”… So you
e telling me that a random girl walks up to you, starts calling you Father, and you adopt her on the spot.(But look at her sleeping shes so cute) ”

”Yes. ”

”Even with the visibly suspicious lab clothes the girl is wearing?(I wish I can pinch her cheek right now) ”

”Yes. ”

”You do know that she can be a danger to our family? (Uuuuu Gimme I want to hold her too) ”

”Don worry about it. ”

”Yes Im glad you– Wait! Why not to worry about it! For all we know it can be a super secret organization hell bent on mutating humans! (Speaking of which, the coincidences are too weird… that means that their base of operation is in this city! I need to call Councilor Sigma.) ”

”Oh THRUST me I know first hand. ”

Get It I thrusted my hands into— nevermind.

”I hope so… ( I will inform that to Councilor Sigma and deploy a team…) ”

I guess thats one less thing Ill worry about… Wait nevermind what if Kelly is the one assigned for the task… Sigh… But Im sure shell be fine, my mind is telling me that Kelly is the protagonist. And I hope its right.

”Anyway Father! You stink! You better take a bath! (And let me hold my new little sister!) ”

… Do I really stink? sniff sniff. I smell like an expensive perfume, thank you.


But in the end I have to relent, Im no match in strength. As Zarya was snatched away from me, and I was literally kicked into the bathroom.

After a good bath, I soaked in the bathtub for a moment.

”*sigh* this is life …. ”


I suddenly saw the pool Im soaked in turned blood red and its texture change.

As suddenly a translucent eye pops out.

”What happened to Zarya! ”

”Ah… don worry, shes with my daughter. ”

”I cannot seem to use her body… curious… ”

Well that is certainly strange….. I look out at the sky… as a hellish landscape is replacing— Wait…

”Voth… ”

”Yes Blaidd? ”

”Did you somehow turn the landscape of my house into an infernal dryland riddled with bones, rotting flesh, and a talking tree? ”

”No… But I do get where you
e coming from… ”

”… so what now? ”

I saw skeleton, and flesh, and a few red skinned humanoids walking about, they tried to move out of the area, but oddly enough, when one overstepped the hellish landscape and out to my ackyard are instantly obliterated.

”That you? ”

”Yes. fufufu. An invisible barrier made by yours truly! ”

e the best. ”

”Fu fu fu, praise me more minion! ”

I never knew my house have this kind of… defense mechanism… I wonder what Charly will think if he saw this scene… wait…

e the only one whos seeing this right? ”

”Ah, about that, those who are enlightened will see this. While others will see a natural disaster occuring. ”

”Oh? Such as? ”

”Hmmm, I don know minion, you should look at the news tomorrow. ”

Huh, is that how it worked.

”Anyway Minion, lets enjoy the show. ”

”What sho– ”

As I was talking, I suddenly saw a portal, similar to Voths but this time it felt more… positive….

And a familiar blue haired lady with a greatsword came crashing down. All the poor humanoid creatures below her are smashed to oblivion.

With a wave of her blade, I can see an azure sword energy clearing out the area.


I heard an evil laugh.

”Foolish Guardians, This is our domain now! Leave, and we can pretend this never even happens. Khar khar khar. ”

I saw a huge figure made out of grotesque rotting flesh. As far as I can tell, it has no eyes in that gigantic body. And Im pretty sure the last part was supposed to be a laugh… Im not even sure how its producing sounds… don tell me its that belly button over there? And its chest are its eyes? Ugh youve got to be kidding me….

”A low level demon like you would claim Terra as your domain? ”

”Low leveled? Im a demon duke! I shall feast on your rotting corpse! ”

The temperature rose slightly… ah this bath tub of mine is turning into a jacuzzi.

The demon moved in a way that I found funny… rolling, yeah that big guy just rolled into the Blue magical thie— girl… yeah lets just assume shes a magical girl, no not thieves mind you. As she didn steal anything. She just built something I bought… without permission…


My eyes turned white for a moment, as I found myself blinded.

