The second day of the opening – Ghost Hand in the Mirror.


The night of the death row prison wasn’t destined to be quiet.


Hanging in the frame of the broken mirror, a pair of withered hands slowly stretched out.



That pair of withered hands supported the pool, slowly, dragging out the entire body.



–This couldn’t be described as a person!


The skin all over its body looked like a bulging, full blister, which was even more shiny when it was bulging to the extreme.
It seemed that there were bl-ood vessels under the bulging skin.



What made people’s skin tingle was that, as “he” walked, those bulging blisters, as if they couldn’t stand a little pulling, burst open one after another, bl-ood and water gushed out from the broken skin pits, with a strong rotten smell.



The goateed man subconsciously backed up.



Feng Huai stared at the “thing” in front of him and frowned slightly – it looked just like what would happen if his Blood Melt Ants drilled into someone’s flesh.



If it was really bl-ood melting ants …… it must also be afraid of that.



He thought about it and walked quickly to the cell door.
The window where the meal was placed at the doorway was close enough for him to touch two pairs of dishes that hadn’t yet been taken away.



It was a special night, even the guards who were supposed to be on time to collect the counted dishes didn’t show up.


Feng Huai grabbed a pair of chopsticks, which were cold to the touch.
He raised his eyebrows slightly, surprised that they were iron.



That was better.


“Watch out!” The goateed man suddenly shouted.


Feng Huai seemed to feel something.
He turned around and was light and fast.
Before he could see what was going on, Feng Huai had already walked around him.




The blistered humanoid had moved extremely fast to the position Feng Huai had been in a second before.



It raised its hand and swung down, its sharp nails scratched viciously, leaving a deep claw mark in front of the iron door of the prison.



The goateed man drew a backward breath at the sight, and was immediately grabbed by Feng Huai and thrown onto the bed.



The iron chopsticks in Feng Huai’s hand spun into a beautiful circle, like drumsticks, and struck the iron bars on the left and right of the bed.



His movements were wide open and flowing, with a different kind of beauty.



Such Feng Huai seemed to have a distinctive charm, stern with aristocratic elegance, drawing people’s attention to him.




“Dong!” “Dong!” “Dong!”


The sound was clear and penetrating, like wa-r drums and beam struck on the bat-tlefield.




The goateed man felt strange, and the rhythmic rumble made him feel nervous.


What was even more incredible to the goatee was that the “man” whose body was covered with blisters, under the sound of the iron chopsticks, he trembled viciously, as if under great torture, “poof” it fell to the ground, emitting a miserable sharp howl.




The blisters on its body rubbed against the floor and popped one by one, pus gushed out, it was a real visual sense of skin and flesh being torn open.



The other man quickly moved his eyes away, not daring to look at that image..



Vaguely, he saw the glistening visible veins under the blisters, writhing.




The sound of the torturing iron sounds rang out one after another, it didn’t stop even when the “man” fell and screamed.



Feng Huai stared at the puddle of flesh on the ground, the speed and rhythm of the iron chopsticks tapping under his hands became more and more aggressive, the sound of striking in the small space of the cell was loud, echoing out in bursts.



The two thick tentacles on his head swayed lightly, seemingly following the sound of the iron strikes, and soon found its target…



Feng Huai raised his hands and struck two iron chopsticks on the bed board, making a final shocking sound.




The small insects quickly burrowed into Feng Huai’s sleeve and disappeared in a flash, without anyone noticing.



Feng Huai’s eyes narrowed slightly, the corners of his mouth curled slightly, his fingers loosened, and the two iron chopsticks fell to the ground with a resounding thud.



Under the nervous and uneasy gaze of the goateed man, he raised his feet and approached the “man” on the ground unhurriedly, lowered his eyes to it, and spoke once again, his voice still hoarse and broken: “It’s over.”



The “man” raised its face, its face blisters ruptured, only his left eye was still intact, the eyelid melted, highlighting the bulging left eyeball, it was horrible.



It grinned, hissing and spitting, words fragmented, almost inaudible: “Ha ho ho …… never, never end …… waiting for you … …in the darkness ……”




Feng Huai’s eyes were slightly cold, he raised his foot and stepped on its head and neck, the heel of his foot slightly moved then he heard a very crisp “click”, the head and neck completely dislocated.



The goateed man inhaled lightly and looked at Feng Huai incredulously: “…… It’s dead?”



Feng Huai glanced at him with cold eyes, then remembering the other party’s reminder, he gave a slight hum in response.



After he finished speaking, he felt a fine pain in his chest, which made him stifle a grunt and slightly arch his shoulders.



The goateed man, seeing this, guessed that the other man was suffering from an old illness, and hastily tried to help him back to his bed, but was pushed away by Feng Huai.



The more powerful the big brother, the more eccentric the nature, which the goateed man understood perfectly and gladly returned to his bed.




“Call me if you need anything, big brother.”




After a while, he muttered again, “Hey, those two next door, did they hear the commotion and were too scared to say anything?”



