”Im back. ”

”Its been three years, and now look at him! Tsk! That jerk! He has the guts to show his face on cam?! ” A-Yeong blurted out and drank her milk tea.

Her cheeks were flushed from anger as she tried to munch the pearls of her drink. She looked at me with her eyebrows raised. ”Remind me again what he said to you before he left? ”

I couldn help but giggle as I saw her adorable furious face. ”Im breaking up with you. Im sorry. ”

Her eyes flared up again with anger as she slammed the table, startling me with her action. She settled her drink on the table and paused the video we were watching.

”Sorry? Hah! That guys so infuriating! And now he sent you a text saying, Im back. Im sorry I left you?! Did you block him?! ” She exclaimed.

I just shrugged at her and sighed. ”Why would I? Even if he calls me, I won answer him anymore. ”

And it was true. Although we did have something in the past, years have passed. We don have anything to do with each other anymore.

A-Yeong scowled and cussed. ”That bastard. How dare he ghost you, and now hes chasing you as if you
e still into him? ”

I quickly shook my head in delight. Seeing how my best friend is protective and almost acts like my mother is an incredible moment I can never comprehend.

”Just watch the interview. You were the one who brought this up. ” I insisted and clicked her phone to play the video.

She mumbled many cursing words out of frustration, yet she didn complain when the video started playing.

A guy whose hair was as bright as the stop sign on the road was shown in the video. He indeed was complacent with his legs crossed while sitting in front of the camera.

”Se-Jeong Oppa! Why did you insist on going back first in Korea right after the championships? I heard your team is still abroad? ” A fan asked him during the interview.

He glanced at the girl who asked and raised his mic. His face was still the same, yet he also showed a hint of maturity in his now deepened voice. ”Good question. ”

Se-Jeong smiled and looked directly at the camera. He answered, ”Im coming back for my girl. ”

Se-Jeongs eyes and dimples have paved the way for the girls to like him. Everyone on the site cheered at him and even squealed while looking at the guy in front of them. He was gorgeous!

But not everyone seemed to appreciate his face. Especially the lady beside me whose face was about to burst in anger. She closed the video of the interview and glanced at me.

I watched A-Yeong stand up in her seat and opened her phone. ”Your girl?! Hah! ”

She was about to dial someone when I suddenly held her hand. ”Wait. Who are you going to call? ” I asked her with my forehead creased.

A-Yeong raised her eyebrows before answering. ”My idiot brother! Im going to ask him Se-Jeongs address and bash your exs head on the wall! ”

She removed my hand from her and walked away from me. I stood there trying to process what she said. Ask my ex-boyfriends address for what?

My eyes widened in shock when I realized what she would do.

”Hello— ” Before she could even greet her brother on the call, I quickly galloped towards her and took the phone in her hand. I pressed the end call button and sighed in relief.

”Why did you do that? ” Her voice was filled with resentment. I stared at her with a calming gaze before saying— ”Will you calm down for a minute? ”

A-Yeong glared at me and crossed her arms. She wasn going to back down easily, primarily if it was related to my ex-boyfriend. ”You
e just gonna let that guy off unharmed? ”

I nodded at her with a smile plastered on my face. I need to show her that Im not affected by everything connected to that guy.

”I don want to chase him at all. I don care if he left me. ” I assured her, but instead of sighing in relief, she looked at me with pitiful eyes.

I scoffed at her and raised my eyebrows. ”Don look at me like that. You know how easy it is for me to forget trivial things. ”

A-Yeong didn answer me. She was staring at me intently. Her mouth didn move, but her eyes showed everything she wanted to say.

”Trivial things? How is that a trivial thing, Hyuna? ”

I pinched my nose to stop laughing at her hopeless face before putting my hand on her shoulder. ”Im fine, A-Yeong. I am. ”

Minutes passed after our conversation, and she calmed down with the help of her milk tea.

Just when my break time was done, my boss peeked her head at the door of the shop and called me out. ”Jeong Hyun! Theres a customer here! ”

”Coming! ”

I quickly stood up from my seat and brushed A-Yeongs hair. ”Ill see you tomorrow in school. ”

She nodded at me before walking her way into her car. I silently watched her ride in her car and waved goodbye before I opened the door.

My nose lightly scrunched up from the scent of cigarettes, which made me pinch my nose. Although I have been here for two years, my body still couldn get used to the smell of cigars.

I straightened my uniform with my clean hands and wore my hat before walking toward the counter.

”What took you so long? ” My boss asked me

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