When Dianel and Siara were lost in their thoughts, Hierian and Adandito exchanged serious conversations.
The story that started with how to annoy Dianel suddenly turned into Siara’s story, and finally, Siara reached her destination in a dress.

“But I’m curious about Siara’s dress.”

“My heart might stop.”

“Dianel must have brought a remarkable expert to win Siara’s favor.”

“He’s competent in handling tasks.”

“…Hmph, Dianel.
I like that idea.”

“Hierian, don’t weaken your resolve.”

“Hee, I miss Siara.”

Their conversation caught the attention of passersby.
The secret conversations spread in all directions, as secrets, have no place within the palace.

“Did the High Priest and the Administrator talk about this girl named Siara?”

“She’s the Crown Prince’s fiancée, right?”

“She’s the daughter of Count Astita.”

“The noble ladies said she’s a talented healer.”

“…What exactly is her identity?”

Amidst the confusion, news about Therid, who was about to debut, also spread.
Unlike the central noble youths, Therid was a country-born Count with a slightly immature yet cute appearance, displaying a masculine charm befitting a royal knight.
He began to be talked about among the central nobles, along with Siara.

Unable to resist their curiosity, some people secretly asked Therid about the truth.
It was during a gathering where they fostered various friendships before their debut into society.

While exchanging glances, a victorious man, who had just finished gambling, approached Therid with a sly expression. 

The man mischievously cleared his throat, mimicking a quite familiar posture of rotating a glass.
When Therid gave him a questioning look, the man cautiously tried his luck.

“So, Count.”

“Why are you doing that?”

Unfortunately, Therid wasn’t in a good mood after being hit by a gust of wind that ruined his favored hairstyle.
There was a sharpness in his gaze as he looked at the man. 

The man, like a potted plant growing in a greenhouse, inadvertently avoided eye contact, barely straightening his hunched shoulders.

“…Why do you care?”

With his characteristic nonchalant attitude, the man released the tension and playfully tapped Therid’s shoulder.
Therid alternated his gaze between him and his shoulder, then frowned.
At that moment, the man asked why he was so sensitive and continued the conversation nonchalantly.

“Rumors are going around in high society.
You must know what is true and what is false, right?”

Usually, in such situations, people would respond with either an affirmative or negative answer.
However, Therid, who was unaware of the unspoken rules of high society, displayed an even more hostile expression.

“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.”

“Are you not aware of the rumors going around these days?”

“What rumors are you talking about?”

“…Why… Siara…”

“Is there something wrong with her?”

Therid’s fist clenched.
Seeing Therid’s readiness to rush out at any moment, the man swallowed hard.

“…There’s no problem, but the rumor about her being the Crown Prince’s fiancée…”

“Who said so?”

The outburst of Therid’s voice silenced everyone who had been observing the situation.
Their faces were filled with astonishment.

Several people were vying for the Crown Prince’s side.
House Izbe had been raising candidates for that position since the birth of noble ladies.
Everyone present knew about the prestigious upbringing and education received by the daughters of that house.
They were excellent in both lineage and beauty.

Among the fierce competitors, it was a great honor just to be considered a candidate.
But who was saying such things on their own?

Fierce and intrigued gazes turned towards Therid.
However, Therid, who had brushed off everyone’s gaze, stared at the man like an angry bull.

“Don’t say such things elsewhere.”

With a forceful flick of his head, as if rejecting false words, Therid left the scene.
The man, who had inadvertently become the target of Therid’s anger, staggered as the strength left his legs.
Someone held him and muttered softly.

“What’s wrong, acting like a close older brother.”

“…Is that even possible? She hasn’t even entered the Astita family, so why would such rumors arise and bother him?”

“Is that the case?”

As their curiosity grew, Therid left the party with a proud expression.
After a while, Therid, who had been muttering to himself, suddenly remembered what the man had said.

‘…There’s no problem, but the rumor about her being the Crown Prince’s fiancée…’

“The Crown Prince’s fiancée? That can’t be true.”

If Siara became the Crown Prince’s fiancée, it was like winning the lottery for the Astita family.
But Therid wasn’t particularly interested. 

The Crown Prince was not a very humane person, and besides, going to the palace without the support of a powerful family would only lead to various difficulties.

‘Wait, what does it matter if Siara suffers or not? If it benefits the family, that’s enough.’

