d remained silent all along, quietly handed his coat to Dianel.

“Speak only about the matter at hand.”

“The matter.”

Dianel smiled mischievously, half-covered in Adandito’s coat.

“I said it.”

“Haah, it seems we can’t communicate properly.”

After the transformation, Dianel changed into a tyrant or a mischief-maker.
It was said that his mind became hazy, and he didn’t know what he was saying.
Adandito was well aware of this fact and didn’t blame Dianel unnecessarily.

As a result, they fell into silence.
Adandito observed Dianel, and Dianel waited for his senses to return.

However, Dianel’s patience immediately wore thin after the transformation, and he let out the words he wanted to say without hesitation.



“I want her.”

Adandito frowned deeply.

“People are not possessions.”

“Then why do you have her?”

“I’m not possessing it.
I’m just protecting her temporarily.”

“I can do a better job than you.
So hand her over to me, huh?”

Unable to hold back, Adandito roughly struck Dianel’s head with a flick of his hand.


With the sound of a rough impact, Dianel’s head turned in the opposite direction.
His tasteless eyes gradually returned to their original state, and his smiling lips, which had been teasingly curved, stiffened abruptly.
Slowly returning to his usual cold expression, Adandito opened his mouth.

“Are you back in your senses?”


Dianel scratched his itchy ears a few times and glared at Adandito with a fierce gaze.

“Come to think of it, you.
You’re no longer a comrade or anything.
Can I kill you?”

“I share the same thought.”

Sharp gazes clashed in the air as if tearing each other apart.
With the common enemy of the Demon King gone, the world no longer needed heroes.
Adandito realized this fact frighteningly and invoked his sacred power to its fullest extent.

Sharp claws instantly extended from Dianel’s fingertips.
They were weapons stronger and tougher than diamonds, capable of swiftly severing the enemy’s life.

Dianel was the first to take a step.
As he leaped forward with force, Adandito hid his body within the emanating radiance of sacred power.

Instinctively, Dianel located Adandito’s position within the hazy golden mist and swung his hand through the space.

A bright red trail flew towards Adandito but was once again blocked by the thread-like sacred power.
Adandito twisted his smile and whispered.

“It seems you’ve forgotten where this is.”

“Yeah, seems like it.”

Dianel shrugged his shoulders and stepped back.
The hands that had sprouted sharp claws had now been neatly refined and transformed into clean hands.

While no one in the world could defeat Dianel based on raw power alone, this was a temple.

Even if he were to dispose of Adandito right now, hundreds of high priests stood behind him, supported by the power of the gods.
Moreover, the majority of imperial citizens were followers of the god Eora.

Although the subjugation was over, they were still intertwined in a delicate relationship.
It would be better not to cause any further trouble.

Therefore, Dianel gracefully admitted his defeat.

“I was hasty.
I apologize.”

“…Is that another excuse for your mistake after transformation?”

“Yeah, as you know, I’m not in my right mind after the transformation.”

With a smile that was too enchanting to be considered an admission of wrongdoing, Dianel laughed.
Adandito remained silent.
Dianel had behaved like this not just once or twice.

Instead of further explanations, Dianel spoke his mind.

“By the way.
I hear Hierian is nowhere to be seen.”

“What the…….”

Hierian was the mage who had accompanied them on the subjugation.

He had become the Archmage, gaining the wisdom of the sages at the youngest age in history and inheriting the position of the Mage Tower before reaching adulthood.
But even more remarkable than all of that was the fact that he was the administrator of the magical pillar connecting the land and the sky.
This meant that he was responsible for managing the magical power of the entire world.

Being in such an important position, Hierian rarely left the magical pillar except for special occasions.
The longest absence he had since becoming the administrator was when he was selected to join the subjugation force and ventured into the Forest of Evil.

Even during Hierian’s absence, the mages of the Mage Tower had desperately prevented the dispersal of magical power.
So by now, Hierian would be fully occupied with maintenance work on the magical pillar.

But for the administrator himself to suddenly be absent, it was unbelievable.
Adandito stiffened at the thought.

“Have you tried contacting the Mage Tower?”

“Yeah, they said they didn’t know where Hierian went and asked us to come and see.”

Dianel seemed indifferent as he spoke as if it was not a matter of great concern.
Sensing that it didn’t matter to him whether they found Hierian or not, Adandito grabbed him.

“Very well.
Let’s go to the Mage Tower together.”

Seizing the opportunity to pull him out of the temple, Adandito firmly took hold of Dianel, as if a good reason had emerged to bring him out of the temple.

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