e was looking at would provide her clarity.

Would she wake up if she just jumped over there?

Either way, Joshua would cut her head off and die whether she jumped, but she still wanted to wake up from this dream no matter what.

So-hee got up to get out of bed, but Deon’s large hands pushed her shoulders hard.

With a painful moan, So-hee’s back was forced to rest against the cushions.

“Where are you going?”

His sweet, shining grey eyes from earlier now trembled with anger.

An authoritative tone followed.
“Why are you talking like it’s our last time?”

“That’s… because it’s the last.”

He slowly increased the strength of his fingers that clutched her shoulder.

Let go of me while I’m still being nice.
If you don’t, I will reduce your weight once I wake up from this dream.’ Sohee repeated with clenched teeth.

As she struggled to get up, Deon’s large hand grabbed her thin wrist and twisted it.

“Don’t tell me you just wanted to enjoy having sex with me and return to Joshua, after wards?”

So-hee shook her head in embarrassment.
“No, no, it’s not like that.”

“I couldn’t bear to look at that.” Deon said fiercely.

“I’m going back to where I was supposed to be.
Not by Joshua’s side!”

“Where you were supposed to be?”

“Yeah, I’m returning to the place where I belong.”

Deon’s fierce pupils dilated when he snapped in front of her.”Do you have any other men besides Joshua and me?”



Why was the story like this?

“What kind of brat—-”

“No! No jerks—-”

“Tell me right now.”

Nostrils flaring, she stared at Deon—-who kept interrupting her thought—in bewilderment.

Of course, Ariad was a character who just met this man and the rest.


That’s not what she meant.

“Ariad! Is this why you’re away every time I visit your mansion these days? Because you are meeting another man?”

“Yes!  Ariad must have been busy meeting other men.
But I’m not Ariad.”

“Ari, do you want to escape from me that much?”


This conversation wouldn’t work.

They only talked about what they wanted to talk about, so there was no proper communication.

“Ari, I still can’t let you go.”

“No, you have to let go.
I have to go back and end this.”

Deon couldn’t understand what she meant so he simply ignored it and and buried his head at the crook of her neck.

“I’ll do anything to have you.” He said harshly underneath his chin.

As she felt something twitch at the crook of her neck, Ari swore in her thought.

‘If I wake up from this dream, I’ll kill you right away, Deon.’

While she watched his grey hair moving busily from below, Ari kicked his huge c*ck to distract him.

“Argh!” Deon rolled sideways in unimaginable pain.

“You should’ve gotten out of the way while I’m still nice to you.”

So-hee managed to escape from his thick, sinewy arms and stood in front of the window.

“Deon, you were perfect except for that obsession you have at the end.
It was nice meeting you.
Let’s not see each other next time.”

Ari glanced down at the window and realized that the scenic  vegetation  felt distant.

It was quite high but  if she jumped, she will go straight to the goal.


Cackling, she threw herself to the window without hesitation.

* * *

It hurts a lot.”

She must have fallen asleep at her desk because her neck and shoulders were too stiff to move when she raised her head.

Snack bags surrounded her, and the contents of her web novel were displayed on the monitor.

So-hee just got a phone call.

“Is this phone call going to ask for a quick deadline?”

So-hee frowned when she stared at the letters “PD” on her cell phone screen.

Soon, she raised her numb arm and answered the phone.

“Yes, sir.”

Did you change the story to comedy?”


His confusing words made So-hee’s forehead wrinkle.

As she stared at her monitor, she realized that she had left Ariad and Deon at a point of no return.

“Ariad kicked the man between his legs.” The PD read.
“Why is there something like this?”

“What? I haven’t even sent you the script yet.”

“What? Then, how come I got it from you?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“You sent it five hours ago.”

Her mind was a feast of question marks, keeping her silent for a while.

Then, she asked, “Did I really send it?”

I got it and uploaded it immediately.
What’s wrong with you? Check your mail.”

When she hurriedly moved her mouse to check the mailbox, surprisingly, there was an email she had sent five hours ago.

“So, what’s the story?”

“Ariad kicks Deon’s member and jumps out of the window all of a sudden.

“Author? Uh… should I get back to you later?”


So-hee blanked out for a long time as she stared at the screen in front of her while holding her phone.

The call had been disconnected.

In the monitor she looked at,Ariad and Deon’s R-19 scenes weren’t resumed.

After pulling herself together, she quickly checked the serial platform.

The comments section was a mess.

[What a waste.
Why did Ariad kick him?]

[We all know that Deon was a supporting actor but what’s with this ending?]

[I heard that the writer is famous but why is this story a mess?]

So-hee turned off her criticism-covered cell phone screen and threw it into bed.

“This is wrong.”

This was making her crazy.

She couldn’t even get her head organized, too confused by delusions.

Had she written this novel while sleeping?

Had she sleepwalked or something?

Was it a side effect of the sleeping pills she drank a while ago?

After a long thought, So-hee suddenly raised her head.

This wasn’t the time to be disturbed.

The story ended with Ariad jumping and dying, so she had to go back and revise everything she had written.

Sohee opened the Korean window and typed down

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