“When I was with him, I ran into a few people.
Daisy, lady Thurman, lady Watson, and Heidi.
I don’t know if there’s anyone else out there, but they’re all I can recall.”

“I see.”

Chloe thought for a moment after hearing my words.
Then she asked me calmly.

“Does lady Nelson still share the same stance as lady Beth?”

I immediately recognised her intentions.
She was not asking about the relationship between me and lady Beth, since she knew I was not close to her.
What Chloe was curious about was whether I was still interacting back and forth with Daisy and Chloe like lady Beth.

Again, I answered honestly.

“My relationship with Daisy isn’t the same as it used to be.
I don’t want to believe it, but it’s true that the rumour from lady Beth reminds me of Daisy.”

“I thought so too.
I know that what you did at the Parker County event has separated lady Moore from Mrs Hamilton.
I don’t think lady Moore would stay still.”

Chloe nodded as if it was understandable.
Other than that, the incident with Logan also upset her, but I decided to move on from that.
Chloe spoke to me in a stern tone.

“Honestly, it’s funny that the two of you are still friends.
From my point of view, you ladies can’t be called friends anymore.”

I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.
Clearly, the connection between me and her had ended.
It would not be strange to burn the bridges immediately.

Should I rather end this relationship?

I did not think I could understand why she hated me just because I had been around Daisy for so long.

“I can’t sit still like this.”

I had to explain that it’s not true. What was the date of the upcoming meeting? I recalled an invitation I had recently received.

Chloe said enthusiastically.

“Lady Nelson, why don’t you tour the salon in Cardiff with me? It’s best to make a move as quickly as possible.
Rumours have to be dealt with as soon as possible.”

“Thank you, lady Grint.”

If Chloe could explain the rumour with me, no one would be able to ignore it due to her influence.

I thanked her over and over again for what she did for me.

“And for the time being, restrain yourself from meeting that man.
No matter how much you deny it, how are they supposed to believe it if it’s right in front of their eyes?”


She had a point.
Even if there were four people I knew meeting Logan, including Daisy and Heidi, there was no guarantee that only four of them saw us.

There were nobles everywhere we go, and I might not have noticed them.
It would be better to listen to Chloe in order to put this rumour to rest.

“Okay, I will be careful for the time being.”

“Are you sad?”


Chloe suddenly asked.
What am I supposed to be sad about? I looked at her, dumbfounded.

“So you didn’t notice.
Lady Nelson, you were making a disappointed face just now.
It makes me feel guilty for nothing.”

No, when did I feel disheartened…
Meanwhile, Chloe looked as if she had discovered something interesting.
What was it that made Chloe like this?

“Aren’t you also interested in that man?”


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