Even after that, the noble ladies of Izbe continued to take Siara around with them.
They were all high-status individuals who had a close relationship with the noble ladies.
Each of them welcomed Siara warmly for various reasons, and thanks to them, Siara could meet and remember many faces.

As she wandered around, her feet sweating, Erin slipped away from the party.

 Already having heard all the noble ladies’ stories, there was no one to accompany her at the party.
Some didn’t even bother to mix with her, making her feel uneasy.
In the end, Erin had to return to the mansion feeling lonely.

In the mansion, Harin, Euri, and a few other close friends were present.
It was because Erin had arrogantly told them, ‘If you want to hear about the Izbe party, come visit.’

They often had pajama parties and shared small conversations, so the friends gladly gathered at Erin’s mansion.
They made a commotion as soon as Erin appeared.

“Erin, how was the party?”

“It must have been magnificent, right?”

“Were there many handsome men?”

Erin was chased away from the Izbe ladies’ party, and now even her friends were urging her, which annoyed her.
Nevertheless, she habitually smiled, at least until Retwa interjected.

“But did you really go? You seem to have gotten back so quickly…….”

Erin unconsciously furrowed her eyebrows and then quickly laughed it off.
She touched her forehead and uttered in a weak voice.

“Well, I suddenly got a fever from being too nervous.
The noble ladies told me to go back and rest.”

“Oh, how considerate! The noble ladies took care of you?”

“Yes, they said they were concerned because I’m a newly debuting person.”

Erin’s friends clasped their hands in admiration.
However, Retwa furrowed her eyebrows as if she had heard something strange.

“The Izbe noble ladies told you that?”

“Of course.
Is there something wrong?”

“There’s nothing wrong, but… it’s a bit strange.
The Izbe noble ladies wouldn’t say that to just anyone.”

Retwa was distantly related to the Izbe noble ladies.
She had seen them several times from a distance.
According to what Retwa observed, they were not the type to take care of others delicately.

Harin, Erin’s close friend, hurriedly spoke up in response to Retwa’s doubts.

“You saw the invitation she received last time, right? Erin received an invitation from the noble ladies, so why wouldn’t she attend?”

“Well, that’s true.”

Retwa nodded, agreeing that it made sense.
The Izbe noble ladies didn’t even extend an invitation to Retwa, who was their relative.
It meant they were strict in selecting the guests, and receiving an invitation from the noble ladies held significant meaning. 

It was unthinkable for someone to be invited and not attend such a party.

Erin, who had been observing the situation as it unfolded, smoothly changed the topic of conversation.

“By the way, do you know how handsome our High Priest was?”

“Huh? High Priest? You mean… Adandito?”

“Yes, he blessed my pendant the last time.”

Erin went to the dressing room and brought back the pendant.
The pendant emanated a faint sacred power.
Even in a dimly lit room, the pendant sparkled noticeably, causing her friends to exclaim in admiration.
But it was Retwa who scratched her cheek and said.

“Other priests can do that too.
How do you know it was the High Priest who blessed it?”

Retwa frowned with a skeptical expression.
It was because Harin, sitting next to her, pinched her thigh. 

Retwa, who had frowned due to the sudden pain, closed her mouth when she saw Harin’s stern expression.
Erin, who had been observing everything, spoke with an innocent expression, unaware of anything.

“The High Priest came to our mansion together with the Administrator.”

“What? Why were they together?”

Harin leaned in next to Erin.
Upon hearing that, Erin spoke with a hopeful expression.

“I don’t know.
I just asked for a blessing on the pendant, and it seemed like he wanted to deliver it personally.”

“Oh my, that’s so cool!”

“Could it be that the High Priest has an interest in you?”

“I don’t know.
I’m not sure, but more importantly…”

Erin sighed with a troubled expression.

“I have someone in my heart.”

“You mean His Highness the Crown Prince? You said you received gloves as a gift from him on your last birthday!”


Erin’s friends let out cheers of excitement.
It was understandable because in the Empire, giving gloves as a gift was akin to a declaration of love.
Especially long and elegant gloves carried the meaning of wearing them to a ceremony. 

And on Erin’s birthday this year, she received long and elegant gloves from Crown Prince Dianel.
Those gloves were proudly displayed in her dressing room to this day.

With the evidence at hand, it was hard not to believe.
Erin’s friends wholeheartedly believed her words.
Even Retwa gradually became engrossed in Erin’s unfolding story.
In that sense, this pajama party was a success.

* * *

The party hosted by the noble ladies of Izbe lasted until the early hours of dawn.

“Ah, I’m so exhausted, I could die.”

