Just because of them, should I eat bean water and die right after becoming a citizen?

“Come to think of it, I heard about it while torturing demons recently. The Skeleton King, captured by God, ordered all demons to kill the Saint.”

Isn’t it even a lie?

I’ve never given such an order, you know?

Moreover, the Skeleton King is right here.

The Skeleton King glared at the bishop, who was smiling.

But whether he said it or not, the bishop bowed his head as if seeking understanding.

“A wretched demon who dared to challenge the gods but ultimately surrendered at the mere touch of their finger.
I realized that compared to the mighty gods, I am nothing but a lowly creature.
So, I suppose I am now struggling to eliminate even the Saint, who is a messenger of the gods?”

What did this bastard just say?

Who surrendered at the mere touch of a finger?

Who are the mighty gods?

Those bastards were just hiding behind barriers because they were likely to lose in a contest of power!

And why would they try to eliminate the Saint? I am that Saint!

Can’t you see this hair color? It’s a rare color in the Holy Empire!

“Indeed, it is true that having a rare hair color is unusual, but it rather gives the impression that it was magically created, as it is a color that shouldn’t exist.
Without a doubt, they tried to create a candidate who would be pleasing to everyone and send them next to the real Saint.”

Damn it! I can’t even create such a hair color!

“Even as a bishop, I can sense magic from this child.”

What the hell is this magic? I don’t know anything about magic!

The first thing I did was hide the magic and create the magic core!

Moreover, how can they sense it when he’s not even using magic? To do that, they would need to be at least a 9th-grade Archmage or a Pope-level figure capable of surpassing a Demon King, beyond the reach of humans.

But what?

‘Where did this useless guy come from!’

No, more importantly, this bastard didn’t even show any emotions from the beginning!

A liar!

“Therefore, we will take care of this fake child.”

The bishop took the Skeleton King away from the knights.

The Skeleton King clenched his fists in the wrinkled hands of the bishop.

Damn it, let go! Where are you tapping my ass?

“Right, you don’t cry.
We will call the heresy inquisitors.”

As the priests moved in response to the command, the bewildered imperial knights blocked their path.

“How awful! How dare you send Eshua’s young master to the heresy inquisitors!”

“The young master doesn’t deserve it!”

At the same time, the bishop glared at the imperial knights as if questioning where they found the courage to raise their voices.

“While I understand that you respect , how dare you mock me so casually? Are you daring to disobey the orders of the Holy Pope’s representative?”

The bewildered imperial knights bit their lips and bowed their heads.

With a faint smile, the bishop apologized to the Emperor.

“These children have received basic etiquette training in the papacy… Please forgive their rude behavior that caused this commotion.”

The Emperor pretended not to hear and said a word.

“I heard that a high-ranking mage moved because of that child.”


The bishop flinched.

He had also received reports.

From the traces of the magic being used, it seems that the Black Mage known as the ” who is feared throughout the continent is taking an interest in this child.

Sure enough, the Emperor, who was laughing while looking at the Skeleton King, glared at the bishop.

“That infamous mage wouldn’t bother with something insignificant.
In that case, wouldn’t the possibility of this child being the Saint increase even more? It seems like something that has never happened before.”


“What do you think? I want to suggest for this child to try again later.”

Upon hearing those words, the bishop’s face twisted inwardly.

What? Suggest?

No, that’s an order.

They’re coming to find their family, so don’t kill them and don’t lay a finger on them.

Sure enough.

Although they couldn’t show it, the gaze of the bishop looking at the Emperor distorted.

“I understand.”

At those words, the royal paladins, who had become more spirited, tried to bring the Skeleton King, but the bishop, who tightly embraced the Skeleton King, twitched his mouth like a startled snakke.

“But His Holiness the Pope said such words.
He said that the date for the Crown Prince’s installation ceremony would be determined after the Saint is revealed.”


The imperial knights couldn’t help but doubt their own ears.

‘What the… despicable!’

Because they couldn’t understand what the bishop was saying.

For generations, the rituals of the imperial family had been conducted under the authority of the Pope.

The investiture ceremony was one of them.

In other words.

‘If the Pope doesn’t push the chosen child as the Saint, doesn’t it mean he will reject the Crown Prince’s installation ceremony!’

It was practically a threat.

Of course, the ceremony itself.

Even without such a thing, the succession itself was not a problem.

The imperial authority in the Holy Empire was highly esteemed.
Legally, he was already the heir to the throne.
However, the absence of the Pope’s ceremony meant that he didn’t receive the blessing and permission of the gods.

How could that be overlooked in the Holy Empire?

In the end, as the imperial knights closed their eyes tightly, the bishop subtly raised the corner of his mouth.

‘Well, I thought he would bring up the Crown Prince’s matter.’

Of course, if the Emperor had made up his mind, he could sweep away the papasy.

But in the end, he was a parent with children.

‘Although he appears to be clenching his fist inwardly, he can’t jeopardize his child’s future.’

Since he had already declared himself as the representative of the Pope, the Emperor couldn’t cross certain boundaries.

After all, this was a Holy Empire where the Pope and the Emperor coexisted.

When it came to the Emperor, even minor conflicts with the clergy had evolved into political issues.

The imperial family knew that fact better than anyone else.

Nevertheless, thanks to that, the arrogant paladins had also kept their mouths shut.
Now, it was just a matter of convincing the Emperor, who seemed to be favoring this child for some reason.

‘Well, that should be simple.’

Pretending to use the holy law that exterminates demons, he just had to destroy the child’s vitals.

And if the ritual results indicated that the child was a demon who died, it would be over.

He never expected to personally get involved, but the bishop smiled once his calculations were complete.

“Then how about doing this?”

The bishop lowered his head energetically.

“I will use the right here and now.
If this child is human, nothing will happen, but if he is a demon, he will be immediately eradicated…  Heck!”

The bishop’s expression changed.

With a sound that made them doubt their ears, the bishop staggered.

The knights couldn’t close their mouths.

Even the Emperor blinked.

The bishop.

The bishop was slapped across the face.

By the rattle wielded by the Skeleton King!

The Skeleton King, who had blown away the bishop’s face, glimmered in his eyes.

‘Who does this brat think he is, saying like that?’

Just because he behaved like a good little baby, now he had to hear about extermination from this worthless brat?

“What kind of pathetic brat thinks he can eradicate me with some ?”


“I told you to get your hands off my ass! You fucking bastard!”

The Skeleton King released the lion’s roar.

“Take this! Take it, yowch!”

Silence fell.

It felt as if even their cheekbones were shaking.

The bishop, who had been stumbling, coughed.

“Ah, no.

The beaten bishop, seemingly dazed, tried to embrace the Skeleton King and leave.

Whether it was a demon or not, it didn’t matter.

They just needed to get rid of this Eshua’s child with this hair color.

“No, I mean, the … Hyuk!”


This time, the sound of a tooth breaking echoed.

This time, there was a divine flash accompanying it.

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