I’m babysitting the hero and the villain.

Chapter 10 : Daily struggle of a Mahou Shoujo (1)

A week in the hospital huh…. As long as Dads fine its ok.

Visiting hours are over. And currently me and Zarya are urged to go home, as Charles is going to watch over Dad. and in his own words: ”young ladies like you should sleep early, so as to not damage your skin. ”

Sigh. if only they knew what ive been doing all this time…

”Sis ”

”Ah, Zarya whats wrong? ”

”Hungry. ”

”Huh? ”

”Im Hungry. ”

Uuuuuu… Even though Im like this I can cook well, but how hard can it be right? Nah! Who needs to cook, Lets eat out instead!

”Zarya, lets eat out instead! ”

”Yes. ”

Umu, this cute little creature always melts my heart. I was holding Little Zaryas hand while we walked towards a nearby restaurant. Im not familiar with this area, but its the safest.


Because its Councilor Sigmas hospital.

Even the local gang respects her. It says a lot about her reputation in this part of the city.

We wander around the road, following a recommendation of the almighty Gugel-sama. It seems to lead me down a very crowded street.

Ah here we are, Dusk Eatery.

”Hey, I don know who you are, little girl, but you better get in line. ”

Eh? I looked to my left…. Yep, I saw an extremely long queue of people.


I held my sisters hand and just silently walk away.

”Hey, Ps– I mean Kelly over here! ”

”Huh? Oh Ed! ”

Edward. Hes the ace of the sports clubs. Yeah clubs as in plural. Hes quite athletic that almost everyone wants him in the team, and I even heard that the coaches and teachers are fighting over him.

He has flaming spiky red hair, eyes that burn with a passion, a lean, yet well toned body, a head taller than me. Hes currently wearing a chef uniform…. Wait since when are you a chef?

”Its tough for an Ojousama like you to be running around at night? Wheres your guards? ”

”Ha ha very funny Ed… ”

”And who is this cute creature? ”

”Ah! You need to meet my NEW little sister Zarya! ”

”Huh? ”

A look of confusion is present on his face. His brain failed to process what I said just now. I mean what can you understand from what I said?

”Did your dad cheat on your mom? ”

”… ”

”… ”

”Thats… actually a possibility, but the other possibility is higher. ”

”Which is? ”

”Adoption! ”

”… That makes no sense at all. ”

” How does that not make sense? ”

”Well everything! ”

”Explain! ”

”Well, you said that your father loves your mother so much, that he basically drink himself to sleep most of the days, and now hes adopting? Something fishy is going on! ”

”Huh.. when you put it that way you got a point…. ”

”I know right I mean— ”


I smacked his head hard.

”AWWW! What was that for! I thought you said I had a point! ”

”Well, you did, but your point is invalid! ”

”Huh? How come? ”

grumble grumble

”Sister…. Im hungry. ”

”Awww, look at you getting hungry because a stupid boy held me up. ”

I focused all my attention to my sister and paid that flaming chicken head no mind.

”Lets find ourself a good restaurant to eat. Sister will buy you lots and lots of food! ”

”Umu. ”

Meanwhile a certain redheaded bastard stops in front of me and pointed towards himself.

”You do know Im an exceptional cook right? ”

”… I doubt it. ”

I paid him no mind as I kept walking. Theres a lot of shops here, so maybe theres another one that Gugel-sama recommends.

”Oh please give me a chance! Maybe afterwards we can have your father invest in my little restaurant. ”

”Tch. ”

My expression grew colder as my father and wealth is mentioned.

”Ill pretend I didn hear that and just walk away. I didn see you here today Edward. ”

”… ”

I dragged Zarya with me as my sights is settled on a nice pizzeria.


”Pizza is de~lish~ ”

”You said it Zar~ ”

We are fully content with enjoying the pizza served by the pizzeria.

”Sister… What is school? Is it fun? ”

”Well… School is fun! You can meet new friends and classmates! ”

”Really? ”

”Yes. ”

”But Mother says that school is unimportant! ”

”Huh? Whos your mother? ”

She pointed towards her forehead…

”Mother is here, she is always here! ”

… Damn those human traffickers, they must did a number on kids. What are those police and law enforcement doing? Oh yeah they are paid to turn a blind eye.


Subconsciously I cracked the edge of the table as I squeezed it too hard.

”Sister, did something hurt you? ”

”No little zar, This Sister is strong, how can something weak and puny hurt me? ”

”Hehehe, you
e funny. ”

”Awww, and you
e my sunshine Zar! ”

These little exchanges between us carry on as we finish our meal in harmony.

I decided not to go back to the villa and sleep in the hospital instead, since its Councilor Sigmas property I bet she can spare us a room or two.

”Absolutely not! ”

The doctor said to me sternly, her blue eyes pierced through me as her blond hair began to turn azure, informing me that Ive done goof. And this is going to be a long session.

”Eh? Why? ”

”First, you need to learn to take care of yourself. ”

”Eh? But Im old enough to live by my– ”

”SECOND! You need to learn to humble yourself, take off your card, and your powers and what are you? ”

”… An attractive and smart girl? ”

”You forgot to add the unorganized, irresponsible and immature part. ”

”… Can you at least take care of Zarya? ”

She only raised an eyebrow at my request. So Im guessing thats a no…

cough cough

”Anyway, hows my father? ”

”Good…. Too good in fact, did you give him our emergency potions? ”

Ukh… caught red handed.

”I see… If you care for your father you will stay away from that next time. ”

”Eh? Why? Didn I save him with that potion? ”

”You made his heart stop dear, how is that saving him? ”

My hands trembled as I heard that. Out of fear of losing Dad… or anger that I myself almost did it…

”I-i-i …. ”

”Listen carefully to command next time. That potion is for The Council and the Guardians use only, normal humans will have their heart Ruptured in seconds. Its good that the heart stopped when it did, else Im afraid even with technological advancement, we can bring back someone whos not only his heart is ruptured, but also all his vessels. ”

…. I clenched my hand tight.

”And Didn I tell you to clear out the area? ”

”Answer me Team Leader PSI ! ”

”Yes, Mam. ”

”And why is it a civilian was left. ”

”…. ”

”I don like to repeat myself. ”

”I-i-i Was careless mam. Im sorry, It won happen again. ”

But looking back I couldve sworn I didn see dad anywhere in the house! I mean even [Plato] didn find anything!

”Don be sorry. ”

Her cold hand is placed on my shoulder and another at the cheek of my face. I didn even realize I was crying until the cold hand froze my tears.

”Be better. ”

I looked at her azure eyes, and I can see the trust she placed in me. Don worry, Councilor Sigma, I won fail you again… much less fail my family.

”Dismissed. ”

I walked out once dismissed, I guess Ill head home… I need to find little Zarya first.


I can hear a sigh coming from the Councilor.

”Kids these days… ”

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