“Aren’t you also interested in that man?”


What makes her think that? I looked at Chloe again with ‘absurd’ written all over my face.

“That’s insane.
It’s not like that.
We’re really just looking for information, okay?”

I waved my hands frantically and denied her words.
By the way, what did she mean by ‘also’? Chloe must have thought that Logan liked me.
I clearly refuted it earlier though.

Why on earth would she think that Logan likes me?

“But it’s true, hasn’t lady Nelson noticed at all? Since it’s like that, I’m even more curious.
Can’t you tell me who he is? I want to see what he looks like.”

“No can do.
Didn’t lady Grint just told me to restrain from meeting him?”

“Ah, that’s right.”

Chloe realised belatedly, disappointed.

Still, she was curious.
It showed.
Maybe she would be able to meet Logan someday.
Once this rumour died down.


Justin, Fabian’s aide, diligently searched for information to report to the Duke again today.
Even though he read the newspaper every morning, there were many things in the social world that were not featured in the newspapers.

If one were to close their eyes and cover their ears, they would not be able to develop.
The man was the Duke of Harrison, who seemed strictly cut off from social circles, still, it was necessary for him to know what was going on out there.

What other information would I be able to find out today? Justin pondered as he sat in his office writing a letter to the sources he had planted here and there.

“Oh right! I can’t leave that out!”

Justin snapped his fingers as he mumbled to himself.

Nowadays, he, Fabian, seemed to be most interested in her, the daughter of Marquis Nelson.

He went to a masquerade ball, which was something he had never done, just because he was worried about her from the last fire incident.

Frankly, Justin didn’t care who was the one Fabian was interested in.
Rather, what he minded was that there might be a chance for a marriage to happen, since Fabian had shown interest for the first time ever.

It did not matter if she was beautiful or not, whether her personality was soft or rough.
As long as everything went well like this, and it all worked out with the Duke, then it’s fine.

[Find out how the young lady of Marquis Nelson is doing lately.]

Justin wrote these words in a letter.

And two days later, a letter came in.
The content of the letter was roughly summarised as follows.

[There are rumours about the young lady of the Marquis household quickly circulating in the social circles.
It is said that she has recently gotten herself a man.]


Justin read the letter again and again with disbelief.
It did not say who the man was, it just stated that she was with a man.

It’s ridiculous.
The Duke was finally interested in someone, how could she do this?!

I should have put in the marriage talk when I first felt something suspicious right away.
But I couldn’t do that because the duke stopped me! Justin shed tears of genuine regret.

After a while, he calmed his mind and went to Fabian’s office.

Fabian, who was looking through the documents, raised his head and looked at him.
Seconds later, with the same indifferent face, he looked right back down at the paperwork again.

How can he not even blink once when he sees the face of his most trusted aide?

Just as he was about to feel sad, Fabian asked nonchalantly, keeping his gaze fixed on the document.

“Why are your eyes red?”

“I cried.”

“What did you cry about?”

“It was because something sad happened.”

“It’s a useless sensibility.”

Isn’t this all because of Your Grace?! Justin groaned and raised his voice.

“Even a thirty-year-old man wants to cry sometimes! Do you not know how delicate my feelings are!? I and a seventeen-year-old girl are no different in sensibility!”

“You’re crazy.
If you’re going to keep spouting nonsense like that, get out.”

Fabian said coldly, with his eyes still on the documents as if it wasn’t even worth listening to.

So how about this? Justin brought up something that he might react to.

“Lady Nelson is dating a man.”


Fabian immediately raised his head.

Fabian doubted his ears.
What did his aide just say?

The young duke wondered whether it was something he said out of sulking for him not responding to his words.
Eventually, Fabian decided it was best not to react to what he just said, since it would just prove his way of drawing attention was effective.
Hence, he looked down at the paperwork again, pretending to be deaf.

But Justin thought maybe Fabian just didn’t understand.
So he said it over and over again needlessly.

“Are you all right? Lady Nelson is dating a man.”


Fabian put the quill down on the paper.
The aide had said this twice, he could no longer pretend he didn’t hear it.
Moreover, he couldn’t focus on work.

His head rose again to look at Justin.
Fabian’s face, which was not usually bright, was exceptionally darkened


It was an awfully low, deep voice, almost menacing.
Fabian shut his mouth, cleared his throat once, then tried asking again.

“Why are you telling me that?”

“Weren’t you concerned about the daughter of Marquis Nelson?”

“I have told you.

As if what just surprised him was a lie, Fabian quickly regained his composure.
With an indifferent face, he spoke calmly.

“When did I tell you to find out about lady Nelson?”

Justin was annoyed at his remark.
He raised his eyebrow.

“Didn’t you tell me to find out about the Nelsons’ daughter? Last time before the masquerade.”

“It was only then.
Since then, I haven’t asked about her at all.”

Fabian held onto it, while hiding his empty heart.

“I thought you might be curious.”

“I said I wasn’t.”

His red eyes stared sternly at Justin.

Since Fabian had reacted like this, Justin couldn’t say anything more.
Even if he talked to the man relatively comfortably, he was still a duke.

Justin was a savvy aide.
So he withdrew from this.

“Hmm, I guess I have told you something useless.
Then please go back to work.
If anything, call me and I shall come right back.”

Justin, who spoke politely, turned his back.
But as Justin was just about to leave the office, Fabian called him.

“Wait a moment.”


As Justin turned around to listen to what he had more to say, Fabian asked.

“What kind of man is he?”

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