How long has it been? My consciousness was suddenly returning, and even with my eyes closed, I could certainly feel that it was a bright day……



Sienna, have you lost your mind?? How can this be a bright day when Daisy's telling me such a shocking story that I…….

Wait, wasn't I dead?

When I quickly opened my eyes, gone were the moldy ceilings from my shabby manor and been replaced with a dazzling blue sky.
What's this all of a sudden?

I was definitely lying in bed, talking to Daisy, not an hour ago.
I wondered where that wretched woman went and how the scenery came from out of nowhere.


Is this heaven that I've only heard of? The cool breeze was soothing my tired soul, and listening to the cacophony of birds singing was like a lullaby……I supposed this is not hell, is it?

Come to think of it, my blood no longer boils, and the pain of a thousand needles stabbing me in the chest was gone entirely.
It was clear that I had been released from the illness on account of my death.
I couldn't believe that I was able to ascend to heaven.….

I felt emotional when I thought of those hard times.
I'm so profoundly moved to the point that tears welled up my eyes.
To believe that all the sufferings that I'd endured were now over.

I was thinking of what I should do from here on as I slowly raised myself from lying on the grass.

There must be a garden in heaven.
Because from where I lay was a garden densely planted with trees.
By the way, this garden looked somewhat familiar.

This garden looks exactly as the garden from our Marquis's manor…

For some reason, it was when I tilted my head at the familiar garden that at the same time, I heard people's voices coming from the other side.

Someone's approaching!

It's a place where the dead come from, so of course, there would be others besides me.
Who could it be? I looked at the direction of the noise and was waiting anticipatedly with a fluttering heart.

And the first person I met in heaven was…….


If my illness wasn't gone, I would have spewed a mouthful of blood.
It's the last person that I saw before my death! It was Daisy!


Why is Daisy here?! I took a step back in shock.
Daisy was wearing a pink dress with her hair down, unlike before.

Just as I was surprised to see her, so was she.
Then she called someone in a hurry.

“This way! Come on!”

“Yes, young lady!”

It was the faces I knew who showed up after breaking around the corner.
Jack and Tom, the servants who work for my family, Marquis Nelson.

No, what a weird combination.
I looked at them, alternately with my eyes wide open.

What are these three doing in heaven? I'm the only one who's dead….

This place, Isn't this heaven? 


Suddenly, a dreadful suspicion creeping up inside my head after looking at my surroundings and the people around me.

“Sienna, are you alright? I brought people with me.”

Daisy said with a worried expression as she approached me.
The feeling had been really great until now, and……looking at Daisy of all people, how could I simply respond that I'm alright?

I asked, unable to hide my agitation.

…why are you here?”

“What? Sienna, what does that mean? Don't you remember?”

“Why are you in heaven?!”


Daisy narrowed her delicate forehead after hearing my words.
But I wasn't in a mood to think about Daisy at this point.
What I needed was an explanation of what sort of absurdity I was thrown into.

How can it not be strange when I met Daisy here in heaven after I died barely a few minutes ago? Given that it was Daisy, I had assumed she would live well for thousands of years as a duchess.

Feeling despair, I hastened Daisy's words to come out.

“Daisy, what the hell happened? Say something!”

But Daisy didn't give me the answer I wanted.
Instead, she exchanged glances with the servants standing behind her.

“Take Sienna to her room.
I'll call the doctor.”

She seemed to be treating other people's family servants as her own.
It was an undeniable trait of Daisy.
I'm so confused, truly I am.

“Sienna, I think you'd better see a doctor.
Here, get on the back of Tom.”


I looked at her face in dismay.
I don't know.
I can't think of a clear answer in my head.
My mind has gone out of control.
I shook my head weakly and addressed Tom instead.

“No, it's okay, Tom……you don't have to carry me on your back.
It's no problem walking.”

“Really? Can you walk well, Sienna?”

Was it because she's in front of other people that Daisy asked with a worried expression that's quite persuasive? 

However, Daisy's next words surprised me in a different sense.

“You fell from that height, and you're actually fine?”

“……Where did I fall?”

“My God! You don't remember?”

Daisy shouted as she covered her mouth with her hand.
Then she raised her other hand and pointed somewhere high.

As soon as I turned my eyes to where she was pointing, I saw a tree.
A tree with the thickest broken branches

“You went up to pick up the handkerchief and fell off!”

A handkerchief embroidered with roses was in plain sight right under the tree next to me, and it was even attached to a branch.


It was a familiar sight.
Was this real? Now that I observe Daisy clearly, she was looking too young.
Like an adolescent girl…

No way, you're not! This is outrageous!

I had goosebumps all over my body at this very moment.
The place where I'm standing was the place where a familiar situation occurred when I was still a young lady, a scene of falling from a tree while trying to pick up a handkerchief.


This is, by all means, impossible! You can't fool me again, you wretch!

I looked at Daisy and my servants and vehemently denied the reality in my mind.
In the end, I burst out crying.

“This can't be possible!”


* * *

So I didn't go to heaven after I died, but I came back to life? That's also…

“Surely, this is the 420th year of Imperial Rule?”

“I told you so.
Are you sure we don't need to call a doctor?”

Daisy asked anxiously.
I was sitting on my bed in my dear room and listening to Daisy's recounting.

She says we're eighteen years old.
Does this even make sense? How can this be happening?

I wonder if I was in a dream.
Even if I pressed my fingertips with my thumb, there was an unmistakable sense that this is reality.

How in the heavens did I die and go back to the past?

“I don't think I'm going to need a doctor.”

I was mentally upset, but I shook my head, so I'll be able to think clearly.
What I needed at this moment was not a doctor, but a quick adjustment to this ridiculous situation.

It's so strange that you look fine from falling at that height.
You may have a problem somewhere else.”

Ah, the problem was that I looked abnormally fine.
But it's no surprise to me.

I went back 12 years in time, and you already think it's strange to fall from a tree and end up fine?

There was more I wanted to ask Daisy, who was sitting next to me.
I couldn't help but stare at her.

Her deep blue eyes met mine.
She smiled as if embarrassed as I looked at her shyness.

“What's wrong? Is there something on my face?”

“No, it's just……
Daisy, you seem to have been worried a lot about me.”

“Yes, of course! How can I not worry when my friend got hurt?”

Oh, really? You don't think of me as your servant? Before I died, you, Daisy, clearly mentioned it to me.

I was her best friend.
But she only sees me as nothing but a servant just like those types of best friend roles with a forgotten name and face. 


Oh, how glad you were that my misfortune didn't come to you.
Do you think that I don't know what you're thinking right now?

Daisy once again told me this thought.

I'm so glad you weren't hurt.”

Her words seemed quite ridiculous, now that I already know her true nature.
I told the next words to Daisy with a straight face.

“Don't lie to me.
You mean little bitch.”

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