”What the hell are you doing?! Why are you watching the game like an audience would do?! Are you crazy?! ” It was Sirius who was calling me out but I dismissed him and proceeded to develop Ahri.

30 minutes have passed and guess what?

e losing.

Beyond those 30 minutes, I never uttered one word to them.

Their gameplay is chaotic, they don heed their captains command, and their analyst gave up even before the banning and picking of heroes began because of their harsh comments.

Im beginning to doubt why A-Yeong liked them.

Was it really just because of their faces? Does this team know how to play the game? I mean, they do have the skills, but they can work together!

In the end, our sides nexus was shattered.

[Whoa! It seems like Osiris will have a chance of winning the game today! What do you think?]

[Be careful with what you
e spouting partner! You don want to infuriate their fans and our captain over there!]

I looked at the screen displaying a bloody red with the word Defeat written on it.

I silently snickered as I glanced at the team on the opposite platform. They stood up in their seats and gave our team their smug faces. Although it was supposed to annoy us, I just felt they were adorable. Like they were a kitty whos just wanting attention.

”Lets go. ” The team captain coldly uttered before walking away, leaving us on the platform.

The three guys on this team also stood up and as I expected, they were all silent. I felt guilty even when I don even belong with them.

I sighed and became discouraged to continue the game. Everyone on this team was at a top-notch level but it can also be their weakness. They can be called solo players, but can never be called a team.

How the hell did they even survive with this set-up? ”This is bad. I need to do something. ” I mumbled and caressed my forehead.

I heard the host saying that there will be a 10-minute break so I hastily roamed backstage and searched for their analyst.



”Hyun-Ki, Why didn you listen to me earlier? ”

”Wh-what, why me? ” Hyun-ki was surprised that it was he who was reprimanded.

”Our mid didn even do anything in the whole game! We should kick that guy! ”

”I-Im sorry. I-I was the one who recruited him. ” Min-Ji was terrified that she will be criticized by their captain but he never did anything, nor even speak.

Their captain scratched his head in frustration before cooling off.

”Our mid was silently pressuring the opponents mid, and you guys never noticed? ” Baek Hyeon answered.

Everyone except Felix looked at him. ”What do you mean pressuring the opponent? ”

Baek Hyeon sighed and showed the video of the mid-lane battle earlier. ”Thresh is a support hero who can also do mid or top lane. Once he gains enough gold for his item, AD Thresh might be our biggest threat. But our mid prevented that to happen. He pressured the opponent forcing their mid to help his other teammates instead of staying in mid. ”

Everyone was speechless. How can they know when the player doesn even talk to them within the whole game?

”Alright, theres no time for you guys to criticize each other. ” Their analyst spoke who just arrived in the room after listening to their banters outside.

”So heres the plan. ”


[Look how big the smiles of Osiris are! They sure did surprise the whole crowd when they won the first round against a major league team!]


[But will EDGE let them win for the second time? It seems like EDGE is now prepared for the 2nd round! Look how big that smile is shown by Sirius!]

As soon as the commentator stated it, the camera has already rolled up and zoomed in on Hyun Kis face.

”KYAAAAAAH! Sirius oppaaaaa! ”

[Alright! Lets see how they intend to play this round!]

Everyone was focused on the big screen right in front of them.

[Without no hesitations, Osiris has banned Ahri, Ash, and Braum! Woah! Did they just ban the three heroes EDGE used earlier?]

[It seems like they had a hard time dealing with these three heroes during the first round!]

[Now lets see what heroes will EDGE ban for this round!]

Jeong Hyun couldn help but sit tight on her chair.

[Ooh! 10 seconds have passed and it seems like they
e still thinking what to ban!]

She sighed defeatedly as she wait for her teammates to ban. She had a feeling they wouldn listen to their analyst, what more if she spoke to them?

If only they listened to their ana—


Jeong Hyun didn dare to look up and check her. teammates choices. If it was them, they would have just banned the heroes their enemies used earlier.

[Did they just banned three Mid Heroes?!]

She silently sighed and slumped on her seat.

I knew they wouldn —wait WHAT?! Three Mid Heroes?!

Jeong Hyun quickly looked at the screen and checked the heroes they banned.

Vex, Syndra, and Twisted Fate! They listened!

She glanced at her teammates with a shocked expression before checking the screen again.

[Wait— Those three mid heroes, aren they the favorite heroes of OSIRISS Mid?]

[Now that you mentioned it, they really banned all his heroes! How will Sparrow react into this provocation?]

Jeong Hyun secretly chuckled when she saw how dejected their Mid was.

In defeating an opponent, always check for their weaknesses. Its a good thing their Mid only knew a few Mid Heroes.

Now that the opponent have a hole in their team, we can easily break through their walls.

”Hyung, why did you order us to choose those heroes? I thought youd ban their junglers hero? ” Their support asked making my ears perk up in curiosity. Reaper smiled mischievously before clicking his mouse to choose his hero.

”I just want to see their jungler suffer. ”

Jeong Hyun couldn help but to grin. She understood his words very clearly.

Banning their Junglers hero was also not a bad idea since hes the one carrying the team. But banning their mids hero was like removing one of their limbs. Without their mid, their jungler would always have to check their mid from being bullied.

It was a perfect plan to make them lose their coordination and tempo.

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