Another person died.


This time it wasn’t even a prisoner, it was a prison guard.



The old guard standing at the front of the line was too afraid to move his legs, so the other two guards helped each other, and then ran to inform the prison warden.



Yu Rui was in the severe punishment room, Jiang Fang sat on a rusty iron chair opposite him.



His hands and feet were bound by cattle straps, his mouth and nose were sealed with soft wet towels, and fine water molecules dominated the air, leaving him breathless.



There was a knock at the door.


“Warden, another person died during labor reform.” The prison guard walked quickly into the strict punishment room and said in a low voice.


Yu Rui’s fingers trembled at his words, but soon, he got up with an expressionless face and said coldly, “I know.
Keep an eye on him.”




When Jiang Fang heard the conversation between the two, his eyes instantly widened and he struggled to get up – another person died? It was still daytime! How come it was now on a regular basis?



The prison guard held down the wet towel covering Jiang Fang’s face, and the electric baton in his hand lit up twice, “Be honest!”



Yu Rui quickly walked to the rose garden.



Cowhide soled boots hit the concrete, revealing a hint of inconspicuous eagerness.



When he arrived at the rose garden, he saw Feng Huai standing in front of the corpse, probably because the prison guards were in the way, so he didn’t go to the corpse directly.


“Warden!” The prison guards immediately stood up straight and shouted when they saw Yu Rui coming.


Yu Rui walked straight towards Feng Huai, his eyes lingered on Feng Huai for two seconds, then skipped over the other side and looked at the prison guard: “What’s the situation?”


Feng Huai raised his eyebrows slightly, why did he feel his eyes just now, was like he was confirming something?




“The one who died is Tang Jieming.” The prison guard said in a low voice and handed the gloves to Yu Rui, “He was hanging on the thorns, I checked those roses, it’s as if it grew out of his body.”



Tang Jieming, the prison guard who smiled particularly wide when Yu Rui took over the inspection of Feng Huai.



Yu Rui slightly nodded, put on his gloves, lifted the yellow line of the blockade, and went in.



He paused for a moment and looked back at Feng Huai: “I remember you’re a surgeon? Come in with me.”



The prison guard froze: “Warden, that’s not appropriate, is it?” How can a prisoner help examine a corpse?



Yu Rui gave him a faint look: “Watch the weather forecast.”



The prison guard didn’t respond, what did this have to do with the weather?


But out of unconditional fear of the prison warden, the prison guard subconsciously took out his cell phone to check the weather.



“Today from three o’clock in the afternoon, local mountainous areas will have heavy rainfall strong precipitation phenomenon, please nearby residents do a good job ……” the prison guard’s voice paused, “a rainstorm? That mountain road has to be closed ah.”



“No wonder …… By the time the forensic department and the criminal police brigade come from the foot of the mountain, it’ll be tomorrow, the body and the scene would have long been destroyed.” The prison guard reacted.



So a surgeon inmate was needed to help.



Although a surgeon and forensics had some distance, but ……



The prison guard glanced at the young man who had stepped up to the warden.



This young man was escorted to death row for a crime even he, was impressed with.



A surgeon, but the k-illing was made into a surgery of the utmost precision, an exquisite work of art.




After he saw the other man’s criminal file, he no longer dared to underestimate this svelte-looking, still somewhat sickly man.




In terms of anatomy and familiarity with the human body, this man was certainly no stranger to forensic medicine.



Feng Huai also looked for information about the body in his mind.



He had to say that this body was like him in his world.




In another plane, the reputation of Emperor Feng Huai was as good as bad.



He learned bone skills and was proficient in various tissues and acupoints of the human body.
Only by turning the blade with spiritual power, he could gouge out human bones and turn them into human rods.



Rumor had it that Feng Huai the Great was able to conquer the three worlds with his six dragons and collect the nine states with his eight dragons, filling the world with benevolence and blessing the peace of all beings.



It was a blessing for all living beings to be peaceful.
He could have been ranked as an immortal class for a long time, but because he used bone skills and he brutally dealt with nearly 100 people without knowing why.
His bl-ood debt was heavy, so he couldn’t ascend.



The so-called bone skill meant that the spiritual power was connected with the flesh body.
If the spiritual power was endless, the flesh body was also infinite.



The peak of bone surgery could even make people live forever.



The people who stepped on him and belittled him, stepped on him as the most evil, and the people who admired him, decided that the great emperor must have a reason, and that the hundred people must die.



Feng Huai felt that this body was like him from another perspective.



“What do you see?”



The prison guard heard the warden asking Feng Huai in a low voice, and he looked over in obedience.



Feng Huai knelt down and used a pick to gently lift the roses that were “growing” all over the body.



“At least, we can see that these roses are not growing out of his body.” Feng Huai said, glancing lightly at the prison guard standing to the side with an obvious smile.



The prison guard’s face wasn’t good, but because the prison warden was on the side, he could only stifle his displeasure.



