It was nothing out of the ordinary.
Among friends, it was something that happened as part of our daily lives. 

Why shouldn’t that happen?

‘The previous gathering was fun, right?’

‘…The previous gathering?’

‘Oh, you weren’t there because of the sight thing.’

‘What? Was I the only one left out?’

‘Well, you’re always busy volunteering with your mother on weekends.
So I didn’t mention it.’

There was no malicious intent behind it, but somehow these situations made me feel complicated and subtle.
I wasn’t that naive either. 

Since I had entered the central social circle, I had expected someone to try to restrain me.
So even if they played a small prank with the pendant, I would have brushed it off.
After all, how much can you trust someone you just met? 

However, the reason why it bothered me was that Adandito and Hierian still considered me someone they needed to protect.
Even though I had regained all my memories, they still didn’t seem to see me as their equal.
It was disheartening. 

‘Well, we’re not on the same level.’

There was a difference in status and ability.
Whether it was before or after I regained my memories, that didn’t change much. 

Still, I had hoped that once they regained their memories, our relationship would return to being lively and bustling like when we struggled through the Forest of Evil. 

On the other hand, I also worried, but I didn’t expect things to go on as if nothing happened…

‘Well, I’m glad there are no lectures.’

Instead, it feels like they’re following me more closely than before.
I don’t know why.
Anyway, the pendant incident was a trivial matter that didn’t need any further discussion.
So I just shrugged my shoulders.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.
You guys did well on your own, right?”


As Hierian was about to say something, Madame Lulu, who had been occupied with a sudden appointment, rushed in.

“Miss Siara! Oh my, other people are here too.”

Madame Lulu looked at me with a graceful expression.
Servants laden with heavy bundles of clothes were with her.
I pretended not to notice the curious gazes and entered the dressing room with them.

* * *

As the dressing room door closed, Adandito and Hierian looked at each other.

“Siara seems upset, right?”

“…I’m not sure, but it seems like she’s disappointed in us.”

“Maybe she’s angry because we lied.”

“Well, maybe.”

Adandito fell into deep thought.
From his perspective, it didn’t seem like Siara was simply upset about what happened with the pendant.

The Savior fundamentally liked people.
But that didn’t mean she trusted just anyone.
Over the years, the accumulated knowledge from dealing with countless people had ingrained itself in her soul.

People were unpredictable, even if you knew them well.
Maybe that’s why she was passively accepting Erin’s work.


‘There’s no need for you to lie, pretending to consider my feelings.’

That statement meant that she already knew enough and could handle the situation.

Adandito let out a faint breath as he was lost in thought.

“I must have done something unnecessary.”

“No, it’s just that you’re worried Siara might be upset.”

“No matter the reason, if it doesn’t please Siara, then it’s my mistake.
It was a misjudgment.
Siara is an understanding adult, so I should have told her the truth.”

Hierian’s expression darkened, and Adandito comforted him with his words.

“Anyway, let’s wrap up this matter first.”

They decided to personally deliver the pendant to Erin.
Since Siara had no say in the matter on this, so they’d give her a modest warning.

* * *

The next day, Adandito and Hierian personally visited Erin’s mansion to deliver the pendant.
The housekeeper greeted them with a disappointed expression.
It was expected that the news of their visit to Erin’s mansion would spread widely.

Erin, who had a bad reputation, would be cautious about her behavior from now on, and others would not dare to play tricks on Siara.

From Adandito and Hierian’s perspective, it was a weak warning.
However, they decided to step back at this point because they still didn’t have Siara’s permission to take more drastic actions.

It was the moment when they were about to leave Erin’s mansion. 

A familiar voice could be heard from afar.

“Oh, it’s Hierian.”

“The High Priest is also here.”

It was the ladies of Izbe.
They approached Adandito and Hierian, gracefully waving their fans.

“Hierian, hello.
It’s been a while.”

Hierian, who had fallen asleep after eating popcorn mixed with sleeping pills due to the ladies’ influence before, looked wary as he looked at them.

“Why are you here again?”

Then Ashley chuckled and said, 

“Why are we here? Because Prince Dianel is here.”

“And Siara is here too.”

Hierian shouted in frustration, 

“So why are you following Siara?”

And they both answered at the same time, 

“Because she’s beautiful.”

Hierian sighed, exasperated by their straightforward answer. 

“And again, that same argument.
Does your mind go blank just by looking at someone pretty?”

