hough he knows who I am.”

“What should I do?”

just keep an eye on it.
I think we might need it from time to time.”

He wasn't biased in any way.
Whether against the imperials, the nobility or even commoners.
All were potential business partners who operated under the same terms and conditions in the end.

“Do you want us to find out who interrupted you earlier?”

[Well, I suppose so.
But I'm only willing to pay you guys this much for the interruption.
So, taking this money in exchange for the stolen time seems like the better option of the two.]

“……But I'm only willing to pay you guys this much for the interruption….”




“What would you have done in that situation?”

“You should fight, right? They are too cowardly to fight one on one.
So, we'd finish them off by killing half of them.”

“What if you hadn't learned any martial arts? What if it had been a losing battle from the start?”

“Hmmm, You'd run away without intervening, right?”

“Even if there was assistance coming for you?”

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“How long can you wait for a helper when you have no idea when he's going to arrive?”

“That's right.
But 1 Gold said she had calculated it.”

“What do you mean…?”

After seeing Walter's blank expression, Kyle realized it was pointless.

Was it because it had been so long since he'd found a situation interesting?

“All right.
Let's focus on tonight.”

“Yes, my Lord!”

Walter, like Nick, climbed the wall and disappeared.

Now alone, the Second Prince, Kyle Amure, walked out of hiding with his back bent and his feet dragging.

Triumphant smiles appeared on the gang members faces as they recognised him from afar and shouted after him.

Falling prey to one’s anger made any sliver of vigilance disappear in an instant.

Kyle had spent a long fortnight gathering information regarding the Lackton gang.

And the underground organization that distributed wine despite the prohibition.
His goal was to get his hands on the list of investors who financed the operation.

Kyle pulled his hood up and walked slowly, hunched.
His posture provoking their wrath.


“I'm told that drinking the wrong alcohol can cause sudden death.”

The barmaid was smiling while talking about death.


Bernard seemed surprised at the comment.
I ignored his reaction and tried to answer calmly, but I stuttered under the stress.

pl-please tell him it's not just anyone.”

“Everybody claims to be somebody.”

“A large glass of Hot Black Hebron.
I'm asking why my order was turned down.”

“Here's his answer.
How do you know the name of a hard drink that is even unknown to the Emperor?”

I had no choice but to tell the truth.

“Because the Creator gave me a hint.
Please tell him.
The circumstances don't matter.
What is important is that I found the drink.
It also perfectly fits his purpose.”

As the barmaid disappeared again from her seat, Bernard, who had been curious the whole time, asked.

“Is that drink really that great? And what in hell is this about the Emperor and the Creator…?”


“Is that drink…?”

Before I could answer Bernard's question, the barmaid came back with a smile on her face.

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“See the storage room over there? Go over there and get your drink yourself, sweet talker.”

Her smile stayed on me for a while, then turned towards Bernard.

Really? Would it hurt her to look at me when talking to me?

Bernard, his ears reddening again, grabbed his axe next to the chair.

“Oh no! Sir Knight will stay and play with me.
Big sis goes in alone.”


Bernard's expression hardened and he crossed his arms.
He shook his head.
Although he was still blushing, his voice was firm and determined.

“Oh! I didn't know that Bernard thought of me like this.
Why? Are you worried because I'm young? Are you anxious? Or is it because the big knight must protect the fragile young Lady?”

That was a bit much….

Strangely, Bernard was so much fun to tease that, sometimes, I spat out words without even thinking… like I was doing now.

Sure enough, Bernard's face crumpled as he took a step back, his hand tightening on the axe's hilt, as if ready to swing it.

“I should be following you.
You should have told me about this kind of secret beforehand!”

“You’re serious about this I see.
It was because I wasn't certain.
And it's fine, really.
I’ve looked into this.”


So stubborn.

I know you're trying to stay true to your mission.
But can you please acknowledge my orders? Even if this is a temporary assignment, shouldn't you listen to me? If I were a nobleman with a title, would you refute my orders?”

“The Miss isn't a young aristocratic man with a title.”

I was talking to an inflexible wall.

Taking a deep breath, I explained again.

No, no, no.
What should I swear upon? Oh! I swear on my beloved cookies.
Do you know how important my one cookie a day is to me? If it's dangerous, I'll shout immediately.
Then you can barge in.
This is very important to me.
I can't leave now.
My future is at stake!”

“…..Very well.

After hesitating for a while, Bernard whispered in my ear so only I could hear him.

He probably thought that if the barmaid turned out to be an enemy, she shouldn't hear what he had to say.

I forced myself to hold back my laughter.

If I laughed, the colour of my face, which had turned beet red, would spread to my entire body and I didn't know if he would really use his axe if I did.

Wasn't it against the rules to have such a cute, rugged knight?

I was finally able to enter the storage room after accepting his whispered words.

Editor's Notes:

Here Tara is refering to “Hell-Joseon” an expression used to qualify the social inequalities in South Korea. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell_Joseon

** Cezanne, the barmaid is using the word “Unnie” which you find very often in manwha.
It means “big sister” and is a term of respect to older female from younger ones.
What is fun here is that Tara is younger than her.
Find more about “unnie” here:

7 Meanings of Unnie (언니): the Art of Having a Fun Sister in Korea

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