”Im here. ” I texted the Manager and hid the phone in my pocket.

I looked around the whole place and smiled. Its been a while since I went here.

The whole arena was filled with people excited to see the match. My heart skipped a bit, seeing how delighted they were from being here to support their beloved players.

The white light from earlier turned off, and suddenly, flamboyant res and dreary blue light circled the whole place. Fans started shrieking and yelling the names of the players.

”We will never stop supporting you until you reach your dream! ” I felt a sting in my heart from the fans honest words making me flee my seat and go outside to search for peace. I couldn help but sigh and dejectedly lower my head.

Maybe its a mistake to come here. Ill end up blaming myself if I happen to recall my past.

I took my phone from my pocket and was about to text A-Young when the familiar unregistered number started to call me.

”Hel— ”

”Proceed here backstage. Tell the staff I summoned you, and theyll assist you here— ” Then she hung up.

”She didn even let me finish. Should I leave? ” I murmured as I stared at my phone. But Im already here. Then, should I watch the game and leave? But I won know if the message is real or not.

I moaned in frustration before following the managers instructions. I went backstage and called out one of the staff sitting around the corner.

”Hi, Manager Kim Min-Ji asked me to come backstage. Would you mind guiding me to her? ” I politely asked and showed her my phone with the ticket before I could get in.

”J-just try to be silent as m-much as you can. I-I heard their c-captain is furious today. ”

She looked so charming and innocent that I couldn help but smile. ”Don worry. Im a modest person. ” I said.

She looked at me and nodded before leaving me in front of a room near the stage.

Since I was already backstage, I watched the hosts introduce themselves on the stage before sitting in their allocated places.

[Now that it is time for us to watch their game, let us welcome the recently soaring group of this year— the Osiris Guild!]

The lights began to dim as they focused the spotlight on the players individually.


The five guys from the right side confidently strode into the stage. With their hands in their pockets, they went straight to the platform. They had the aura of hungry cubs that were going to hunt for the first time. They didn look fearsome, and yet, they didn look harmless either.

[Partner! I heard they fought their way from the minor league just to get this chance! Aren they amazing?!]


My eyebrows arched in curiosity when I heard what the hosts said.

They went up that fast? Are they really that good?

I felt my enthusiasm go through the roof, and before it could ignite a fire I had been trying to extinguish, I reached out on the door and knocked.


The door opened, which made me stand upright, and there appeared a woman who seemed like the one I was looking for. She was standing right in front of me with her pretty but pale complexion.

[And for their competitor, the team that has wiped out the heart of the gamers and the maidens! Shadow Chaos! EDGE!]




I silently flinched in my spot as I heard the announcer call a familiar name. EDGE? Isn that the team A-Yeong always talks about?

[Did you hear that, partner? It seems the fans have warmed up their vocals now that they have released their inner desires.]

[Thats true, partner! Eh? But wait! Why are there only four members on their team?]

[Oh no! Could it be that they
e going to fight with just four members?! Is that even possible?!]

I looked at the lady standing in front of me and took a deep breath to calm my nerves down.

Relax, Jeong Hyun.

I just need to get this done. All I need to do is to take back my application and explain everything that happened. I slightly bowed my head and greeted her. ”Hi, Im— ” Before I could finish my words, she suddenly held my wrist and pulled me.

The confusion began to plunge into my mind as I let her drag me into the stage.

e almost late! Ill explain it to you later. But for now, we need a mid-gamer to play in the competition. Good luck! ” She continuously said and shoved me into the center stage.

”Ah!— ” I jolted in pain when my nose bumped into someones back. I rubbed the bridge of my nose and took a step back before lifting my head to see the person. He turned around to look at me and just— wow!

He looks like a model! I felt my mouth open wide but instantly closed it before my drool could escape. My cheeks gleamed in embarrassment as I whacked myself mentally for behaving so unusual.

He grinned at me with his sparkly eyes and greeted me. ”Hi. ”

[It seems like the fifth member was just late! Whew! I almost thought they were really going to play like that!]

”H-h— ” But before I could even talk, the lights lit up once again, making the fans start to shriek endlessly.

Can I just talk?!

I froze in my place as I raised my head to discern where the lights were directed. The light was focused— on me?!

Heck, why am I here?!

”This is a mistake. ” I mumbled and hastily took a step back to flee the stage.

I was about to turn my back around when someone snatched my wrist to prevent me from running. ”You
e the one Min-Ji invited, right? ” He asked me with a frigid voice. I froze for a second before I nodded at him.

