“…It’s nothing.”

Dianel immediately got up from his seat.
It occurred to him that Siara, who was right in front of him, had something to ask.

‘Oh, I got distracted.’

While she was absent-minded, Dianel seemed to regain his senses.
She realized what she was doing and blushed.

It seemed unlikely that he would hear an honest answer from her.
Siara stood up from her seat, considering her dilemma.
Since Dianel had regained his composure, it was natural for her to leave.

Looking at Siara, who was preparing to leave, Dianel opened his mouth hesitantly.
There was a disappointed expression on his furrowed eyebrows.

“Are you leaving?”

“I have to.”

“You can stay a little longer.”


Dianel swallowed the words he was about to say in response to her puzzled question.
He didn’t want Siara to leave, but he hesitated because he didn’t know if he could hold her back. 

Lost in thought, the clear determination he had was blurred, and Siara thought differently.

‘Is there still residual effects from the transformation?’

If that were the case, there might still be a chance.
She hesitated, hesitating between her lips, and finally asked what had been on her mind.

“Dianel, did you fight with Adandito?”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because you were hurt.”


He hesitated for a moment and turned his head.
Worried about the change in his expression as soon as he spoke, Siara wondered if Dianel and Adandito had really fought.

A concerned glance flickered through her young eyes as she briefly glimpsed Dianel.
However, Dianel’s eyes were now very calm.
Siara shrugged her shoulders, seeing that he had regained his composure.

“I asked just in case.
Don’t read too much into it.”

Then, this time, Dianel showed a disappointed look.

“I told you that I was speaking without thinking.”

“I didn’t doubt your words, but… I’m sorry, the atmosphere between Adandito and Hierian seemed strange.”

“Did they discuss something about me?”

“It’s not that.”

“I see.”

Dianel regained his composure and let out a relaxed breath.
Siara, who was not yet accustomed to Dianel’s quickly changing behavior, made a puzzled expression.

“Anyway, I’m leaving.”

As she tried to take a step, Dianel held her back.
Siara blinked her eyes.
Dianel looked at her fluttering eyelashes and spoke softly.

“I’m sorry.”

“What for?”

“I’m upset because Siara didn’t believe me.”

He placed one hand on his left chest and murmured.

“My heart hurts as if it’s going to break.
Can’t you heal this?”

Not knowing how to answer, Siara simply pursed her lips.
Dianel, watching her with blank eyes, smiled smoothly this time. 

He gently lifted Siara’s wrist and brought his lips closer to her fair skin.
After feeling the soft touch of his lips, Siara was startled and stepped back.

“What, what are you doing?”

“…I thought it might help with the healing.”

“But, even if you do that, it won’t heal! Besides, you’re not even hurt right now.”


Dianel murmured as if to say that was the problem.

“Then, if I fall from a window, will you take care of me?”

“…You didn’t fall for that reason, did you?”

“I don’t know.”

Dianel blurred the end of his words and let go of Siara’s hand.

“I won’t give you an answer.
If I tell everything to Siara, there won’t be anything left.
If I don’t have anything to hold onto, I’m afraid Siara will abandon me.”

“Is that why you fell?”

“Then, would you kindly consider me with pity?”

Siara’s impression wrinkled.
Would he be pitied for throwing himself off a cliff to attract attention? 

What a foolish behavior it was.
Even if he begged, it wouldn’t be enough. 

Dianel, who received the answer through her expression, opened the office door without hesitation.
It meant for her to leave.
As Siara was chased out like that, she couldn’t say a word, her eyes dazed.

‘What did I just hear?’

She scratched the back of her head and let out a deep sigh.

‘These kids are all strange these days.’

Hierian, Adandito, and Dianel.
Their behaviors had all changed.
Perhaps it was the onset of late adolescence. 

Siara took her steps, thinking that her strange thoughts about them were somewhat reasonable.

* * *

After Siara left the office, a faint smile appeared on Dianel’s lips.
Unknowingly, he burst into laughter and quickly covered his mouth with his hand.
The raised corners of his mouth looked extremely awkward.

The corners of his mouth gradually lowered.
The tension in his facial muscles slowly loosened.
Soon, he returned with an indifferent expression and bit his lips.
His darkened pupils glanced around.

Those who had gone out at the right time asked him.

“Your Highness, may I come in?”


As he watched the familiar figures stumble in, he finally realized.
It was the beginning of everyday life once again.
Although it was an ordinary situation, why did it feel so hopeless? 

Unable to bear the overwhelming loneliness, Dianel stood up from his seat.
As soon as he did, the secretary handed him a document.
Dianel looked at the document presented before him with indifferent eyes.

“It’s from Duke Izbe.
It’s a report that they have started confiscation and search operations on Viscount Leven’s estate for tax evasion.”


“We found the healer who was sold in Atuba’s workshop.
In addition to that child, several healers were found from that family.
We are currently collecting evidence related to this.
Also, this is…”

This time, the secretary handed him dozens of resumes.
It was a list of architectural firms.

“We selected them for the construction of the Golden Palace as you requested.
They are renowned individuals in terms of decoration, so we hired them.”

Dianel fell into thought for a moment.
He wondered if he would still be alive by the time the Golden Palace was completed. 

