I shall lead humanity to victory

This useless system[1-1]

( ”- ” means a different language. I shall use him/he for both but they have no gender in this form which is important to know.)

What is the most useful thing in all of the universes, multiverses and beyond?





The most powerful thing in this world is power.

Power makes people fear you.

Power makes people love you.

Power makes people HATE you.

So if power is the driving force of all that in the world, what is the use for those who don have it. What is the use in this world for the WEAK?

That was the thought on everyones minds while a war raged billions of light years from the Milky Way.

And far from that war were two small, cat like beings that went at it in the sky of a pinkish gas planet. The blue being had many gold chains around his body and wrist, as well as a long nose and pointed ears. He had a mark on his forehead that glowed with red, signaling the use of his power. He threw punch after punch as he and his opponent flew.

The other being was grey, a member of the elite, banned division from thousands of years ago. He also had the same look as the blue being, except the nose was cut off. Blue wore long garments that covered most his body while grey was in soldier like pants and a compressed shirt.

”-Im guessing you bitches came back bitter and salty after getting your color drained, huh?- ” blue mocked. He laughed in the others face before blocking a kick that came his way.

The kick wasn a bad one- in fact, many would have taken a considerable amount of damage, but this guy wasn like the others. He threw a punch straight for the greys guts, making great contact and sending him flying.


He landed on another planet and groaned in pain.

-Just my luck! I had to be the one to fight this mad man!-

Quickly, he bounced back up and took the formation he learned with his crew at headquarters. He started gathering his energy before the faded mark over his head glowed as well.

Before he could even make a move, blue -who was moving at light speed- came at him head on. The blast alone caused the planet to fall apart as they both went into the air. They exchanged blows with grey, taking more damage each time. He threw two punches which were received by other attacks.

Blue glowed red before throwing a strong fist, which grey saw and dodged.

-My life just flashed before my eyes!- he jumped back and got into formation again, trying to start up the bearer he was trying to make before the interruption.

Blue stood there, confused for a second, before he yawned and sat down.

”-Alright, ill give you a moment. Do the thing. Im interested in what you outcasts have come up with in these years.- ”

After all, blues people have existed for trillions of years and have made countless different techniques, martial arts, and powers over that time. Each clan with its own designated style. It was crazy to think a bunch of cowards that didn even have color anymore could make anything new, let alone powerful.

Grey felt embarrassed by how he was being treated, but he could use the time. He was just one of the lower soldiers- for now-and coming across blue who is known for using weaker people as toys was just horrible luck. Even the magic symbol engraved in blue was a taboo practice. That was just the guy he was.

After the barrier finished forming, grey smiled to himself. Sweat drops formed on his forehead and he looked up to see the bored blue who was Criss Crossed in the air.

-This is the strongest one I have made yet! Let see what you think now!-

Blue stood up with a yawn before dashing to grey, breaking through his barrier in an instant and grabbing his neck. They smashed through multiple planets, going through each burning core and blue barraged grey with punches. He was too weak to fight back and took them all at a hundred percent.


Blue let go of grey neck to kick him down onto another planet.


Grey came down at terrible speeds and laid on the stone, half dead already. Blue came down and walked up to him. He looked closely at the remains of his face and tried to make out what he could. A certain scar caught his eyes, though.

”-Wait, I remember you!- ” Blue exclaimed with genuine amusement. ”-You were one of the kings guard member a millennium ago! Can believe we meet like this again.- ”

Grey coughed up some liquids as his face reformed back to how it was. His regeneration was slowed down, but it helped as much as it could.

”-What…The hell *CAUGH*..are you talking.. about?- ”

”-Oh, you poor thing.- ” Blue squatted down with a smile.

Greys eyes regenerated, and he looked over himself to see blue with the most menacing smile ever. His face was completely stretched out, and he seemed to be in pure joy. It was absolutely frightening to him like that.

”-I was the one who killed the king.- ”

The air got caught up in greys throat. The fact that they were in space didn bother him, the fact that he just got plumbed like a toy through countless planets -though it hurt- didn bother him. This, on the other hand…

Blue laughed.

”-You shouldve seen the look on his face as he begged for mercy! What does he think I am? God? HA HA! I massacred the children first. Right in front of him!- ” Blue stood up and circled grey. ”-He screamed out to the point of almost losing his voice as his beloved wife and kids got murdered.- ”

”-YOU!!!- ” grey lunged forward but was met with a blast.


Blue looked down at him in disgust.

”-I wasn done.- ” Blue then walked around some more. ”-Now where was I? Oh yeah! Now for how I dealt with him…- ” blue giggled to himself, watching grey suffer. -We are far from the main planet so nobodys coming to help him! This is great!-


Any feeling of fear, hesitation- or even respect that grey felt for blue disappeared immediately. All he felt was pure, unwavering rage. Blue reached out his hand for greys face before a blast was shot at them. Blue -without even looking- immediately moved out of the way. Another person snatched grey up and the blast made a huge crater in the land they were on.

-Who the **?- Blue looked up to see a giant figure covered with the stars and black sky.


Another huge blast was aimed at the blue being which he ran from.



He dodged them all, but suddenly his arm was ripped off. It was in a matter of milliseconds which blue himself coudn even react. Another blast from the huge figure came at him and smashed him through multiple planets in the galaxy. He laid flat on a floating rock, defeated and trying to regenerate.

-What the hell? What happened to the main planet? Have they already killed everyone? Who are they? No way that grey had a backing this strong!- His regeneration was slowing down as more and more of his purple liquid leaked out.

”-UGH! NO NO NO!!!- ” He smashed the floor with his attached arm as the figure got closer. ”-NOOOO!!! THIS ISNT HOW I DIE YOU FUCKERS! ILL KILL YOU!- ”

That was easier said than done in his state. There was no way he was going to even scratch the enemies. Just seconds ago, he was mocking and playing with the weak, and now he himself was the toy. He felt so disgusted with himself to the point suicide crossed his mind.

-Id rather kill myself than go out at the hands of a bunch of outcasts!-

Suddenly, a screen popped open before him.


[last minute race survival choice: To keep your race from extinction you have the choice to reincarnate as a human. After fulfilling the quests and missions given to you, you shall regain your race status once again. ]

-A human? Those weak things?-

[reincarnate into a human. (Accept or deny)]


A blast flew by blue, barely missing his planet. He thought hard about the question. He knew of the systems existence, but why human? of all the races? Was this some kind of punishment?


”-UGH FINE!- ” After another blast, blue finally clicked on accept. I can get revenge if im dead. How hard could it be?


[Kukuban Terhanetine Deurcheff The Suon, last of his race, shall partake in the revival system.]

[You have been granted MONARCH OF HUMANITY system]

Kuku chuckled to himself as another blast came his way but missed his body, as it was now disintegrating. He quickly lifted his arm to show a middle finger before completely vanishing.

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