Judging by the favourable response that I had heard from him before, I figured Logan would be interested in sharing his opinion on this matter.

Not long after, a familiar carriage arrived in front of the mansion.
A neat brown carriage with no family seal.
It was the carriage that Logan sent whenever he had an appointment with me.

The carriage then took me to where Logan was.

He was in a teahouse with separate rooms.
Logan, who had come first and was having tea, greeted me.
I first greeted him back and then apologised.

“Your Grace, I’m sorry for contacting you in such a hurry.”

“No, it’s fine.
It’s from lady Nelson, so of course I have to come.”

Grateful, I smiled softly and sat down in front of Logan.

“Actually, lady Coventry and lord Grint made an escape last night.”

I immediately brought up the subject, as I called him out in a hurry to talk about this.

Logan, who had a relaxed expression on his face, frowned at my words.

“Is that really true…?”

I heard it from lady Grint today.
She said the duke has sent a tracking troop after them.
They’ll be caught soon.”

“I see.”

Logan answered me with a serious expression.
He mustn’t have thought that Percy would make such a choice either.
I could sense his concern for Percy in his words.

“If they get caught this time, the Grint won’t let this go easily, because the heir has apparently left his family behind.”

He’s right.
So Percy and Heidi might have to bid farewell to each other.
They love each other so much, yet, their families were such a hindrance to their love.

I thought for a moment and opened my mouth.

“Your Grace, then, is there any way to help them avoid getting caught?”


Logan’s eyes widened at my words.
But I was by all means serious.

“The two left everything behind and fled without even a servant or guard, but the track team has begun to pursue them.
It’s just a matter of time before they get caught.”

If they want to be happy, they should not get caught like this. They loved each other enough to leave their families, so wouldn’t it be better to let their love stay like that? I felt sorry for their families, but I was more on the side of supporting their love.

“But how can I help them…”

That’s the problem.
It was impossible to stop the trackers that had already left, and once their location was discovered, they would have to part ways right away.

As I was contemplating what to do, an idea came to my mind.

“What if we found them before Duke Grint did? And we’re going to give them shelter in a safe place.”

But I immediately realised the practical difficulties.
Finding them, and enabling them to lead a stable life thereafter, all come at a cost.

Were I to ask my father for help, he would contact Duke Grint right away.
It’s because he’s not much of a sentimental person to turn a blind eye to that kind of thing in the first place.

I could hire a few mercenaries with the money I have, but… It’s difficult to take full responsibility for their lives.
I could not use the wealth of my family as pleased, so I could see the limits of this.
I changed my words with a helpless groan.

It’s just not feasible.
I think it’d be better to think of another way.”

At that moment, Logan’s words left me dumbstruck for a while.

“Why is it not feasible?”


“It’s quite possible to send people to find out where they are, and look after them so they can adjust to life after leaving their houses.”

“But how…”

I realised it after a brief while in thought.

Wasn’t Logan a duke? Unlike me, he had practical access to the family’s funds.

In addition, the Harrison Duchy had a wealth that could not be compared to that of my family, since it far exceeded mine.
Logan then spoke to me without an ounce of hesitation.

“We’ll have to find the two of them faster than Duke Grint’s tracking troop.
I’ll hurry and assemble the knights.”

“The Duke will do that…?”

I looked at him puzzledly and he nodded at my question.
The matter of how to take care of them thoroughly aside, it was more urgent to find the duo first.

Logan would pay all the expenses first.
That way, he would put out the urgent fire first, and it’d be better for me to take care of it later.

Still, I thanked him with a moving heart.

“I’m truly sorry, but for now, I’ll have to ask this much of you.
If you could give me the total accounted amount later, I will pay it back as soon as possible.”

“Sorry? Oh no.
There is no need to pay me back.”

Logan turned perplexed at my words.

“I have no intention of accepting any money from lady Nelson.
This is something I do because I want to.”

But I didn’t come here because I wanted to use the duke’s money though…I couldn’t accept it just like that, so I wasn’t ready to answer.

Logan looked at the troubled me and lightly chuckled.
His face suddenly softened.

“And I’m not incompetent to the point of having to take money from a young lady.”

Does that mean his fortune is overflowing? As I pondered over what he meant, Logan reached out and grabbed my hand.

What is he doing? I questioned why he suddenly grabbed my hand.
It was a careful gesture, but I couldn’t figure out why he was suddenly doing this.

As I quietly blinked in confusion, he lifted my hand and placed his lips on my glove.


I stared blankly at Logan‘s action.
The moment he kissed the back of my hand, I captured his lowered thick eyelashes, his straight nose, and a small smile on his slightly curved lips.

Before long, Logan raised his head and made eye contact with me with a serious look.
There was even a sense of reverence in his actions.

Without realising, I became nervous at the unknown mood. Why all of a sudden?

Briefly after, Logan drew a larger smile and spoke in a resolute voice.

“As long as it is lady Nelson’s wish, I’m ready to give you anything.”

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