If he were to die, he wondered what thoughts he would have when he saw the remaining palace, his legacy, like Siara.
Although it was impossible to know, Dianel had no choice but to act differently.

Therefore, Dianel just nodded his head slightly.

“What about the land?”

“We are investigating around Astita as you instructed, but the area is mostly mountains…”

“It’s fine even if it’s a bit rugged.
I might even prefer the mountains.”

Siara may not have noticed yet, but Dianel and the demon king within him did. 

As she trained with Adandito, Siara’s power was growing stronger.
Soon, Adandito and Hierian would also realize it. 

Even if they had lost their memories, the savior, the power known as the incarnation of Eora, was not limited to mere healing.

The day when she would regain the original power that no one, not even Adandito and Hierian, could reach, Dianel had thought of leaving Siara by then.
Until then, he had planned to indulge in his whims.

There wasn’t much time left.
He had to see her at least one more time before then…

‘I’ll see you again when I turn into Dalton.’

Feeling restless, Dianel hastily opened his mouth.

“Get started on the work right away.”

The secretary nodded his head but hesitated.
Rumors had repeatedly circulated that they were also building a Golden Palace at the temple, and he didn’t know if it was related.
After much deliberation, the secretary cautiously spoke up.

By the way… I heard that they are also building a Golden Palace at the temple.
Is there any connection?”

“Ah, that’s right.”

Dianel nodded his head as if it were insignificant.

“There is a connection.
It’s being built for the same purpose.”

“…I see.”

“In that case, gather all the relevant information and build it even bigger and more splendid than the temple.”

A flash of blood-like writing crossed his mind, and the secretary quickly nodded his head.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the Empress’ palace located in the old city center, Empress Yertina was deeply immersed in thoughts.

“Just now, Siara was called to the office by His Highness.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.
It seems that the two of them spent some time alone.

The maid bowed deeply and continued.

“According to reliable information, His Highness the Crown Prince is building a castle for Siara.”


The Empress lowered her arm and soon realized something, causing her to laugh.

“I haven’t heard anything about it, so it must not be inside the palace… Where are they building it?”

“We haven’t been able to determine the location.
Judging from their movements, it seems they haven’t decided yet.”

The Empress listened silently to her words and pondered in her thoughts.

“I’m trying to push Erin as the Crown Princess… But it seems there’s a new variable.”

Officially, the one mentioned as the Crown Princess was the ladies of the Izbe family, but in reality, Yertina was pushing Erin as the chosen one.
That’s why she was able to receive white silk gloves from the Crown Prince as a birthday gift.

It was the Empress who had sent them to Erin, pretending to be Dianel.
In reality, she had sent similar gifts to several other maidens.
Most of them realized it was a lie and quietly discarded them.

Only Erin inflated her imagination and proudly boasted about her gift in the neighborhood.

Watching her, the Empress marked Erin as the next Crown Princess.
If Erin became the Crown Prince’s wife, she would be useful in many ways, the Empress thought.

It wasn’t just a groundless assumption.
The Empress had even suggested to the Crown Prince to marry Erin.
However, he had shown no interest whatsoever.

If that was the case, then the Empress, who had the next biggest say, had the power to choose Erin’s husband.
Since Erin came from a considerable family, the Emperor would not oppose it either.

But apparently, he had developed an interest in another woman.

The Empress bit her reddened lips and murmured.

“He’s someone I can’t understand at all.
I tried to have my confidante by my side no matter what.”

At that moment, the maid cautiously spoke up.

“Will Duke Izbe willingly step back?”

The Empress let out a mocking laugh.

“The Duke may seem ambitious, blind to power, but he cherishes his daughters greatly.
If he learns about Dianel’s monstrous true form, he would readily give up the position of Crown Princess with a shudder.”

The maid, Lady Iska, nodded silently.
Her dark brown eyes glowed with a deep light as she recalled the past.

According to Lady Iska’s memory, Dianel was originally a quiet and gentle child.
He didn’t stand out among the Emperor’s numerous children and seemed to disappear and vanish into thin air as if being pushed aside in the power struggle. 

But the gaze that had been concerned about Dianel had completely vanished when he manifested his power.

With a massive body that seemed to engulf the entire palace, eyes that flickered like a demon, and a mouth so large it could swallow an entire castle, it had countless small teeth. 

Even when the magicians who sensed the manifestation unfolded dozens of barriers, they couldn’t stop it, and half of the imperial palace was destroyed.

That day, the aristocrats and servants, without exception, fled screaming in terror.
Dianel laughed as he watched them as if enjoying himself, trampling dozens of humans under his feet without a care.

Now even the Emperor seemed to ignore him.

While reminiscing with Lady Iska, the Empress chewed on her lips.

“He’s a demon bastard.”

Such a creature didn’t suit a normal woman.
She was just as greedy and monstrous as Dianel, wanting a partner who would eventually self-destruct.

Since he seemed to have no interest in women, things would go smoothly.
But the fact that he fell in love, it’s just ridiculous.


In her bitter laughter, the memory of their debutante ball came to her mind.

“Come to think of it, he helped her with her debut when he transformed into Dalton.”

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