“It’s you who doesn’t understand.
Pursuing beauty is a human instinct.
Isn’t that right, High Priest?”

To the sudden question, Adandito nodded lightly.

“You’re right.”

“Well, your voice sounds good too, even though you’re handsome.”

“Do you take care of yourself separately? You must be busy, but you’re amazing.”

Adandito chuckled and simply smiled in response to the shower of compliments.
He was already used to receiving compliments to the point where they no longer affected him.
Even that attitude was cool, and the ladies couldn’t help but sigh in unison. 

Seeing their sparkling eyes, it seemed that Adandito was on the list of the ladies as well.
Hierian, who was watching them, pursed his lips.

“I also make an effort to look good.”

“You’re cute.”

“And you made yourself younger.
You’re still cute.”

Hierian, whose tail was cut off abruptly, clenched his fists and glared at the ladies.

“I’m handsome! I’m not cute!”

“Oh, my, are you jealous? Should we say you’re handsome?”

At the subtle question, Hierian shuddered as if he had chills.

“W-what are you saying? I don’t need your compliments!”

With that, Hierian tightly sealed his lips.
The ladies easily dominated Hierian with a calm expressions and turned their attention to Adandito.

“But what’s going on at Erin’s mansion?”

“We have something to deliver.”

“The High Priest personally? I thought he was a very busy person… Could it be that you’re doing preliminary work for Siara?”

“It’s not like that.”

“No, it’s not.
It just seemed like it.”

As sisters who had been through countless imaginary scenarios, they were quick to catch on.
It didn’t matter if it was Hierian or Adandito, there was no use trying to escape.
The ladies exchanged glances, letting their imaginations run wild.

“I heard that Siara attended Erin’s tea party a few days ago.”

“It’s part of the debut etiquette course.
I heard they even had a private meeting.
Erin seems to have quite a discerning eye.”

“Well, even Father begged and caused a scene.
I’d like to get to know her too.
She’s close to the High Priest, suddenly becoming a noble, staying in the royal palace.
There’s so much curiosity.”

“If it were me, I would give her a gift.
A beautiful necklace with a recording enchantment and a hidden enchantment with invisibility magic.”

The numbers Erin used were considered mere greetings in the social circle.
In this strange world, Hierian shook his head in confusion.

“Even in Hyregia, we don’t do such things.”

Then Riott rolled her eyes.

“Is this like Mage Tower? The social circle is a battlefield.
Even Erin, who was born like us, received an empress education right after she was born, right? She can’t show it because we’re here, but if it were Siara, it would be a different story.”

Riott sighed deeply and continued, 

“Imagine a commoner who suddenly became a noble and is now a potential princess consort.
Wouldn’t you be jealous? Well, that doesn’t excuse harassing Siara.”

Listening to the conversation, Hierian felt that the flow was a bit strange. 

When did the noble ladies start taking care of Siara like that? Suspicious, Hierian frowned and asked,

“Are you talking as if you’re close to Siara?”

In response, Ashley gave an innocent smile and said, 

“We’ve always been close to her.”


“We even asked her to be our healer.
But we gave up on that now that she’s become a noble.
But more importantly, should we help her with this matter?”

“How can you help?”

At that moment, the Izbe ladies locked eyes and giggled.

“Disciplining a newcomer who just made her debut, it’s no big deal.”

“We can invite them both to a party at our mansion.
I’ll properly introduce her then.
It’s not just about teaching her the debut etiquette.”

They didn’t know if Siara would dislike it if they set up such a situation from behind.
However, without a chance to stop them, the Izbe ladies drifted away while chatting away.
Seeing their eyes full of interest and sparkle, it seemed futile to try to stop them.

Watching them walk away, Hierian muttered in a tired voice, 

“Is it okay to leave them like that?”

“Well, what can we do?”

Adandito shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s already out of our hands.”

* * *

Erin couldn’t hide her astonishment after accepting the pendant.
It was because of the words her housekeeper had conveyed to her.

“The High Priest personally came to deliver the pendant?”

“Yes, Hierian was with him too.”

She thought they were just exchanging a few words and being friendly.
The social circle was always exaggerated.
But to think that the High Priest and Hierian would come to her mansion just to deliver a pendant.

‘Could it be that they realized the pendant was enchanted?’

At the eerie thought, Erin couldn’t even breathe properly.

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