However, living creatures exhibit superhuman concentration during moments of crisis.
Thanks to extreme concentration, it seemed that the most important inscription work had been done perfectly.

“If there are no problems, then let’s move the baby saint now.”

“Yes… It’s not ideal, but kidnapping is better than killing.”

However, they didn’t give up on kidnapping.

But it didn’t matter.

For some reason, the Skeleton King raised the corners of his mouth.


A fierce energy rushed into the Skeleton King.

The servants were surprised by the strong wind.

“What’s happening?”

“Is it the Holy Law again?”

The Holy Law is bullshit, it’s magic, dammit.

If the Holy Law is based on borrowing divine power, magic is based on absorbing mana into one’s mana core.

Now, the Skeleton King was absorbing the magic from the air.

Of course, accumulating mana was a time-consuming task, like building up one’s internal strength.

Even more so, if the Skeleton King had just created his mana core, it would probably take him several months to cast his first spell.



The Skeleton King smiled at the familiar energy that felt like his chest was being burned.

‘Yes, this needs to be engraved too.’

A different engraving was etched onto his mana core instead of his name.

It was an ability.


This was the Skeleton King’s characteristic or ‘origin’, which was an inherent trait of one’s soul that anyone could possess at birth, but could only be awakened and used through special circumstances.

Typically, whether one became a commoner or a hero depended on whether they realized their origin or not.

The Skeleton King already realized this when he was a low-class skeleton, where every day was like hell. And the ‘origin’ deeply engraved in the soul created special original buffs and skills.

For example, when Skeleton King’s origin, ‘Survival,’ is applied to the basic first-order magic,



“Just a moment… cough!”

Magical power, no matter how skilled, can be absorbed little by little for a very long time, like accumulating particles. However, Skeleton King’s with the origin of ‘Survival’ was different.

The time it takes to accumulate? It was meaningless.

There was no limit to the targets, nor was there any restriction on the amount.

At the same time, the surrounding trees withered, and the cloak the male servant was wearing turned to ashes in an instant.

“My clothes!”

In short, his origin was a specialized trait for surviving, fittingly named ‘Survival.’

[I’ll do anything to survive.]

He absorbed not only mana particles in the air but also mana imbued in plants and objects around him.

‘Well, I didn’t expect to exploit even that crappy cloak…’

That wasn’t even a magic item imbued with mana; it was like adding a little bit of mana potion for fragrance and then taking it out…

The Skeleton King’s expression slightly sank, but the servants, on the other hand, looked at the Skeleton King in bewilderment.

“I’ve never seen a spell like that before.
Is it a noble spell or magic?”

“There’s no way that the Daint can use magic. Come on, stop it!”

The servants tried to take something out of their pockets, but the Skeleton King laughed as if it was already too late.

‘Level 1 magic.’

A bright light burst from the Skeleton King’s body. It was a flash that seemed to take away one’s eyesight.


The servants groaned and backed away from the glare, as if pouring vinegar into their eyes.

Then the Skeleton King, who had turned himself into a luminous body, chuckled.

‘Well, I can only use 1st level magic for now, but that’s enough.’

There were ten levels of magic, from 1st to 10th.
1 level magic was a magic that could be used as a stepping stone to the 2 level, but it all depended on how it was used.

Just as an ordinary sword could become a masterpiece in the hands of a master swordsman, so the 1 level magic used by the Skeleton King had a different limit.

In fact, it was true.
With just the 1 level magic, the servants closed their eyes and fainted…

Wait, what? Fainted?


The Skeleton King looked surprised as he saw the servants completely unconscious.

‘What is this!’

Even considering his blessed body, the power he could unleash at the first level was by no means enough.
All sorts of inexplicable magical phenomena, even for someone like him who had experienced it before, was a phenomenon he couldn’t understand.

‘No, actually.
I like it.’

There’s nothing wrong with it.
If even though it’s only at the first-tier level, it has gained power, then it’s a good thing.
It means he can protect himself immediately.

The only problem is…

‘Excuse me, but I don’t even know which family I belong to…?’

Who would have thought that someone wouldn’t be able to counteract a 1 level magic spell!

Originally, he was thinking of making it slow and then casting another spell!

‘Oh! Never mind, I’ll find it myself.’

The Skeleton King crawled around and searched the bodies of the servants.

Since they were pretending to be fake nannies, if he searched their body, he would find a trace of the family crest or something.

However, the more he searched, the more distorted the Skeleton King’s face became.

It wasn’t easy to search with a baby’s body, but above all, he couldn’t find anything that could be a clue.

‘It’s difficult.’

There was also a way to go to a nearby monastery, but looking at the situation, it seemed that the situation was complicated.

Since it’s impossible to know who’s an enemy or an ally, at least he needed to know which family he belonged to and be careful about finding a place to eat… Yeah right!

After hundreds of years, I finally became human again! Do you think my temple would be satisfied with cheap milk from a monastery? For the first meal, I need to eat a luxurious meal from a wealthy family until my stomach bursts!

The angry Skeleton King’s eyes flickered.

“Mistress, wake up! Tell me whose family I am! You better straighten up and show some respect! I’m a duke! I come from the 5 great noble families!”

Of course, what came out of his mouth was different from what he really felt.

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo-shoo-shoo!!”

It was a moment when the Skeleton King, with his eerie sight, hit their cheeks with his small hands, accompanied by angry moans.

“Ugh… Those damn guys! Did they even use magic by calling the wizard?”


One of the three persons who had collapsed staggered to her feet.

She was the leader of the group.

The Skeleton King was quite interested in her rising up.

It was because of the power she was emitting.

‘What? Was she a Paladin?’

The Holy Knight’s unique technique was slightly activated. Unlike the other two who collapsed, she was able to regain consciousness quickly thanks to it.

‘No wonder she seemed a bit inexperienced in killing the suckling baby.’

Rather than a matter of skill, the mission of Paladins is to protect the weak. Their mindset is different from that of assassins.

However, the woman was not looking at the Skeleton King, but rather beside him.
It was because of the sound of horses and men coming from far beyond the trees.

“They’re here! Find the kidnapped Saint!”

“Damn it, where did they hide?”

It was the sound of searchers.

Upon hearing it, the woman clicked her tongue.

must have released the person by now.
I’m sure their bloodline is precious.”


The Skeleton King’s eyes widened.

But the woman started to firmly grasp the Skeleton King’s collar.
It was a bonus to thoroughly check if there was no other magic cast on the Skeleton King’s body.

“To put magic on a bloodline, you disgusting people.
It would be better to get rid of the child than to see prospering.”

At that, the Skeleton King smiled satisfactorily.

It seems my diamond spoon ancestors roughly used the name ‘Esua’.

That’s it.

With this, he could find his way home without confusion.

The Skeleton King stretched out his fern-like hand.

“Baa! Baa!”

Seeing him ask for a hug, the woman smiled strangely and embraced the Skeleton King.

“Even if you make such an angelic face, I can’t send you back. You must have had magic cast by wizards earlier, but it’s now impossible…”

Then it happened.

Light shone from the Skeleton King’s forehead.


(1 level)

The Skeleton King, who activated the magic… no, ‘Isaac Esua’ smiled brightly.

And at that moment, a forehead that was harder than stone exploded against the woman’s forehead.



It was only natural that people who were startled by the unbelievable sound of headbutting rushed over.

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