They made a lot of noise.




“I don’t know who’s the coward!” The goateed man deliberately raised his voice and said it to the next door cell, but unfortunately no one paid attention to him.


Feng Huai laid back on the bed, the burning and stinging sensation in his eyes caused him to subconsciously raise his hand to wipe over the corner of his eyes.


A bit of warm liquid stuck to his fingertips, and the faint smell of bl-ood made him flinch.



[Player disrupted the order of death in the night of death, triggering the branch line “ghost counterattack”, while defeating the branch line BOSS, get 2 points reward]



[When players get points, the mall can be opened.
Players can spend in the mall]



[Due to the irreversible death damage caused by the player to the branch BOSS, the penalty: vision damage, lasting 72 hours]



[All damage caused in the scene, only works in the scene, it will recover after leaving.]


Points Mall?



A question flashed through Feng Huai’s mind, and a translucent panel opened up in front of him.



On the left side was his current body status, marked with the words “Suffering from ghost counterattack, vision damaged for 72 hours”, while on the right side was the so-called points mall.



The points mall was divided into two columns, one was the sky-high priced “goods”, and the other was the points dial, the quality was divided into gray, green, blue, purple and gold, corresponding to the points consumed for one turn was also from low to high.



Feng Huai took a look at his poor point balance, and then glanced at the rules of the point spinner.



It took 2 points to turn a gray quality point dial once.


Feng Huai chose to turn it without hesitation.



The pointer flew through the eighteen gray-quality prizes, making more than two full turns before finally stopping tremulously on a gray square–


“Cross Heavenly Scepter: a very powerful-sounding scepter, but actually not very useful.
When it’s smart, it can move a hundred thousand volts of lightning.
When it’s not smart, no one knows what will happen.
The failed product of Emperor Feng Huai’s first weapon refining, but for no reason, it hasn’t been discarded.”



Feng Huai: “…..”



The next morning the sun shone slowly into the death row prison, and the guards who had disappeared overnight finally came out to work.



Soon, a shriek cut through the early morning peace, followed by a burst of officers.




Someone had died.


In the cell next to Feng Huai and the Goateed man, an eyeball was gouged out and the entire head pierced.
Another death row inmate who managed to survive in the same room had his tongue pulled out.


No wonder nothing was heard next door last night.




Not long after, everyone was escorted out by the guards and stood in front of the iron gate in the open area of the free exercise area, not knowing what they were waiting for.



The sunlight outside the door pierced into his eyes through the iron fence, and Feng Huai slightly raised his hand to shield himself.




A man standing next to him spoke with contempt and cynicism: “Are you the newcomer? You’re lucky you didn’t die.”



Feng Huai looked over, his impaired vision still intact, and through the bl-oody obscurity, he could vaguely see that it was an arrogant man with a hawkish nose and slender phoenix eyes.



The man gestured with his eyes for Feng Huai to look at the open space outside the iron fence – barricaded by a high wall, about the size of two basketball courts – then he lowered his voice, “Once inside, follow me… …”



Before he could finish his sentence, a stocky, bald man came striding up behind him and slammed into his shoulder viciously, knocking the man off his feet.





The man was just about to get angry when he turned his head to meet a bald man’s eyes, and his anger suddenly diminished.



He skimmed the corners of his mouth and finally said nothing.




Feng Huai looked at all this indifferently, as if it had nothing to do with him.




–The fact was, because of his impaired vision, he really didn’t bother to see anything.



The goateed man whispered a reminder in Feng Huai’s ear, “This is Arthur, prisoner number zero, he ……”



The bald man gave a meaningful smile towards Feng Huai, interrupting him, “You did it last night.”



The goateed man choked and subconsciously looked at Feng Huai.



“Shhh! Don’t say anything! The prison warden is here!” The prison guards came over with their batons, warningly hit the talking goatee twice, but let go of the bald man.





When the goateed man heard “prison warden”, his face changed sharply and he abruptly stopped talking.



Feng Huai noticed that not only the goateed man, but also the other prisoners’ faces changed slightly, and even the bald man called Arthur seemed to have tensed his muscles slightly.



The guards who were standing around on guard, one by one, put away their loose appearance and stood up straight, their hands holding their batons so tightly that they turned white with force.



One of the younger prison guards, also swallowed nervously, the knot in his throat rolled up and down, a drop of sweat fell from the corner of his forehead.



It was easy to see that even they, the prison guards, were afraid of that prison warden.



The sound of leather boots soles rhythmically rang on the concrete floor, and a pair of dark brown short riding boots appeared in Feng Huai’s view.





“Report to the prison warden, the total number of prisoners is thirteen, but there’s only eleven!”



“Good, line up, at ease.” The man’s tone was like a violin, deep and clear.



Feng Huai raised his eyes and looked over, the prison warden was wearing a long dark trench coat and leather black gloves, standing in front of all of them, and was also looking at him.



“You are, new here?” The man asked in a low voice.

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