Logan?! But how? I looked at him, shocked.
It’s not even a masquerade today.
Besides, I didn’t hear the announcement that Duke Harrison had entered.

Dressed in a proper tailcoat, no matter how I looked at him, he was Logan as a duke, not a commoner.
But I seemed to be the only one who thought so.

“Oh, my God, Sienna.
Are you bringing the commoner to the ball now?”

Daisy was bewildered.
Along with her, lady Watson and lady Thurman were also looking at Logan with their eyes widened.

Lady Beth, who had never seen Logan before, was looking at us alternately.
Belatedly, she asked.

“Lady Nelson, who may this be?”

How should I reply to her? If I were to say, ‘This is Duke Harrison’, it would mean that I knew Logan’s authentic status.

However, introducing him as a commoner as I had done before would not explain why he came to the ball today. What on earth is Logan thinking?

I looked at Logan with a troubled face, and he shook his head slightly at my gaze. Does it mean to stay still?

When I said nothing, Daisy spoke up instead.

“Lady Beth, this is the guy she has been seeing lately that I told you.
The peasant man.”

“That’s ridiculous.
How could there be a commoner on today’s invitation list…”

At lady Beth’s confusion, Daisy turned her head toward me.
Her eyes crinkled as she laughed.

“Sienna, you could have just told me if you want to show off your wonderful lover so badly.”

I could not help laughing at her ‘affectionate’ words.
I was talking to lady Beth about the rumour, and she appeared out of nowhere and accused me of bringing Logan to brag about him.

At the last meeting, she glared at Logan and revealed her true self, but Daisy’s attitude was different today.
She looked at Logan and said kindly.

“It’s been a while, Logan.
Did you have fun with Sienna instead of me?”

Maybe because there were other aristocrats around us, she had to uphold her reputation as the ‘kind, innocent girl’.
Logan also replied to Daisy, regardless of what happened last time.

I had a very good time.”

He seems to be posing as a commoner again today. I guessed Logan’s intention upon hearing his answer.

“Lady Moore.”

At that time, another two young ladies joined.
They were from a Baron family, who had a good relationship with Daisy.
Logan was standing alone among the five women, so he must have been anxious.

They looked at Logan with curious eyes and asked Daisy.

“Who is this?”

“Say hello, girls.
He’s the very commoner Sienna is dating these days.”

“Oh my gosh! So the rumour was true.”

One of the girls, upon hearing it, went back to her initial stance and said something to the middle-aged couple who seemed to be her parents.

“I can’t believe a commoner is here!”

The middle-aged man then shouted loudly.
He, who was much shorter than Logan, glanced at Logan up and down as if he were speechless at the newly found absurdity.

“How dare you attend a nobles’ gathering? Did Count Beth invite you?”

The loud voice, as if shouting, garnered the attention of the nobles around us.
Gradually, more and more people were staring at us.

He’d better not be doing this to Logan. I spoke calmly to the Baron.

“You’d better keep your voice down.
This person is an especially close friend of mine, so why don’t you speak a little more softly?”

“How could someone like that be worthy of…!”

He then clicked his tongue as if he had nothing else to say to me, the young lady of a Marquis House.

“But it’s not the same for us.”

It was lady Watson who spoke up this time.
Last time she still subtly looked attracted to Logan though.

“Even if he made it as far as attending the ball, he is still a commoner, and we are nobles.
He hasn’t even said his greetings since earlier.
Am I the only one who thinks this is weird?”

“Oh, don’t say that, lady Watson.”

Daisy was the only one smiling among us.
She stopped lady Watson in a soft tone.

“He’s a commoner.
So of course he didn’t get to learn about manners.
You have to be understanding.”

“But I still can’t understand!”

It was lady Thurman venting her anger this time around, as if she was about to die because of the absurdity.
She frowned and pointed her finger at Logan.

“How can you bring a commoner to the ball? I don’t mind you two walking around outside, doing who knows what.
But honestly, this… Isn’t this a shameful act as a nobleman?”

I shifted my eyes slightly and had a look around.
The nobles had stopped chattering and were watching us.

I sighed at the strange turn of events and said to lady Thurman.

“A shameful act as a noble is mocking a person right in front of them.”

“Yes, perhaps what lady Thurman said was a bit much.”

It was Daisy who responded to what I said.
She faked a giggle then raised her voice.

“Isn’t that the perfect look to carry around? I can understand Sienna.
Appearance is also a skill, so she may have wanted to show off.”

Then Daisy looked at Logan and asked profoundly.

“But can you dance? This is a ball after all.”

“That’s ridiculous.
A commoner that dances?!”

Everyone burst into laughter at the Baroness’ words.
Even the aristocrats who were watching us chuckled.

Among them, only me and Logan were not laughing.

Then Logan, who had been silent so far, said to Daisy calmly.

“I see that you praise me only for my appearance.”

Perhaps it was unexpected, Daisy tilted her head.
Nevertheless, looking at her smiling face, Daisy seemed to think that she had the full advantage over him.

“Only appearance…or I should say… Without it, It’s hard to believe that you are dating Sienna.
Because that’s how your status is, right?”

“Can’t you just leave out my status when looking at me?”

“Oh, Logan.”

Daisy made a dramatic gesture as she burst into laughter.
I could see how much she was looking down on Logan.
She then spoke to him in a lecturing tone.

“I already felt it last time, but you seem to have a very idealistic idea.
How can I see people regardless of their status when there is a status system? This is already my utmost respect for Logan.”

“Is that so?”


Daisy smiled in a charitable manner.

However, Logan’s question was significant.
I quietly looked at Logan.
Logan then spoke in a cold voice.

“Then I shall speak informally to the young lady here?”


At the sudden remark, Daisy’s brows furrowed.

“I don’t feel the need to respect the person who has insulted me.”

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