despite his gentle voice.

He had black hair, pale skin, blood-colored eyes, and cherry-red lips.

He shone as prettily as a typical male lead character written by ‘yours truly’.

“Joshua, what are you doing here?” Deon asked crisply.

Joshua merely approached them with a cool smile.

‘Wow, he’s so handsome, too!’ So-hee thought.
‘ It’ll be okay if this dream lasts forever.’

For a moment, So-hee forgot her situation.

She swallowed her saliva upon seeing the male lead in person.

He even possessed such a gentle deep baritone.

“You said you’d give me the divorce papers.” Deon calmed down and added, “Leave it here and get lost.”

“Can I talk to Ariad for a second before I go?”

Alert, Deon said sternly.
Just get lost.”

Joshua was about to put the envelope on the table, but his hand lifted it again.

“If you don’t cooperate, I won’t give you the papers.”

“You can just bring it with you and make yourself scarce.”

“It’ll only take five minutes.”

It was clear that he didn’t want Joshua to be alone with Ariad in that short period.

Deon stalked towards him and reached out an arm to steal the papers, but Joshua quickly turned his hand around.

“You two are so childish until the end.”

They narrowed their eyes at each other.

“I try to be.
Deon, in the name of the royal family of McKinley,  get out of this room right now.”

Joshua’s smile faded from his face and uttered a stern command.


Joshua McKinley’s charisma is just insane.

She couldn’t believe she wrote such an excellent male lead.

When she saw the character she had written materialize in front of her eyes, So-hee could only watch him in sheer amazement.

“Hahaha.” Deon laughed, slammed the table, and walked away, obeying the crown prince’s order.

As soon as the door was closed, Joshua walked towards So-hee and watched her with interest as if watching a drama.

He bent on one knee and made eye contact with So-hee as she sat on the bed.

The very handsome first male lead stared at her with a smile and said.
“Ariad Pearson.
I knew that you wanted to be the Empress, but in the end, you kicked your own ass with that dirty body.”

As expected, the male lead’s words were fierce so unlike his friendly tone and bright face.

Her enemy’s eye scrutinized the chain tied to her wrist and it made him grin widely.

“Was this the effect of you having sex with a lot of men? This wasn’t in our agreement, Ariad.
Deon is such a madman.” Joshua snapped quietly.
“We’ve been married for years and I never wanted anything from you.
I thought it would be fine if you met another man as long as he didn’t ruin my reputation.”

“Yes, I know how you feel.”

“No, Ariad.
If you really know how I feel, you shouldn’t have acted like this.” After smiling kindly, he approached her with a sudden fright.
“The day we first met, I felt so pathetic that I fell for that gorgeous shell of yours even for a moment.”

“I don’t know what to say.
I’m sorry, Joshua.”

So-hee had no words to calm his beautiful face emitting fire.

She wasn’t  Ariad, was she?

The light, short and insincere apology made Joshua lock his fingers around her neck.

Oh, perhaps this will wake her up from her dreams, so it won’t be that bad.

As he applied more force in his hand, red blotches appeared on her pretty face and So-hee accepted the situation without resistance.

Then, her vision became blurred.

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