Feng Huai then said specifically, “Look at the bottom of these flower stems, where the skin of the corpse is attached, the surgical wounds are very small, and the wounds have been sewn up with very fine surgical threads, the threads are crisp and sharp and beautifully done.”



Yu Rui nodded approvingly as he straightened up and looked at Feng Huai: “Then who else do you think can do such beautiful surgical suturing in this death row prison located on a cliff?”



The prison guard’s face snapped at his words, and he looked abruptly at Feng Huai, nervously touching the electric baton pinned to his waist.



It was obvious, besides Feng Huai, who else could do it?



Feng Huai noticed the prison guard’s actions and the sarcasm in his eyes intensified: “This man’s technique is very good, but this level of surgery is not something that has to be done at my level.
A chicken isn’t k-illed with an arrow.”



The inmates next to him laughed heartily, and Arthur grinned widely, raising his chin at Feng Huai and applauding him openly.



The prison guard’s face got harder, and his hand on the electric baton froze.



He grunted viciously and turned his head to look at the prison warden, expecting what the warden would use to fix this arrogant new inmate.


–Make sure that this newcomer, who doesn’t know the sky is high, will see why the prison warden had a reputation.



The prison warden, who had a high expectation from the guard, took a deep look at Feng Huai and said indifferently, “Indeed, if it were you, you would have done better.”



“……” the prison guard’s expression cracked.



Feng Huai narrowed his eyes, the 72-hour vision impairment debuff made him unable to see the deep meaning in the other party’s eyes, but he intuitively felt that the “you”, both referred to him and not to him.


Yu Rui said nothing more, he turned and ordered the prison guard to move the body from the thorns.



The prison guard went over with a bitter expression and put both hands through the body’s armpits, trying to slowly pull the body from the thorns – out -.



But as soon as he moved, Yu Rui and Feng Huai frowned at the same time and shouted, “Wait a minute!”



The two men’s words fell, before the guards could react, they saw the whole body shake violently, then it actually fell apart in full view of all eyes!



Tang Jieming’s entire body was split into pieces in an instant, scattering into evenly sized chunks of flesh, like a woman scattering flowers, and the guards alone had four or five pieces in their hands.



Feng Huai stood near the edge, his eyes covered with light blo-od like a curtain of fog.
He didn’t notice the body when it scattered.



If it was before, even if his vision was impaired, his keen five senses were enough to allow him to avoid it, but now this body wasn’t good.



Fortunately, Yu Rui pulled Feng Huai back a step, avoiding the splattered pieces of flesh.



He frowned at Feng Huai and subconsciously raised his hand to Feng Huai’s eyes, but after noticing Feng Huai’s posture of leaning back slightly to avoid it, he paused and withdrew it again.



“What’s going on with your eyes ……?” He asked in a deep voice.



“Nothing.” Feng Huai was distracted, he looked at the scene where the pieces were scattered, his eyebrows slightly converging.



The prison guard closest to the corpse was frozen in place with a miserably white face, he even forgot to breathe.



Many of the prisoners standing behind him also stared in disbelief, the scene was a bit too much, even for people like them.



Arthur stood expressionlessly in place as a piece of intestine rolled to his feet.



The prisoner beside him didn’t hold back and subconsciously tugged Arthur’s arm and bent over to dry heave.



“Get lost.” Arthur coldly spoke, kicking the man away.



The prison guard snapped back to his senses, his hands shook, throwing off his hands full of meat to the ground.



“What a …… cunning operation.” Feng Huai narrowed his eyes.




Yu Rui looked at the pieces of scattered flesh on the ground: “Those dead roses and thorns, are both decorative and linking knots.”



The corpse had long been chopped into pieces, only to be perfectly pieced together by roses and thorns.
On the surface, it looked like an intact, artistic corpse.



However, just as the guards moved the body, the rose and thorns loosened, and the body pieces originally held together came apart with a bang.



The guard could no longer hold back and vomited up everything he had eaten during the day.
No one could stand the acidic stench and putrid smell of blo-od intertwined.



“Call a few people over, clean up the scene.” As he watched the prison guard vomit, he pulled Feng Huai.



“All things related to the corpse shouldn’t be let go, pack it up and send it to the basement.”



“Copy that.” The prison guard groaned – after responding, he wiped the corner of his mouth, subconsciously looked at the ground wreckage, then turned around and continued to vomit.



“The others are to be escorted back to their respective cells, and reform through labor is cancelled.”



Feng Huai cleared his throat and slightly lifted his wrist, which was still held by Yu Rui, and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.



Yu Rui let go of his hand and said indifferently, “Come with me.”



As if he didn’t hold on to someone’s wrist.




However, the young prison warden’s cheeky skills only reached that extent, the roots of his ears reddened.



Feng Huai noticed the other party’s slightly reddened ears and raised his eyebrows, growing more curious about this suspected old acquaintance.



He nodded, “Okay.”

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