At the researcher’s words, Filina pulled down her sleeve.
He then dropped Filina’s blood onto a piece of paper.
Then he mixed it with a test drug.




The color didn’t change.


The instructor stared at Filina.
The candidates, who had been whispering loudly behind her, fell silent.


It was an expected result.


Her father didn’t say it, but this was exactly why the Magic Tower Lord’s potions were more useful than those made by other wizards.


It meant the satisfaction of the product was extremely high.


Bruno (Filina’s brother) had asked them to make a potion for her to use in the entrance exam of the military academy.


With a huge price, the Lord of the Magic tower directly produced a product with the highest level of customer satisfaction.


According to her father’s words, the potion was specially produced to suit her own constitution.
Guessing from his words, a thorough investigation must have been done before manufacturing the drug.


Not only about her constitution, but also about what kind of drugs she would need for the examinations at the academy.


And the periodic doping test here was a matter that could easily be found with a little research.
As Filina got up from her seat, the candidates standing right behind her shook their shoulders and kept a slight distance.




At the sound of the researcher’s voice, one of the candidates trembled as he sat on the chair.


“I’ll take your blood.”


The researcher drew blood from the man’s arm, the exact same way he did with Filina.


However, this time the bright red blood of the candidate turned dark.


“It’s positive.”


The researcher spoke in a decisive voice.
Then the man, whose eyes were shaking with panic, hastily parted his lips.


“I’m afraid this is wrong.
I didn’t take anything.”


“I told you it was positive.
I didn’t say you took anything.”


The man blinked blankly at the researcher’s curt voice.
Then one of the candidates who had come with him said in disgust.


“No wonder you scored higher than me on the physical test.”


Unable to refute his words, the man left his seat, scratching his head.


“Next examinee, please come quickly.”


The researcher said to the rest of the examinees behind him, they were busy pushing each other.
Filina, who was quietly watching them, asked the instructor beside her.


“How long am I going to be here?”


The stare of the instructor moved slowly to Filina.
The sky-blue eyes that stared at her.


“The test is over, you can go now.”


The instructor’s low voice spread calmly through the lab.


Filina nodded and looked at him for a moment.


Her eyes caught sight of his pale, white skin.
He had a fine facial feature and blue hair that fell smoothly and undisturbed.


Lawrence Winston.


He was the one who later became the official knight of the imperial family and the closest assistant to the male protagonist, the Crown Prince.


At the same time, he was also the one who secretly had a crush on Cecilia.


In the original story, not much of his story was depicted, but nevertheless, there were quite a few readers who liked Lawrence because of his good looks.
It didn’t matter.
Anyway, such episodes were of no help to Filina.


Taking off her gaze, Filina took her step.


Once she was completely out of the lab, the cold air suddenly struck her.


She later learned that half of the candidates who had taken the doping test with her had tested positive.


Even though that was the case, they dared to accuse someone else.


It was not an interesting result.


There was a noisy cheer as her feet approached the performance hall.


Filina’s eyes glowed with a piercing intensity.


From a distance, she could see Henry running alone across the performance hall.
The exam was already over.


The exam was over much faster than when she had taken it, but no one protested.


Filina’s steps became faster.
Her sword, clutched in one hand, shook slightly.


By the time he left the practice field, Filina’s steps were getting closer.


Henry Argeny.


‘Will I be able to… Can I kill him?’


She hoped she didn’t leave any openings.


Whenever the opportunity arose, she would not hesitate to kill him.


Filina gritted her teeth.


She was right behind Henry.


She didn’t know where he was going, and his steps brought a desolate air.


The area was deserted.


The test was still in progress, and there was not a single person passing by as she left the practice area.


The potency of the potion has not yet dropped all the way.


Maybe now was the opportunity.


Soon, she raised her sword.


Henry, who had been walking with his eyes only on the road ahead, stopped in his tracks.


Filina stepped back reflexively.


Henry looked back.


He had an emotionless expression, as if he knew she had been following him for quite some time now.


Dark purple eyes stared at Filina.


He was standing in the sunlight, which made his neat, silvery hair glow even brighter.


The smooth facial lines, a high nose, and the tinted red lips depicted Henry’s exclusive personality.


He had an excessively splendid appearance.


In particular, the purple irises that resembled purple crystal could be seen to have played a role in creating his mysterious atmosphere.


The dark air that flowed around him made her breath stop.


The dry expression could not capture any emotions.


Filina glared at him as she gently hit her bottom lip.




She opened her mouth with a hostile look, but it was cut off mid-sentence.
It was for Henry, who spat out the words faster than she could.


“Why did you follow me?”




“Lady Debussy.”

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