e here?”


She hadn’t seen a single hair of him until now.


She couldn’t understand why he was suddenly sleeping in the infirmary.
She was dumbfounded as to why he wore the cross shaped earring when he was the tower lord.


In general, the wizards didn’t like the religious people.
The reason was simple.


Their natures were different.


Most of the wizards, like Hugh, had a strong free-spirited nature, while the religious people, on the contrary, had a conservative form.


Filina gazed quietly at Hugh, who was sleeping soundly.


There were many things she wanted to ask him.
He should not be sleeping so peacefully now.


After a moment of contemplation, she reached out and slowly shook Hugh’s shoulder.


“Hugh, wake up.”


After tossing and turning a few times at Filina’s voice, he slowly opened his eyes.


Beautiful red eyes stared at him.




Hugh sat up, staring at Filina with rounded eyes.
Then he asked in a mischievous voice.


“Did you come because you missed me?”


At Hugh’s natural question, she snorted with a stunned face.


“Why are you always so relaxed? Where have you been?”


“Well, I just had a little adventure.”


As he answered with a slight shrug, Filina quickly looked around.


After confirming that there were only her and Hugh in the infirmary, she whispered urgently to him.


“Did you know what happened in the breeding ground?”


Hugh sighed at her words.


“It’s killing me.
I got a separate investigation from Weaver and he locked the door so I couldn’t even get into the dorm room.”


“The door is locked? Then what about your roommate who was there with you?”


“I think he moved rooms when I wasn’t around.”


He said with a tearful look.
Now Filina knew why Hugh was sleeping in the infirmary.


She couldn’t believe they closed the dorm room to keep him out. 

Putting it in other words ……doesn’t that mean he has to leave the academy?


Moreover, what Hugh said was as good as proof that he no longer belonged to the military academy.


Filina could not hide her skeptical face and asked him,


“Was it really you who caused the accident at the breeding ground?”


Hugh replied with a face that he had heard a ridiculous sound.


“Do I look that ignorant to you?”


“Yeah, you don’t care about people around you and act recklessly.”


“……Oh, my God.
You figured me out so well in such a short time.”


He smoothed his lips up into a sly grin.
Filina looked at him with an exasperated expression.


“So you really broke down the door and even killed the demon?”


Hugh said with a scowl.


“I had no choice.
There was a door leading to the outside in the bars where that advanced demon was locked up.”


“A door that leads to the outside?”


“I can’t tell you any more than that.
It’s a top secret.
Of course, if you’re willing to help me, I’ll tell you everything.”


Filina squinted at him.
Hugh had already told her some important facts.


She didn’t understand his intention of holding back when he already said many things so naturally.


Hugh asked her, his eyes folding neatly into a half-moon pattern.


“Can you help me?”




“Yes, I have no doubt that you will help me.”


Filina’s reply seemed to vanish into thin air.
She asked Hugh with a frown.


“What was it that we talked about the other day? It was about potions, wasn’t it?”


He smiled and faced Filina for a moment, then said, tilting his head.


‘’Before that, can you lock the door to the infirmary?”


She tilted her head with a dubious look on her face.


“What’s with the door? You’re afraid someone might hear it?”


The use of potions at the swordsmanship academy could be abused in exams and was treated as illegal.


Filina looked around and mumbled curiously.


“By the way, why is there not a single instructor in the infirmary?”


Most of the time, the instructors who worked in the infirmary were not often absent from their seats because they had to take care of general administrative duties in addition to helping the students at the academy with their injuries.


Except, of course, when they had to see off someone of very high status, such as the Crown Prince.


At her words, Hugh opened his mouth to yawn with a tired look on his face.


“I sent the instructors out for a bit because I wanted to be alone.”


Filina stared at him, dumbfounded.


“How could you….?”


Hugh said flatly, raising his lips.


“I tricked them, saying Commander Weaver called him.”


“Ha, so the instructors were fooled by those words? And seeing you sleeping earlier, it looks like a bit of time has passed, why hasn’t anyone come in yet?”


“Because I cast some magic.”


Filina was startled.
It was clear that this guy was really a no-measures guy.


No matter how he was the tower lord, how could he cast a spell on the instructors when he was just a student at the school?


Hugh, who was quietly making eye contact with Filina, said with a small laugh.


“You’re looking at me like I’m a total nutcase.”


“Are you insane ……? What are you going to do if the instructors find out later!”


“Don’t worry.
They don’t even know they’re under a spell.
And it is a very weak magic.
If someone gives them a little stimulus, they will break it immediately.
That’s why I told you to close the door.
You never know when the instructors might come back.”


He added with a smile.


“That’s how our private conversation will begin.”

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