Things turned out… somewhat fine after that. The company was somewhat shocked at my decisions, although it matters little to me.

[Fu fu fu, I can wait minion! Im so excited! Imagine how many model kits you can make with your resources! Oh imagine if that mech armor is space worthy! LETS MAKE IT SPACE WORTHY MINION!]

…. I have a feeling this Eldritch god is as excitable as an 8 year old.


Our car stopped abruptly.

”Whats the matter, Charly? ”

”M-m-master Blaidd, I seem to hit something! ”

[Minion, I feel a powerful Psyker nearby.]

[… Are they dangerous?]

[ For you puny humans, yes.]

[Ill be careful.]

”Come lets check out what you hit Charly. ”

”O-o-of course Master Blaidd. ”

When I came out. Imagine my surprise when I saw the car hit a purple haired girl, no older than 8.

[Minion! Be careful!]

Ping (Imagine a radar sound in the movies)

I felt an energy wave, crashing out in all directions, as everyone fainted on the spot.

Ping Ping

With every wave, my head gets heavier and heavier.

[Minion, this is not good, the Psyker is drawing out too much foreign energy. The planet is rejecting her.]


The girl screaming like banshee, suddenly had its eyes upon me. As it trots slowly towards me. The ragged white clothing, the short purple hair defying gravity, the bloodied face and the bent limbs, crawling itself towards me.

[Minion, you have to kill that… thing.]

[How do I do that?]

[I don know! its better than dying here!]

I looked around for a weapon but I found none.


Another ping, this time, the power and scope gets more powerful as I was forced a few centimeters above ground.

Shit this is getting dangerous. Is it just me or is the ping getting stronger? The enemy has the body of a kid, maybe I can just overpower it physically.

Before the next ping came, I rushed towards the abomination and I kicked it in the head.



And now the malformed face is floating a few centimeters above me, as it stared at me disdainfully, as its skinny and bent arm found its way around my neck trying to strangle me.

I punched its head a couple of times, Crack.


I threw another punch this time to the abodemen, and it somehow feels so brittle, the resistance I expect was not there, and instead my hand went into its chest and out from the back.

[Eh. This is good. Minion! Repeat after me or you will die!]

glui mglw
afh Vothal Rlyeh wgah
agl fhtagn.]

glui mglw
afh Vothal Rlyeh wgah
agl fhtagn. ”

As soon as I said that, everything went silent for a moment. The air suddenly gets colder. As suddenly the thing that attacked me began to puke out black slimy eldritch tentacles.

OH god, I think I had some on me.

I can even see tentacles crawling through its skin. I quickly retreated back as the hand that was choking me was now busy trying to scratch itself. Though no matter how hard it tried its best, but was futile as the place it scratched, bled profusely for one second and it healed itself once more, I found it hard to watch.

Soon mutations start to manifest, as its humanoid form finally breaks down, and its biomass expands and condenses, with multiple eyes growing out of it.

A few moments later, the form condenses back into the little girl with purple hair. She has a cute face, a normal black left eye, and a yellow cat-like right eye.

She looked at me once more.

”Father. ”

And she pointed towards her forehead, as an eye with black sclera and greenish iris and yellow slit, opened from her forehead.

”Mother. ”

[Awww…. Isn she just cute.]

I have so many questions.I was confused.

Something caught my eye, Her cat-like eye glows.

”Now we can build plastic models together! MINION! ”

What did I unleash towards this world?


People woke up moments later, I was gone, carrying Charly to the car is easy enough, and… my new daughter is somewhat…. Complacent… Voth though… yeah shes using our daughters body to scroll through my phone buying model kits. Im beginning to think this innocent and
aive eldritch god planned this all along.

…. Does this mean Im married to an eldritch god?

I knew that having a golden finger in isekai is impossible, there must be some kind of catch. And it seems that this is the Catch!


Driving away from the crime scene just seems… wrong. Oh well. Ah did they capture us on camera? Should I bribe someone?

”No need to worry minions! ”

”Huh? ”

”You look worried so I just tell you not to! ”

… this eldritch god…

”I was wondering if I need to bribe somone to delete the footage. ”

”Ohhhh, no need to worry about that minion! ”

”Well you see, ”

She opened a camera app on my phone, transformed her hand into a tentacle. And what happened there shocked me. The phone didn pick up anything at all. In fact, her hand seems

”Shocked? Fu fu fu, Youve seen nothing yet! ”

And then she turned full eldritch, as her skull opened up to show rows and rows of teeth with an eye in the middle.

I was shocked and almost slammed on the brakes, but I noticed the phone still showed her as a normal girl, smiling sweetly even.

”Master Blaidd, Im terribly sorry I must have passed out… and who is this lovely child? ”

Huh? Can you see the eldritch abomination beside you?

”Father. ”

It pointed towards me.

cough cough

I coughed. This is going to be a long day.

oh Have I mention that I have an eldritch abomination as a daughter now? neat.

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