“Hyung saved me, you know?”

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“That’s too much of an exaggeration.”

I shook my head, but Baek Tae-beom’s hot gaze still did not slacken.
Instead, he grabbed my hand and held it so tightly that I couldn’t escape.

I frowned at the tingling sensation, but Baek Tae-beom ignored it and continued to lower his head, bringing his face closer.
His eyes, which turned gold as soon as he awakened, captivated me.
Thinking that our noses would soon touch, I hurriedly turned my head.

The man in front of me is Baek Tae-beom, a character from a novel I read called .

“I’m not exaggerating.
Without Hyung, I would have really died.”

No, you wouldn’t have died even if I wasn’t there.
To me, who knew the ending of , his words sounded as if his head was stuck chasing the clouds.

TL/N: (no idea what it means so I made it cool-sounding) (probably something like, he was impractical and wanted to push forward his opinion (whether or not it was true)) 

Because Baek Tae-beom is the worst villain who survived the novel from start to finish, just to destroy the world and kill the protagonist.

“So, Hyung.
You can’t go anywhere else, okay?”

And I am the only sponsor of Baek Tae-beom…

[Your contractor is showing excessive affection.]

A constellation.

* * *

I felt uncomfortable as I was waiting for the elevator for a part-time job interview.

I looked at the others, wondering if there was an earthquake as I felt subtle vibrations at my feet, but they all seemed unaware.
I thought that I was the only one who felt it, so I just turned my head back.
A man who wasn’t there before appeared beside me, waiting for the elevator to arrive just as I was. 

With his bleached hair, wide shoulders, smooth jawline, and high nose bridge, I could tell that he was an overly handsome man, but somehow it felt strange.
It’s because I felt a sensation that he was not unfamiliar to me.

But I have never been involved with such a handsome man in my life, so I must have just been mistaken.
I shook my head lightly to get rid of the intrusive thoughts and went into the elevator that had just arrived.
There were a total of 5 people inside.
Including me, the man, an old man, and two people that seemed to be father and daughter, quickly filled the small space.

And the catastrophe happens only seconds later.



At that moment, the man holding the little hand of his young daughter shouted in a panicked voice.

[System synchronization is activated.
You may feel nauseous for a bit, so please understand.
Here we go.
……Synchronization completed.
System #381jh051 has been expanded.]

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Dizziness swept through my entire body.
With a throbbing headache, a cheerful voice echoed inside my head.

[The dungeon is now open.
Please pay attention to your safety.
…Portal completed!]

[Dungeon ]

[Within the time limit, defeat the demon monster that lurks inside a human’s body and escape the elevator.

Reward: 3,000 Coins

Penalty for Failure: Death

Time Limit: 60 Hours]

Usually, people say that if someone is in a situation they do not understand, they cannot do anything.
And now, everyone was just that.
No one spoke, and they only stared at the translucent window that appeared in front of them.


However, the elevator rattled loudly once more and then stopped.
The old man shouted, and I wanted to scream along too, but there was another problem.
It was because of the translucent system windows that appeared one after the other. 

[You are awakened as ‘One Who Knows The End’]

[You are the new constellation of System #381jh051.]

[Congratulations! You have awakened as a new constellation.
You may check your skills and make a new contract with the awakened.]

‘What nonsense is this?’

[You have entered channel #551er5.
Current number of spectators: 1]

It was only for a moment that I was dazed.
I immediately replayed what had happened so far in my head.
The reason why I became so calm so quickly is that I am the one who knows this situation better than anyone else.

Because this strange phenomenon that is occurring now is the same phenomenon that appeared in the novel that I read up until yesterday.

Awakening, Constellation, Contract… And the letters #381jh051 also matched that from the novel.
Isn’t this the same as the content of , where the villain kills the main character and then destroys the world? I didn’t read the epilogue because I was too busy cursing at the way the story ended like that.

Synchronization probably means that I became synchronized with the novel.
Because otherwise, this wouldn’t happen.
So, am I in the novel now? No, that wasn’t the real problem.

“Did I become a constellation?’

A constellation is a god-like being who signs a contract with people who have awakened with new power and sponsors them.
Although it is impossible to know their exact appearance since they do not appear in front of the contracted person, a constellation lends power to the awakened and pays an unknown price.

Have I become such a constellation? I just couldn’t take the situation with my own mind.

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‘There’s no way.’

[The constellation, ‘One Who Knows The End’ is synchronized with the body.]

But now was not the time for such private m

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