I shall lead humanity to victory

A strong guy appears [1-1]


[Connecting senses]

[Taste complete]

[Feel complete]

[Hearing complete]

[Sight complete]

[Smell complete]

[Transferred body successfully.]


[Welcome to your new body]

Kuku opened his eyes to see he was in a filthy alley way surrounded by trash.

”UGH! ” He immediately jerked away but was stopped by the electrifying pain coming from his ribs. -What the hell? I thought the system took away all the pain?- He clutched his side.

[It did. This pain comes with the new body,

”-Oh! So we can enter-act like this? I thought would be a one-time thing.- ”

[I am here to serve you to the best of my capabilities and answer your questions.

”-Great! Now take away this pain and from now on call me master!- ” kuku spoke as he slowly stood up.

[… I can do that]

He tried getting away from the trash and walk to the end of the alley.

”-Taking the pain or calling me master?- ”


”-Then what is the use for you? Go away!- ” Kuku scoffed in an irritated way. From what he felt, his left leg was sprained -or maybe broken- his ribs were in pain and his forehead was bleeding. Kuku was missing his regeneration powers right about now.

”-WHY DID YOU GIVE ME THIS BODY!?- ” he screamed to the system.

[It was the last available death]

”-Change it! Right now!- ”

[I can do that]

Kuku growled in annoyance. He thought back to one of the war captains back on his planet. He was of an extinct race which he was trying to bring back and thats how kukuban came to know of the systems existence. He always found the guy weird for talking to himself.

-Look at me now…-

”-This dumb, weak body!- ”

The trash can that tripped his foot interrupted kukus constant complaining. He fell forward, causing him to roll. In his mind, he was sure he could handle it but,


It hurt like hell.

He slowly sat up -in his distraught state of mind- and leaned himself on the wall.

This isn right. I could handle way more pain than this! I should be able to do so in this body as well, right? No way im just a regular human now! Im not weak. Im strong. Im strong, Im strong, IM STRONG!

[You are starting from level 0]



[Each time you finish a quest/mission, you shall be granted 1% of your original power back and maybe even other wishes. So, yes, you are no better than a weakling human right now]

Kuku stared at the screen before him in disbelief before a clatter came from the darkness ahead. He instinctively pulled up his leg, getting ready to attack. Whoever this body belonged to seemed to have enemies and kuku didn think he could take a beating from a human right now.

Both physically and mentally.

To his relief, it was a mere black cut with a missing eye and behind it was a young thin lady with a can of tuna in her hand. She and kuku made eye contact as he was completely alert with wide eyes and a crouching posture.

With the blood from his forehead as well….he looked crazy, to say the least.

”Oh, my gosh, are you okay?! ”

The woman gasped at the sight of him and ran quickly to get to his aid. She put down the can of tuna for the cat and ripped a piece of her long skirt. She tapped it on his forehead as Kuku got a better look at her.

She seemed to be in her thirties, maybe a stay at home mom on her grocery run? She had deep, dark eye bags and brown hair matching her brown eyes. Her skin was pale beyond imagination and her entire body was covered with some type of white fabric. Kuku got a glimpse of her ankle, and it seemed to be bruised.

The kind lady kept trying to clean his wound as he sat there, stunned.

-What the hell? What now? How did I understand her? Im sure humans speak a different language!-

[You have been equipped with all the knowledge needed to be successful in your stay here. English is your major language but if you want more, you would need to pay coins]

-Coins? Pay? WHO DO YOU THINK I AM!?-

The lady saw kukus face scrunch up and she thought it might have been from the pain. He was staring into the void and his eyes were as if they were looking from far away.

No! I thought it was a minor injury, but maybe its worse! This is horrible! The lady silently stressed.

”Who did this to you!? ” she finally asked the young boy. To her, he seemed to be only a child in high school. What could have possibly led him to be in such a state?

Kuku looked at her. First, he wanted to swat away her hand and refuse. Logically, on the other hand, it was best to use her to his advantage, as he was in a weak state at the moment. He was egotistical, not dumb. In a new place he didn know, it would prove beneficial to have some minions. He tried to speak for the first time.

”AH! ”

…Silence followed the awkward sound he made. His inability to speak only worsened the ladies worries while the real reason was because kuku coudn organize all the information dumped in his head.

”Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I knew it was serious! Wait here. Ill call the po- ” the lady hesitated before changing her statement. ”Ill get some first aid! Thankfully, the store is right there! ” And just like that, she got up and ran out of the alleyway, leaving kuku with the black cat next to him.

He felt dizzy trying to put together an English sentence.

-whys the language so hard? Okay. I is me so…- I n…ee..e..d h..el..p?

”UGH! ” He punched the wall behind him and that caught the cats attention. It was stuffing its face with the food, but there was still some left. Quickly it scooted whatever was left to boys direction.

Kuku saw the cat with its cut off tail walking to him with the food.


The cat stood there confused at the new language. Kuku, pissed off at the amount of things that weren listening to him, tried to grab the can. He sliced himself with the lid and drew back his hand to see blood leaking from it.

-red?- before he could ask any question, the information just popped into his head. lood. He suddenly knew what it was. He connected it to the wound on his forehead and got angry again. -THIS IS WHAT THEY USED TO ATTACK MY SOON TO BE BODY!- He grabbed the can and threw it.

The cat just looked at him, unamused. That would be the last time it tried to help him. As it walked away, the lady came back with a plastic bag full of different things.

”Im sorry I took long! I, unfortunately, can call the ambulance for you, but this is as much as I can do to help! ” She squatted down and pulled out a long stick.

Putting it next to his leg, she started wrapping it around. It didn hurt, but suddenly, Kuku felt a sharp pain before raising his fist. It was an instinctual reaction to the pain he had. He swung at her head before clobbering her over the skull. He was too weak to do any damage, but it still sent the young woman stumbling.

She looked at him for a second while sitting on the floor.

-Shit, why did I do that? I guess there goes my plan to use her. I have to get ready to protect myself.- The lady got up as Kuku got ready for a fight…but she just squatted back down to where she was.

Like any normal person, she was surprised, but unlike normal people, she just brushed it off. Almost as if it was nothing new.

”I know it hurts, but you have to endure it. It will help you get better! ” She smiled.

Kuku was caught off guard for a second, but then started smiling. He felt euphoric.

-Of course! What was I stressing about? These are a bunch of humans! Im stronger than them all. They will never hurt me and I shall use them as pawns for my benefit!-

The young boy giggled to himself, using the mindset he had always known to justify this womans kindness. Soon he would com to find out the real reason.

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