“My God, who on earth did this…?”

The Holy Empire, the central and eastern part of Hella.

The quiet forest, which would normally be devoid of people, was in turmoil.
There was no other reason.

‘To think all the culprits end up like this.’

They had come to find the Saint who had been kidnapped, but all the kidnappers were lying on the ground.
One of them was bleeding from his forehead, and the other two were unconscious with foam in their mouths.

At least, all of them were official paladins, even though there was a difference in rank.

Even if the kidnappers were difficult to catch because they were paladins, who could have done this?



The sight of the infant suckling alone and laughing amidst the fallen kidnappers was truly eerie.
Soon the tense search party’s eyes turned to the doctor.

“How is it?”

“We need to investigate in more detail, but the two culprits seem to have suffered a mental breakdown, and one had their skull completely crushed.
With this level of power, it must be at least a 6th-rank master of magic.”

The search party couldn’t hide their astonishment at those words.

A 6th-rank master of magic was a heroic level area that could single-handedly turn an entire kingdom into chaos.

“But isn’t a 6th-rank master a senior ability user?”

“But who the hell could have done this…”



The babbling heard again forced the search party to look at the Skeleton King.

All that was left here were the fallen kidnappers and the infant.

In the end, someone who had swallowed saliva opened his mouth carefully.

“Did… did the young master do this to the kidnappers?”

“That’s an exaggeration.
Even if so, it doesn’t make any sense.”

But the military doctor said it could be true.

“Judging by their wounds, it seems they were subjected to powerful Holy Law.
But that power can also be felt in the child.”

“So could the young master really have done this?”

Because it could be a Saint’s ability.
Maybe it’s the 6th-rank and ability.”

“Such a high-level ability?”

Everyone swallowed their saliva as they looked at the Skeleton King, but the person in charge of the whole thing broke out in a cold sweat.

‘No, I’ve never used a holy power before.’

In the first place, this wasn’t a Holy Law, but just a basic 1st-rank magic… Yeah, the lighting magic that was put on the carriage.
And the one who crushed the kidnapper’s skull didn’t use a destruction ability, but just brute force…

Damn it, I don’t get it.

Why do they think magic is a holy ability?

‘Is it because the Saint’s power is so strong that it overwhelms the magical energy?’

Moreover, the lower level magic can’t match the power of the higher level magic.
Thanks to that, it seems like they have seriously misunderstood something, but anyway, it was good.

For the current Skeleton King, the most important thing was survival, both the first and second priorities.

Therefore, he had to gather the magic power to use the magic in a place where he could avoid the eyes of the gods.

And it was good that the searchers found him quickly as he intended, but…

‘Why did the Imperial Knights come to find me?’

Even though they were wearing a simple cloak, there was no way he didn’t recognize the uniform of the Holy Empire’s royal knights.
And they weren’t ordinary knights.

‘Senior Paladins.’

Those advanced Paladins were holy knights who used special combat abilities in the human camp.
And they were probably an important weapon for the human camp.

Well, in other words, it meant that was a person important enough for the royal family to personally come and find.

‘Tsk, if only I had a higher level of magic, I would know who they are even from a distance.’

While others would have liked them as senior Paladins who killed demons, the Skeleton King hated them terribly.

Why? Were they his enemies? No, the Skeleton King was the leader of the demon camp that humans feared.
He wasn’t someone who would fear these mediocre Paladins.

‘They are a bunch of losers who only summoned skeletons for their graduation exams.’

No, if you want to take the practical exam for , come to the demon camp!

‘Why do they only call weak skeletons to their territory?’

And among the monsters, there were many who were better than just skeletons, so why do they only call them?

The priests at least conscientiously set barriers or run away if chased.

Damn paladins, do they think they look tough just because they have muscles in their heads? They are ruthless beings who will do anything to destroy the existence of others, even smashing the magic core.

And the Skeleton King, who survived every time he was kidnapped, has been summoned thousands of times for graduation exams.

‘Do you know how long it takes to get home from the Holy Empire?’

They only summon and I have to walk thousands of kilometers back! There was even a memory that I called out every time I evolved and trampled the young sprouts very evenly in return.

Once I even became a Demon King, but there was a time when I was so angry that I wanted to resurrect some young skeletons who were being decomposed by the wind.
But they still keep summoning me without getting tired of it.

-Are bones really that weak, you bastards!

Thanks to my annoyance, I intentionally summoned myself to the graduation exam hall and turned the exam of the students into a hellish abyss.

Although it seems that they have all disappeared from the graduation exams since I told the pope, ‘If you call our kids to the graduation exam again, we’ll pull out all of your heads’, it’s all ancient history anyway.
Anyway, the Skeleton King couldn’t stand the priests.

And he already hated these things, but now the reason why he hates them to the point of disgust just appeared.

Growl! Growl!

‘Damn it, how long are these bastards going to starve the baby?’

He was hungry.

He was so hungry he thought he was going to die.

Finally, the impatient Skeleton King raised his voice as if he was dying, with blood vessels popping out on his neck. 

“It’s a precious treasure that hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years! If it gets pierced, will you take responsibility, you scum!” 

The Skeleton King released the lion’s roar with anger.

“Dayaa! Daba!” 

Then the quick-witted paladins nodded their heads as if they knew exactly what was going on. 

“We understand, young master.
You don’t have to worry, you’ll see it soon.” 

See what? Food? Meat? A banquet that breaks the table? 

“Ta-dah! We’ve prepared a special delicacy for you!” 

“Look here, ding-ding!” 

“Oh, young master.
Your mouth is watering.
The delicacy must be to your liking! Peek-a-boo!” 

The Skeleton King’s cheeks quivered. 

He had thought that when he grew up he would get rid of them first.

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