It was probably true, but he couldn’t shake off this uneasy feeling.
Therid furrowed his brow and turned his steps towards the palace. 

He planned to ask Siara directly about these rumors.
Then, as a family, they could discuss matters related to marriage.
Whether she became the Crown Prince’s fiancée or not, that was a matter for later.

It was at that moment when Therid was walking confidently that he encountered some very familiar, but not particularly welcome, individuals.



It was Administrator Hierian and High Priest Adandito.
Therid greeted them with a slightly displeased expression, and they responded as if it were only natural.
Hierian’s cheerful voice echoed throughout the area.

“Are you on your way to see Siara by any chance?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Then let’s go together.”

“…Can’t you go on your own?”

“We happen to meet, so let’s go together.”

With that, Hierian beamed with a smile.
Adandito also nodded his head.
In fact, they had come to deliver the newspaper with the gossip to Siara earlier in the day and were trying to find out about Siara’s state, but they had already learned that Siara had vented her frustrations to Dianel. 

So instead of going against Siara’s feelings, they decided to find and confront the source of the false rumors.
And they soon found the culprit.
It was none other than Duke Izbe.

Although they wanted to go and convey this fact, Siara’s expression didn’t seem great from a distance.
That’s why they were trying to slip in through Therid.

‘Because Siara likes her family.’

Originally, Saviors were separated from their families as soon as they were born.
So this was the first time Siara had spent time with her family.
In the presence of family, Siara became, especially gentle and understanding.

Therid, who was completely unaware of this fact, nodded his head with a puzzled expression.

* * *

Even if Dianel had said nonsense, my appointment with Madam Lulu came punctually.
As we engaged in various conversations, my melancholy seemed to disappear as if it had never existed.

‘Yes, let’s ignore Dianel’s nonsense for now and focus on socializing.’

After all, having my name listed in the family registry was a planned event.
Naturally, I would also make my debut, and perhaps I would even meet my betrothed in the process.
When my mother first brought up this topic, I was filled with dread, but now it was different.

‘Yes, I’ve reached the age for that.
I can’t live like a child forever.’

After enduring so much torment from the male leads, it was time for me to be happy.
I wanted to welcome a kind and gentle husband, different from the male leads.

But as I made plans for the future, a sudden doubt arose.
Was it okay to not break the curse this way? And why did Dianel say such things? 

‘…Kill the Demon King.’

‘Yes, then my curse should be lifted.’

‘….Is that your intention?’

‘I thought you would be angry.’

In response to Dianel’s actions, I blurted out without thinking.

Dianel inherited the power of the Demon King.
But saying that I will kill the Demon King… I don’t even know what will happen to Dianel if I do.

‘Should I apologize?’

After calming down, I started to feel a little sorry.
After all, he didn’t ask the Demon King to curse me.

‘There might be some reason…’

Lost in my thoughts, Madam Lulu, who was busy examining fabrics, cautiously asked.

“Oh, is something bothering you?”

“No, not at all.
I like the clothes.”

“Your expression doesn’t seem that great.
If you’re too tired, should we stop here for today?”

After a moment of contemplation, I nodded my head, and Madam Lulu smiled and responded.

“Then I’ll take my leave for today.
I should start preparing for the upcoming tea party.”

Madam Lulu left the room.
As I was about to sigh and leave as well, I heard a commotion outside the door.
Wondering what was going on, I opened the door and saw Hierian, Adandito, and Therid gathered together.

“What are you all doing here?”

Strangely, they all avoided eye contact.
Looking at them hesitatingly, Therid finally spoke up after a moment of silence.

“There’s something I want to ask you.”

“What is it that you brought so many people here? Anyway, come in.”

I opened the door and they entered one by one.
I led them to the drawing room attached to the bedroom and took a seat across from them.

The attendants who were tidying up Madame’s belongings discreetly left the room.
Only after they hurriedly exited did Therid finally open his mouth.

“Well, I heard a rumor that you are the Crown Prince’s fiancée.”

At that moment, I could hear audible gasps from all around.
I almost burst into laughter but managed to suppress it.

They say the walls have ears, but I can’t believe that word has already gotten to Therid.
Without being able to answer, Hierian anxiously interrupted and handed me another piece of gossip.

“The culprit is Duke Izbe.”

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