And moments later, A plus(+) shaped sword energy Shot out from the blue haired magical girl. Obliterating the numerous demonic looking creatures.

But the big fat demon is unfazed.

”Khar khar khar! Is that all? ”

The demon taunted the blue haired magical girl, as melee combat began.

”Fu fu fu, this will be quite the show. ”

From my perspective what Im seeing is like a fighting game, both are poking, and prodding the others defense.

”Who will win this? ”

”Ah, the demons are having an upper hand for now. ”

”Huh? How come? ”

I mean I see the blue haired magical girl is killing waves and waves of demons effortlessly.

”Magical girls powers come from [Conviction]. While the demons come from [Sin]. ”

Huh… I don see how that is related?

”Look closely at the demon. ”

”ah… hes… growing? Or is it just me? ”

”No, you
e correct minion. Hes eating away his fallen comrades, and feeding off the sin created by the kill. ”

”Wait… killing a demon is a sin? ”

”No, not in the truest sense, but it seems that the demons have found a way to convert it into a sin recently. ”

I feel like this is some next level propoganda, whats next? Demon lives matter?

”KHAR KHAR KHAR! You cannot hurt me! I am invincible! ”

”Tch. ”

Ah it seems that it will end?

A pink, yellow, green, red light suddenly flashed. As a team of Magical girls… and boys.. Arrive. They all have a distinct look, and a futuristic armor, its hard to make out from here.

”Councilor Sigma, Weve secured the area. ”

”Good. ”

”KHAR KHAR KHAR! What is the use of securing the area! But no matter, if its one of you or five of you, youll all end up in my stomach anyways! Thanks for the meal! ”

The fat demon suddenly jumped, intending to crush all of the magical boys and girls.

”Let me show you the might of The Galactic Council. ”

A strong tremor is released and a sword energy trusts upwards. Parting the clouds above, and eradicating everything in sight.

The demon whose shrugging off attacks before is nowhere to be found. A translucent specter remains.


”You shouldn have stepped into this realm ”

The blue haired magical girl appears in front of the specter as the sword find its way to its neck.


The clouds parted once more.

”WHAT? ”

”Ah… I see… ”

”Care to explain Voth? ”

”Sure thing minion… you see I think the blue haired councilor sigma was it? I think her conviction has something to do with the area… ”

”Not sure I follow… ”

”[Conviction] is the practice which The Council gains its power from. The more restrictions you put on yourself, the more power it will grant. ”

”Hmmm…. Can you give me an example? ”

”Lets say this: imagine your base power is 100, if you give yourself an easy [Conviction], like [I will always eat fruits once a day.] your power can increase to 101, because its an easy condition to fulfill. ”

”Ok. ”

”But on the other hand if you put your conviction as: [I can only use my power once in my lifetime] your power can increase immensely from 100 to 1000 or even beyond. ”

”Thats harsh. ”

”It is. Especially considering the backlash. ”

”Backlash? ”

”Ah yes, if you break your [Conviction] your powers will leave you. And thats getting off easy. ”

”… ”

”Worst case, youll be bound by the will of [Conviction] to repent. Repenting can be a series of quests to impossible labors you wished you could die instead. But sadly if you
e bound that way, you are not permitted to die. ”

”I can only imagine… ”

Thinking back of the battle, what did the other magical girl say to Sigma? The area is clear was it?

”So what you
e saying is councilor Sigma has a Conviction to do with the area? ”

”Great work Minion on figuring that out! ”

”Interesting… but theres also something bugging me, what is that translucent thing… ”

”Ah! Thats the soul. ”

”Did Sigma just cut a soul? ”

”Yes. ”

… Soul cutting, why does it sound… un magical girl like…

But then again… who am I to judge.

”Voth. ”

”Yes? ”

”How do I get them to GET OFF MY LAWN!? ”

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