Siara muttered in a faint voice.

“A fairy suddenly appeared.”

It was strange that it didn’t show itself for a while and suddenly revealed its appearance.

Others also shared similar thoughts and discussed the situation.

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence?”

“Maybe the fairy was in a good mood.”

“Perhaps your prayers had an effect.”

As soon as the Countess finished speaking, Adandito approached briskly, with a gentle smile on his lips.

“What the Countess said is correct.”

With an unbelieving tone, Siara cautiously asked, 

“Did the fairy really reveal its appearance because of the prayer?”

“Of course.
It’s only natural that those who work hard should be rewarded.”

Adandito nodded his head.
Siara frowned at his kind smile, which didn’t seem fake.

“Well, then I guess I have to work even harder.”

Seeing Siara’s reluctance, the people around them chuckled.
Therid openly teased Siara.

“You made me train with a horse, and now look at you.”

“Thanks to that, you manifested as well!”

“There’s a world of difference between knowing and unknowingly experiencing it, you know?”

Therid made a mocking sound.
Immediately, Count Astita intervened and stopped him.


“…It means not to fight, right? I know even without you saying it.
But why am I always the one–“

Therid, who was about to argue further, met Count Astita’s stern gaze and sealed his lips.
Instead, he pouted his lips. 

Siara straightened her shoulders proudly as she watched them.

“Hmph, Father has always been on my side anyway.”

When Siara naturally uttered the word “Father,” the expressions of Count Astita and Therid froze for a moment.
They suddenly realized the fact that Siara had accepted them as family.

It was both amazing and pleasing to hear her say it so nonchalantly.

Therid averted his gaze as if lost in thought.
Count Astita cleared his throat a few times before speaking.

Since the family is gathered, let’s have dinner together after a long time.”

After Siara became a member of Astita’s family, they never had a proper time together.
Just as the Countess realized this fact, she remembered something.

“I happen to have made a reservation for dinner tonight.
Let’s have a gathering there.”

It didn’t matter where the venue was, everyone nodded willingly.
They moved to the restaurant and spent a long time there, chatting.

* * *

Hierian and Adandito were sitting on a hill near the restaurant where Siara and her family were dining.
It was a spot where Siara’s figure could be seen clearly.

Siara, who was laughing and chatting with them, seemed happy.
It was undoubtedly a good thing for her to spend time with her family, but it felt empty as she seemed to be drifting further away from them.

However, Adandito still watched Siara with an affectionate smile.
But it wasn’t the same for Hierian.
He let out a heavy sigh and spoke.

“…I don’t know how I should live from now on.”

Although he was the one who had finished sealing the Demon King, it wasn’t his place to speak, but Adandito responded seriously.

“Wouldn’t it be best to live as you are now?”

“…As I am now?”

“Yes, I will guide Siara towards the path of a savior.
And I hope you don’t obstruct that path.
Otherwise, we will become enemies.”

His calm voice sounded as if he was expressing all the thoughts and concerns he had been pondering.
Strangely, even the word “enemies” didn’t make Hierian feel bad. 

He nodded his head as if he had already made up his mind.

“That’s right.
If I let Siara escape, Eora won’t leave me alone.”

“Of course, Hierian.
I’m sure you realized the will of the gods clearly on the day Siara drank alcohol.”

“Yeah, that’s why…”

Hierian swallowed his words.
His eyebrows lowered, and his eyes darkened.

Though he had grown younger, his mind was still sharp.
Paradoxically, as he became younger, his thoughts became simpler, making it easier for him to make decisions that he wouldn’t have easily made as an adult. 

It was like choosing to eat candy despite the high probability of risks, rather than living a life without ever eating candy.

For Hierian, the path of eating candy meant granting freedom to Siara.
Even if he wasn’t by her side, even if he couldn’t do anything for her and faced his demise, it was okay. 

