Ch 7 [Roy Withers] Encounter with the main heroine

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the entrance ceremony for the School of Magic and Witchcraft.

“It’s too depressing…”

I am in the royal capital of the Kingdom of Goetaniga.

From here, a carriage leaves for the Ain School of Magic and Witchcraft.

Is the academy located in the royal capital?”

Ariadne, the maid and one of the heroines, asks me.

“No, it’s on a place called [Gakuenjima].”


It is a large island in the northwestern part of the continent.
It can only be reached by a special unicorn-drawn carriage that leaves from the royal capital.
That’s where the Ain Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry is located.”

“I see! Wow, Marcoy-sama is very knowledgeable! And you have special admission to the academy!”

It’s not erudite, or anyone who read the original story would know that.

But this… makes me nervous.

I’m going to the main stage of My heart from now on.

At all costs I don’t want to be ruined.

I was forced to go to the stage of the main story in waves.

But! There is still a way for me to survive.

That’s… not to get involved with the mainline characters!

In the main story of My Heart, Harris interacts with various heroines.

There are two main heroines in particular.

Do not get involved with the main heroines with whom Harris constantly interacts.

Because that would mean getting involved with Harris.

“First, stay away from danger…”

Now, the students ride in a carriage to the school island.

In other words, the carriage ride may inevitably lead to meeting a character from the main story.


I slowly back away from the carriage stand.

“Well, Marcoy-sama? Where are you going? Everyone’s on their way to the carriage stand.”

“I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Then I’m going, too!”

“Oh, you know what? You go ahead and get in the carriage.
I’m… yes.
I’ll take the next one.”

The carriages will be leaving soon.

Moreover, this is the only coach going to the school that day.

There is no such thing as a next… but Aria doesn’t know that.

“Also there’s no bathroom in the carriage.”

“If so, I too…”

“I can’t get anything out if I’m rushed.
Come on, get in.”

Ariadne was grudgingly going to the carriage stand.

All right.
Now all I have to do is head to the school island [That way] after the carriage departs.

“In a few moments, the carriage to Ain Academy of Magic and Witchcraft will depart.
Students must not miss it by any means.
I repeat…”

Well, let’s drink some tea and kill some time until the carriage leaves…

That’s when I was thinking.

I walked against the flow of the students, and I guess that’s why…



Crashing! I bumped into someone.

“Oh, hey… are you okay?”

The woman I bumped into… I recognized her!

Fluffy chestnut hair, a few freckles prominent on her nose.

Well, there’s no mistaking… it!

“Roy Withers!”

She is one of the main heroines of My Heart!

She’s the main character in Harris’s school life, the one who’s closest to him and his best friend!

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m so screwed up…”

Roy’s baggage is scattered around.

It seems that she dropped the trunk she was carrying in the collision.

“I’m sorry too.
I’ll help you pick up your stuff.”

“No, no! Oh, I’m… not worth your help…”

The original Roy was a bit of a negative character.

The Withers family is one of the traditional wizard familie

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