I stumbled as I walked back to my accommodation.
My whole body ached, and I was fatigued.
From the main party to the afterparty and then the hangover gathering, it felt like I had been drinking the entire time.

“I drank so much for so long.”

The world seemed to spin around me.
My tongue was twisted, and my head was spinning.
When I finally reached the bedroom, for some reason, Adandito was standing there with a grave expression in front of the bedroom door.
He asked me with a shocked expression.

“…You didn’t drink, did you?”


I nodded my head.
Upon hearing that, Adandito’s face suddenly turned red, and he had an expression of disbelief, occasionally stumbling over his words.

“Uh, mhm.
So confidently admitting to drinking…?”

“Why, do you want to drink too?”

According to the Izbe noble ladies, drinking was part of the hangover cure.
So I had been drinking the hangover remedy, but I still felt dizzy.

“Mhm, I need more alcohol…”

Before I finished speaking, Adandito’s mouth dropped open as if he had heard something unbelievable.

“W-What are you saying?”

“Hehe, why? Are you jealous that I can drink?”

“Jealous… Jealous, indeed… Those who serve the gods do not drink alcohol.
Naturally, Lady Siara…”

“Huh, you’re the king of nagging!”

Already feeling dizzy from the alcohol, Adandito’s lecturing made my head feel like it was going to split apart.

As I groaned, clutching my head, Adandito sighed and opened the bedroom door.

“For now, go in and rest.
We can have a serious conversation later…”

“Do you have a hangover alcohol? My head hurts.”

“…Are you even a healer? How much did you drink?”

“Mmm, this much? Everyone said they liked it when I drank.”

Already feeling tense from the unfamiliar situation, drinking alcohol helped me relax. 

I purposely suppressed my healing abilities to enjoy that loose sensation.
I had a drink or two, and then it escalated to ten bottles. 

Even Riott, who had managed to control her alcohol intake until the end, couldn’t survive if she had drunk as much as I did.
She even collapsed while drinking the hangover remedy.

I was the only one who stayed sober from start to finish at the party venue.
I raised both arms high in the air and shouted.

“Haha, I won everything! Who dares to challenge me? Bring it on!”

“…Ah, Siara.
Shall I heal you?”

“No! Bring me hangover alcohol!”

“…What kind of person…”

“Not a person, a goddess! Ahaha!”

It was so much fun as if I had conquered the world.
So I ran a few laps around the corridor.
After that, the sky and the ground were spinning, and my internal pace wavered.
To settle this nausea, I needed hangover alcohol.

“Where’s the alcohol?”

I staggered as I moved my steps.
Then, Hierian appeared in front of me, blocking my path.
He spoke with a determined expression.

“Sia… Siara, calm down, and let’s have a drink.”

“No, you’re just a kid!”

“I’m an adult!”

“An adult?”

But Hierian in front of me was very small.
In noble terms, he was not even at the age to start etiquette lessons.

‘Such a young child calling themselves an adult.’

Lost in serious contemplation, a thought suddenly crossed my mind, and I clapped my hands.

“Ah, you’re a dwarf!”

“…Did you say I’m a dwarf?”

Hierian looked at me with a face that seemed like he was about to cry.
Seeing his wavering eyes, I felt a desire to protect him.
Despite being an adult, I couldn’t bring myself to scold him.

‘Of course, kids are straightforward.’

I was the drunk one, but I didn’t want to appear foolish.
I shook my head and sternly tapped Hierian.

“If you misbehave from an early age, you won’t grow tall.”


“I, Hicc I’m over twenty and I’ve been drinking for a while!”

Hierian bowed his head deeply.
It seemed like he was reflecting on what I said.

‘He should reflect on it.’

Having finished my task, I stumbled down the stairs.
It was because I recalled that there was a wine cellar in the basement of the building.

“I should drink wine.”

There was some commotion behind me, but I didn’t pay much attention to it.
For now, breaking the alcohol haze was the priority.
How long did it take me to reach here? The chilly night air brushed through my hair.
As I stood still, enjoying the pleasant sensation for a moment.


My body leaned downward, towards the stairs.


If it continued like this, it felt like I would hit my head on the edge of the stairs.
I had both concerns and a strange thought.

‘Well, if I sleep and wake up, everything will be healed anyway.’

My healing abilities were unparalleled.
I would probably survive even if I fell off a cliff instead of the stairs.

‘Yes, let’s just roll down when I’m sleepy.
Then I’ll roll to the wine cellar.’

Having concluded my thoughts, I instinctively let go of the handrail of the stairs.
But as soon as I did, someone hugged me from behind.
Then, a faint voice reached my ears, as if my drowsiness was being awakened.

“What are you doing?”

It was Dianel.

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