

His works have fans not only in Japan but all over the world.

I like my heart a lot too, or rather, I love to read it.

So I know.

You can see what kind of a set of rules this Marcoy Draco is going to follow…

Marcoy is Harris’ so-called rival, or rather, narratively speaking, the worst interloper who stands in the way of the main character.

Born into a family of dark wizards, he possesses high magical powers and a vast amount of magical energy, but because of his pride, he uses magic for bad things.

His unique magic is the “Absolute Obedience Marionette.”

This is a terrifying spell that turns the target into a puppet.

Instant Death.
Forced Estrus.
And Absolute Obedience Marionette.

He tries to steal Harris’s fellow heroines by freely manipulating the three major dark ma

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