I couldn handle the intensity of his eyes, so I averted my gaze and took a glimpse in front. I could see the audience murmur as they glanced at me with strange faces. I unconsciously lowered my head and touched my face to ensure I had my mask on.

Thank goodness I wore a mask and glasses and used my hood, or else Ill perish from the fans fierce eyes. ”Do you know how to play mid? ” His familiar voice was tingling in my ears. His voice was audible and explicit, making everyone on the stage focus on us. I slumped my head in embarrassment as I felt their curious eyes.

Were they staring at us, or should I say— at me?

Even the players on the platform are looking here. The only thing lacking in their faces was a question mark on their heads. The guy clasping my wrist scowled. ”Eyes on me. ” He thoughtfully mumbled, making me raise my head and look at him.

I choked when I recognized the familiar stone-faced expression right in front of me. ”Do you know how to play mid? ” Based on his tone, he was threatening me. If I had answered no, I probably would have had to deal with the consequences. And if I said yes, I would be able to survive his fury.

Scared of him lashing at me, I just nodded.

”Then its settled. Play with us and let Min-Ji compensate you after the game. ”

His overwhelming presence made me speechless that I could only nod at— Wait, what?! Play the game?!

I couldn even argue when he dragged my wrist toward the teams platform again and shoved me to sit in the middle seat.

Im dumbfounded.

Where am I? What am I doing here? Who am I? Why am I here?

~Waaaah!~ Both of my hands held my face before standing up. I looked at the guys beside me and hopelessly crouched on the chair again.

No way. Have I won the lottery? How did I get intertwined with these attractive guys?!

It was the actual EDGE. The team currently the towns talk because of their capabilities is here! Right in front of me!

A-Yeong constantly babbles about them because of their appearance, and it seems like she wasn exaggerating when she said they had the face of ancient Greek gods.

But what I still don comprehend is that— why am I here? From sitting on the audiences bench to the players chair. Is this for real?

I pinched myself and flinched when I felt a sting on my hand. ”Its real. ” I mumbled.


Hyun-Ki noticed how their mid was staring blankly ahead, making him anxious. ”Holy cow! We
e dead! Our mids crazy before we can even start! ”

Jeong Hyun looked at the guy who said it. He has piercings in his right ear, and what made her recognize him was his shimmering purple hair tied up in a little ponytail. Based on A-Yeongs description, the guy with long purple hair was named Hyun-Ki, or he preferred to be called Sirius, their solo/top player.

The guy beside him laughed and ruffled Sirius hair. ”No worries. Well win this. ”

It was the guy who she bumped earlier! Her eyes automatically landed on his dimples while he was laughing. Jeong Hyun tried to recall what her best friend had said about him. The one with a delicate voice and gorgeous smile was named Baek-Hyeon, also called Phantom, their jungler.

”Hyungs. Wear your headphones now. Its about to start. ”

It was the youngest player on their team. She quietly adored the face of their dongsaeng. He had round eyes and a flawlessly tall nose bridge. Jeong Hyun watched him unwrap a lollipop and quickly plop it in his mouth. He was said to be a baby but with a naughty personality. His name was Min Joon or also called Viper. The teams support scoundrel.

Everyone nodded at the kid and wore their headphones except Jeong Hyun. She was still thrown off by her thoughts when someone gently dabbed her on the back of her head.

”You need to wear the headphones, put down your hoo— ”

Before he can even remove the hood of their forcedly mid, Jeong Hyun already grabbed the top of it. She glanced at him and saw his glare thrown at her.

She sighed and didn even know what to do. Even though she wanted to speak, she was anxious they would lash out at her once they knew she was a girl. And based on her experiences in the past, she knew the group badly needed her. Without a mid-player, they won have a chance to win even if their opponents are a newly established group.

”You don want to remove your hood? ” He asked with annoyance.

Jeong Hyun instantly nodded at him and glanced at the name on his jacket.


A familiar name that she seems to have heard before.

She cannot recall his name or even A-Yeongs description of him. All she could remember was that she was making a fuss about this guys identity. She wore her earphones that day when A-Yeong was explaining to her.

The guy cleared his throat before speaking to Jeong Hyun. ”Alright, I won force you. Just defend the turret. Don initiate a fight if you can do it and lastly, please be at least helpful during the game. Do you understand? ”

All she could do was nod and stare at him.

”Now sit straight and concentrate on the game. ”

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