The Duke stood up straight and approached Siara, but he froze when he saw the little boy standing next to her.
It was someone he had seen in a recorded video stone before.

A young child with azure blue hair and cloudy gray eyes.
Unlike the image he had seen in the video stone, he seemed lively now.

‘Could it be, the owner of Mage Tower?’ 

The Duke wondered.
He had also heard that the mage tower’s owner was in a weakened state.
It was also said that he was close to Siara.

At that moment, the Duke thought, 

‘Could it be that Siara is the one who made my face like this?’

Siara was said to be close to both the High Priest and Mage Tower’s owner.
Now that he saw it, it seemed to be true. 

Even his subordinates, who were told to report if she appeared in the city, were just lurking from a distance.
It meant that someone was thoroughly protecting her.
One of them must surely be Mage Tower’s owner.

That meant that if Siara had ill intentions, she could mess up his face anytime.

If she resented being the subject of gossip, she was sure to do something meaningful.
She would be using the excuse of the Demon King. 

He had seen her as nothing more than innocent, but she was no different from those who rolled and rolled in social circles.

‘It would be a mistake to just stand by and do nothing.’

The Duke’s thoughts were interrupted.
Amidst the commotion, two familiar figures appeared in the alley.
They were his daughters, whom he couldn’t care less about.

“Siara! Are you out for a stroll? If you came to see the city, at least say something!” 

Riott naturally linked arms with Siara.
The well-behaved Ashley also smiled by Siara’s side. 

The Duke unintentionally hid behind a wall.
He could hear their conversation clearly through the thin wall.

“Why didn’t you come to the party? I prepared dozens of champagne bottles just for you!”

“Yeah, Siara.
It was fun being together.
Didn’t you spend the whole night drinking with Riott?”

The Duke narrowed his eyes.

‘What were they drinking all night? Champagne from dozens of bottles?’

It was considered a virtue for debutantes to know how to enjoy alcohol in social circles.
However, the noble ladies were destined to become empresses someday, so they had to be careful about their behavior at all times.

But drinking all night?

‘Siara must have corrupted my daughters.’

The Duke quietly held his breath and focused on their conversation.

Then, troubled laughter was heard.

“Ah, ladies, I’m not drinking anymore.”

“Huh? Why?”

“After drinking, the hangover is too severe, and it’s hard to recover in the morning…”

“Could it be because of skin problems? Wow, Siara, you’re managing it so well!”

“Pretending not to care, but you were really concerned.
That’s why you looked prettier today.”

“…Hmm, well, whatever.

“Well, then, I’ll refrain from drinking from now on, following Siara.
It’s hard for me to recover after drinking as I get older.”

“Me too, me too! But then, what should we do for fun at the party?”

“Oh, ladies, are there any gatherings like reading or art exhibitions?”

“What? Siara, you’re more boring than I thought.
Or are you managing your image? Are you interested in becoming the Crown Princess?”

Then Siara spoke firmly.

“Even if a sword is held against my neck, I won’t do that.
My ideal type is a kind and gentle man.”

“Oh my, it seems like there’s a distance between you and His Highness the Crown Prince.”

“Shall we look for a suitable person for you? Someone boring but handsome?”


“Siara, your conditions are exactly that, huh? Come on!”

Laughter filled the air.
The Duke had never seen his daughters laugh so joyfully, except when they were very young.

He glanced at his daughters who were smiling.
They were beautiful even when they smiled with a noble air, but the smiles that blossomed on their faces were also delightful to see.

Moreover, Siara said she had no interest in the position of the Crown Princess. 

‘Well, if she showed ambition for that position, they would have trampled her without mercy.
They wouldn’t have been so close either.’

The noble ladies resembled him in their intelligence and ambition.
If Siara had shown even a little interest in the Crown Prince, they would have sensed it like ghosts.

Furthermore, Siara said she wouldn’t drink and would attend refined gatherings.
Thanks to that, the noble ladies seemed eager to attend such events.

Siara was truly an exemplary lady! She was a rare young woman these days. 

In an instant, the Duke’s thoughts changed.

‘Well, she does seem suitable to accompany the High Priest.’

It was well known that the High Priest followed a vegetarian diet and lived a highly disciplined life.
The rumors about him were widespread, but if he had lived recklessly, he would never have attained such a high position.

They say that birds of a feather flock together.
Siara must have been a polite and highly educated young lady.

