That’s too much

Amid the confusion, she saw a man’s back as large as the Pacific Ocean.

The solid, muscled back was covered with a blanket while his shoulders were exposed.

She staggered away from him, but one slight movement made the quilt flow down.

They were completely nude.


So Hee fell off the bed and let out a struggling sound.

She was so shocked to see a man’s naked body for the first time that her face turned pale.

The sleeping man made a sudden noise and looked back over his shoulder.

His threateningly huge ass was revealed when he turned his head.

She shut her eyes tighter.

“What’s wrong?”

It was the first voice she ever heard.

When she opened her eyes, the copper-colored view in her vision made her head spin.

So Hee swallowed her dry saliva and hurriedly wrapped her hands around her face.

“Hey, could you put that blanket up? Do something.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

The man chuckled when he witnessed So Hee slapping her cheek.

This was a dream.

“Have you gone mad?”

“It hurts.
It hurts so much.”

“If you keep hitting yourself like that, of course, it’s going to hurt.
Ari, stop  that! Pull yourself together and come back here on the bed.”

So-Hee grabbed her swollen cheek.


Why did that man call her that?

That’s so sweet.

“Ari, do it again with me.”

“What are we doing?”

“What do you mean?”

When her eyes widened in surprise as she looked at him, the man moved to the edge of the bed and smiled lazily.
You’re cute even when you’re crouching down.
You make me feel sexually excited.”

His gray eyes glistened with lust as his large hand drew closer.

So-Hee gazed at his fingers when they reached out to touch her, and only then did she realize that she was also naked.

“This dream is insane.”

“No, this is not a dream.”

The man lifted her as if she was light as a feather.

The sticky heat that she wanted to deny came up through the gap between the surface of their skin.

Soon, the man put So-Hee on the bed and pushed against her hot body.

“Ari, I’d be so sad if you thought that our first night was just a dream.” The man continued, breathing heavily.
I’m curious about what face he’ll make when he sees us.”

His fierce strength felt like he was squeezing her neck.

When the kisses on her face was about to touch her lips, she suddenly realized something.


She stopped and pushed him off her.

“What is it, Ari? What’s wrong with you all of a sudden?”

“It doesn’t make sense.”


Hearing the name Joshua made her grimace at the story that just came to her mind.

Joshua McKinley.

He was the male lead of her web novel, ‘Just Roll It.’

And this name, Ari, was short for Ariad Pearson.

She couldn’t believe she realized this just now.

“Wow! I’ve been writing 15,000 words daily because of the deadline.
That must explain this realistic dream..”

“What are you talking about?”

If so, who was this man–with gloriously naked bronze frame and grey hair crumpling between his eyebrows–on top of her?

“Deon Filtmore?”

She took a deep breath and spat it out, her voice becoming smaller as if it was melting.

“Yes, Ari?”

So-hee knew the ending of this dream, where she had accidentally possessed Ariad’s body, all too well.

Although her novel was still serialized, the synopsis was already complete.

Deon had seduced Ariad, Joshua McKinley’s wife, to have sex with him and have his child.

Once Joshua found out about his wife’s betrayal, he would do everything to destroy both Deon and Ariad’s family, cut off their heads and decorate them in front of the castle.

She planned to kill Ariad so easily.


Because she was just a supporting role.

“Are we going to die at the end of this dream?”

“This isn’t a dream, Ari!” Deon bellowed, and her eyelids fell shut at his roar.

His voice did pierce her eardrums.

This situation was too vivid to be a dream, but what if it really wasn’t?

Did she really possess this woman, Ari?

After pondering about it for a long time, she spoke.

Let’s finish what we’re doing.”

If this was just a dream, they will just have to finish what they were doing.

When would she ever do this with such a good-looking guy?

They should have sex.

She waited for him with her eyes closed, and Deon planted rough kisses on So-hee’s mouth.

Before long, both of their grunts and moans had mingled through the night.

* * *

With his head buried between her legs, Deon murmured.
“It’s time to wake up.”

He had devoured her body day and night.

“I don’t want to wake up anymore.”

It’s a good thing to do it once or twice but having multiple rounds of carnal pleasures left nothing but pain.

The muscled, handsome man f*cked her nonstop without showing signs of exhaustion.

So-Hee grabbed his disheveled gray hair and shouted.
“Stop! Stop! Stop!”

Deon finally raised his head when she suddenly pulled his hair out.

“Ari, just one more time.”



She used this madman with her own hands but this dream didn’t have to be similar to the novel.

So-hee hit her forehead hard with her right hand.

“Stop it.
I want to wake up from my dream.”

Still, the dream continued even as she slapped her wide forehead.

This scene began at night until sunrise came.

Soon, a clear blue light poured form the window, shining brightly on their tangled, naked bodies.

“Deon Filtmore.
You’re pretty good because I wrote you so perfectly.
You’re a handsome beast to die for!”

“Ari, why are you saying such strange things?”

“But I think it’s time for me to go.
Thanks for the good time.”

So-hee planned to wake up from her dream.

Perhaps, the window sh

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