The drive was far more silent after that. Minus the nagging of Voth in my mind.

[Minion! I demand my own house to display my things.]

… yeah. It seems that this hikikomori is obsessed with anything and everything Mech… she even had what I like to call a treasure trove of advanced civilizations battle suits.

e practical! They won take much space!]

… yeah right like I said advanced civilization seems to prioritize function over form, hence her obsession with earths mech.

[I just need an island for myself! Thats cheap right?]

To Charly, he saw me being hugged by the arm by a little girl while driving, in reality theres an eldritch god biting me with her whole body.



I didn bother to park, I left my car by the driveway inside the residence and threw the keys to Charly.

”Can you ask Kelly if her school has a… primary school attached to it? ”

”Well, Master Blaidd, I think the first step should not be registering her to a school but figuring out who the parent of the girl is. ”

”I suggest you don Charly. Instead, could you help me adopt this child? ”

”Adopt? For what reason? ”

Because if not my oss can come to this reality and have her daily dose of mech. I can say that now can I?

”*cough cough* Look at her, shes in rags. I believe she either is on the run or abandoned. ”

”… true, but thats the more reason to find her parents and bring them to justice. ”

Whats with this insistence all of a sudden? Are you a lawful good paladin?

”Oh they will have their retribution, don you worry. ”

I said as I was shoving the tentacles away from my face.

Making my way into my villa, the little girl in my arms suddenly jumped and started to cling to the mecha. that was hijacked and uilt by my house intruders…. If you can call them that…


Ah yeah it seems like Voth hasn gotten over that….

”Damn those councils and their galaxy guardian magical girls! Always ruining things. ”

…. It seems like theres bad blood between them.

”Which reminds me…. MINION! GET ME A GAMING PC! ”

!? Whats with that request?

”Why would a being like you need a gaming PC? ”

”I…. um…. I need it for research! ”

…. Oh yeah that reminds me this being is a Hiki, albeit a higher being, but still a Hiki…

”… I have no prior experience with gaming PCs… if you have the list of the thing you want you can just ask Charly to procure it for you. ”

”Reall– I mean As expected of my loyal minion! ”

”… as long as you
e happy… oh yeah that reminds me, how is…. The girl… ”

”Ah the original owner of the body? And don call her girl! She has a name! ”

”Oh? Whats your name, little one? ”

”M-m-m-mother says my name is Zarya. Zarya Zala Blaidd. ”

… thats a mouthful, and why is my last name in there?

”Pretty no? ”

The tentacle speaks.

”Yes. ”

I don have a say in this now do I?

After leaving my daughter and oss with the giant mech, I went to my office to check on some things that are bothering me. I searched for the term magical girl in Gugel.

… and as expected what comes out is just a series of queries regarding an anime with sailor suits…. Which reminds me… That magical girl… Psi… Sigh… me in this world, what have you been doing…

”AHA! I know you are cultured too! ”

”Huh? ”

I turned around and saw a biomass clinging to my shoulder with multiple eyes and tentacles. Yeah. its a nightmare. But hey at least with this I can tell who Im talking to:

Eldritch abominations = Voth.

Cute girl = Zarya.

”Ohoho Magical Girls? I didn know you had this fetish in you! ”

”… Im researching. ”

”I noticed… should I leave you males to do it while you research(P*rn) or would you need my help? ”

”Help is appreciated because I can seem to find anything regarding it(Magical Girl + Councils) ”

”Ara ara thats bold of you… Tell you what, if you manage to find an energy core and stabilize the portal I may be of some… help. ”

Huh? Is the information that expensive? Or does Voth need to be physically here to research Magical girls? Don both of them cross paths like every other day in the vast universe?

”Of course. ”

”Fufufu… looking forward to it. ”

Thats a strange flow of conversation…

”Father… Im sleepy. ”

”… I shall have a room prepa– ”


… And shes gone.


Falling asleep in my arms. Thats totally convenient. I slowly make my way towards the living room and then


”DAD! Im back! ”

Whats gotten her so excited.

”And Whats with that awesome Mech ? ”

”A hobby I picked up. ”

”And whats with the girl in your arm? ”

”A girl I picked up. ”

”… ”

”… ”

”*dials a phone number* Hello FBI ”


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