A satisfied smile appeared on Duke Izbe’s lips as he changed his thoughts like flipping a palm.

‘My daughters have made good friends.’

Although Siara’s power was currently weak, she had become a noble lady.
If things continued this way, she might become a great support for the young ladies who would later become empresses.

If Siara was such a decent girl, he didn’t want to engage in futile fights himself.

‘It’s better to know how to fight back than to just passively endure.’

With a content expression, the Duke left the nursing home restroom.
Hierian, who caught a glimpse of the Duke as he was leaving, smirked.

* * *

Count Astita, Lady Astita, and Therid were all seated together.
They sat around, wearing worried expressions, discussing recent events surrounding Siara.

Therid was the first to speak up.

“You all know about the gossip that Siara almost got involved in, right?”

Lady Astita nodded her head slowly.

“Yes, we were prepared for the worst, but the gossip disappeared the next day.
It turns out Izbe, the Duke, stopped the gossip.”

“She even accompanies the High Priest these days and attends prayers.”

Count Astita added with a serious expression.

“Early morning prayers.
Isn’t she usually someone who likes to sleep in?”

“Yes, she is.
Becky was troubled waking her up every morning.”

“This is strange.”

With the conversation turning more serious, Count Astita made a decision.

“Siara may be an adult now, but we have become her family.
What if we ask her about everything that has happened so far? Perhaps we can offer our help if she needs it.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Just then, the sun was setting.
During these times, Siara often went to pray with the High Priest.

Therid recalled this fact and spoke up.

“If we go to the prayer hall, Siara might be there.”

They all agreed and made their way to the prayer hall.
On their way, they saw Siara coming out of the bathhouse.

Contrary to their worries, Siara looked even more relaxed and healthier than usual.

Her arguments with the High Priest appeared friendly and intimate.
They seemed to get along well, like a perfect match.

As Lady Astita silently observed the two, she mumbled to herself.

“They look like lovers.”

Both Count Astita and Therid couldn’t refute her words.

“Siara might not like it if we interfere.”

“Well, she is an adult after all.”

Feeling that they would only be a hindrance if they approached the two, Astita’s group sadly turned back. 

Then, they heard Siara’s cheerful voice.

“Mother, Father!”

Calling them without hesitation, Count Astita startled.
Lady Astita turned around without hesitation.


“Are you doing well?”

Siara, who came running over, stood in front of Lady Astita.
In response to her question, Lady Astita nodded silently.

“Well, I’m doing fine.
You seem busy, are you doing well too?”

“I’m great! Everything is going well for me.”

“Well, by the way… Siara, what’s your relationship with the High Priest? There have been rumors that you’ve started praying together lately…”

Lady Astita’s expression hardened, worried that Siara might be turning to the path of divinity.
It was because she didn’t want her daughter to walk that difficult path.

Fortunately, Siara casually replied.

“I’m just doing it as a hobby.
It’s also a way to improve my healing abilities, you know, killing two birds with one stone.”

As Siara waved her hand and spoke, making it clear that it was nothing serious, everyone’s worries were relieved.

Siara was originally a mysterious child.
She appeared guided by the fairies and instantly cured Lady Astita’s madness.
Then she showed a close relationship with the Administrator of Mage Tower, the High Priest, and even the Crown Prince.

And now, she had officially become a part of Astita’s family.
Even Therid, who initially opposed accepting her as a family member, had his heart melted.

The closer they became, the more they realized they couldn’t control Siara.
They might never fully understand Siara.
They simply accepted this ambiguous fact as something natural.

Amidst their conversation, Therid murmured.

“…Huh? Why is fairy dust floating around?”

It was his specialty to make fairy dust float, but the fairy dust in the air at that moment wasn’t Therid’s.

Everyone looked around with puzzled expressions at his words.
Siara was equally surprised.
She looked around, then raised her hand.

“It’s because of the ring!”

Just as Siara said, the pink gem on the ring sparkled, and fairy dust flowed out of it.
The fairy inside the gem fluttered its wings and moved, then greeted the Astita family. 

With a radiant smile, it waved its hand.
Witnessing this, the members of the Astita family couldn’t help but be amazed.

“My, oh my.”

They swallowed their breath, unable to get used to this spectacle.
Siara, too, stared at the fairy as if entranced.

Watching them with a satisfied expression from a distance, Adandito smiled contentedly.

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