There was a high probability that he wouldn’t accomplish anything and would die, but he still wanted to tell Siara he like her as a person, without the duty of a savior.
That’s why he risked his life with such low odds for her.

‘If I say something like this, I’ll probably become an enemy with Adandito.’

There was no need to worsen the already dire odds.

Hierian’s gaze reached the large window of the restaurant.
Behind the fluttering chiffon curtain, Siara’s figure faintly appeared. 

She was laughing while holding a fork in one hand.
Even though only a meager salad was placed in front of her, she didn’t seem to care.
It was a variable in Hierian’s plan.


Would Siara think it’s okay to live as a savior as long as she’s with her family? 

She would probably say yes.
Siara had become someone precious to him in a short amount of time.

Before losing her memories, the person Siara cherished was him.
That’s why Hierian knew how precious the affection she poured out was.

Sharing that affection made him feel a little, just a little lonely.
Unintentionally, Hierian mumbled.

“Let’s go eat cake together later or something.”

Thinking that Hierian was saying he would let Siara live as a savior, Adandito responded with a worried expression.

“Please don’t.
Hierian, you are also enjoying this peaceful life.”

“…A peaceful life?”

“Yes, a life where you can roam the city and have fun with Siara.
How peaceful is that?”

Hierian nodded.

The Demon King was sealed, and Dianel was quiet.
As long as nothing more happened, they would lead a peaceful life.
What would happen in the future was uncertain, but at least when they died, they wouldn’t remember their past lives.

Perhaps Siara would continue to forget everything as well.

‘Would that life be as peaceful as it is now?’

Hierian couldn’t guarantee it.
It might repeat the same events as what happened to Piasse.

‘That’s not possible.’

Hierian didn’t want Siara to suffer anymore.
To be honest, she didn’t even like the act of drinking alcohol and offering prayers every day.

‘That’s not something you do because you enjoy it.’

Humans should be respected as humans in their own right.
Life dictated by the will of gods couldn’t be considered complete.
At least, that was Hierian’s belief.

In that case, shouldn’t Siara have a choice? Whether to continue living as a savior or to let go of everything and be free.

And the one who could provide that choice, in Hierian’s view, was himself.

Having made up his mind, Hierian stood up abruptly.

“I have some important matters to attend to.
I’m going.”

“Please do.”

Without looking back, Hierian disappeared somewhere.
The remnants of his magical aura lingered faintly in the air.
Adandito looked at the purple remnants and then shifted his gaze back to Siara.

* * *

Hierian returned straight to the mage tower. 

As soon as he came back, Izaya silently went to the kitchen to prepare dessert, but Hierian never came out of the restricted area for the non-administrator.

Hierian was occupied with analyzing the magic pillar.

The magic pillar was a collection of knowledge accumulated by the dragon race and was filled with immense information.
It was not only complex and filled with unknowns, but only the overseer had the privilege to study it.

Studying the magic pillar was a cumbersome and challenging task, but it was currently the only way for Hierian to find clues to help Siara.

‘If I can understand the principles of dimensional travel, I might discover a way to completely seal it.’

Dianel had previously taught Adandito how to open dimensional gates using his arms and legs.
In that case, there might be a way to find a method to completely seal dimensions.

However, the matter of interdimensional travel was an unknown territory even for the administrator.
It was doubtful whether it could be discovered even with a lifetime of research.

‘Still, I should give it a try.’

With that in mind, Hierian continued his research tirelessly, to the point where beads of sweat formed on his forehead. 

He didn’t even feel hungry.
The only time he rested was when he fell into a deep sleep as if he had fainted.
It was only then, when he was on the verge of collapsing from hunger, that he ventured outside the room to have a meal.

As the Grand Sorcerers observed him completely absorbed in his research, they looked at him with admiration.

“Looks like his break is finally over!”

“Is he going to spend more time in the tower now?”

“At least we won’t have to worry about the magic pillar going out of control!”

Amidst the chatter, Izaya alone watched Hierian with a troubled expression.

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