Together with Siara, Dianel entered the office to hide.
As soon as the door closed completely, a sound resembling a sigh flowed among the silent officials.

“Excuse me, is that Siara, who is staying in the palace?” 

“Well, I’m not sure if the rumors are true.”

“Rumors? What rumors?”

“Why, they say that His Excellency Dianel is taking care of her to become the Princess….”

In truth, the people of the Northern Palace had heard the rumor and brushed it aside.
It was because they thought that those who did not know the crown prince’s temperament were spreading false rumors.

It was nothing unusual since that was the way social circles were.

However, this time the atmosphere was different.
It was unusual.
He even postponed his work and asked everyone to leave for her sake.
It was something that Dianel would never do under normal circumstances.

The officials who exchanged glances among themselves swallowed their saliva.
Perhaps, just like a spring seeking the winter, love was trying to find its way to Dianel, who was frozen like midwinter.

They anxiously awaited Siara’s appearance with pounding hearts.

* * *

The office was engulfed in deep darkness.
It was evident that working in such a place would strain one’s eyes, but Dianel seemed completely comfortable.
He followed me into the room and took a seat.
Several documents were placed in front of him.

Dianel placed the crumpled newspaper I handed him on top of the stack of papers and asked, 

“What would you like to say? Should I summon the one who spread the false rumor?”

“…Would that be necessary?”

“Once the reason is attached, it will be enough.”

His words sounded as if he were forcibly accusing someone.
I shook my head and looked around.
The curtains hanging by the window were thick as if designed to block out all light.
Judging from his dislike of light, his claim of being a divine being seemed entirely false.
I quietly recalled what I had been thinking.

‘Could it be that Dianel has inherited the power of the Demon King?’

Although I had been suspicious during my time in the subjugation force, the Imperial Family’s connection to divine beings was widely known, so I never dared to ask. 

Inheriting the power of the Demon King was an act that in itself expressed devotion to the Eora God, and since there were many divine beings with rather sinister appearances, it was not easy to jump to conclusions.

However, the north palace was connected to the Forest of Evil, and the fact that I was placed in a tower located there, along with Dianel’s actions, was unsettling.

All these circumstances indicated that he might be related to the Demon King.
Moreover, if Dianel had inherited the power of the Demon King, he might know how to lift my curse.

‘It’s an important matter, so I must ask him directly.’

But I hesitated because I couldn’t find the right words to ask.
Just as I was struggling, he spoke to me, as if he knew why I was hesitating.
His voice was calm and composed.

“You can ask me anything.”

He calmly picked up the newspaper and began to read it attentively from the beginning.
Perhaps due to his relaxed attitude, I also felt a bit relieved.
Finally, I managed to gather the courage to speak up.

“I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I wanted to ask.”


“Don’t just keep it to yourself, please.”

“Please go ahead and ask.”

“By any chance… Have you possessed the power of the Demon King?”

“Yes, I have.”

My words came to a halt as I was about to explain why I thought that way.
Instead, my eyes widened, and turned to Dianel.

“Are you too easily accepting of it?”

“It’s more surprising that you just noticed it now.”

“No, hey! You’re saying you possessed the power of a god!”

“Eora and the Demon King were originally one entity, and the gods were created by Eora, so isn’t it the same for someone like you?”

“Who interpreted it that way?”

“The royal family has believed it for generations.”

With that, Dianel put down the newspaper.
His calm eyes were questioning my intentions.

“Now, you don’t plan to accuse me of heresy, do you? So, what is it that you’re curious about?”

If before I felt uneasy because I couldn’t catch him, now he was unnervingly calm.
I looked at the calm surface of the tea and swallowed hard.
It felt like someone was reading my mind.

‘Don’t intervene.’

Dianel understood the situation well.

He was the crown prince, and I was just someone resembling a low-born orphan in the nobility.
Even if I shouted that the “crown prince possessed the power of the Demon King,” no one would believe it.
So it’s natural that I would reveal my true identity so obediently.

‘It makes me angry.’

Although I had received a lot of help from Dianel, it was all before I believed he had no connection to the Demon King.
After all, if I hadn’t been cursed, I wouldn’t have needed any help in the first place.

But getting angry here wouldn’t change anything.
My ultimate goal was to break the curse.
For that, I cautiously asked again.

“…Then, I’m curious if you can also break the curse of the Demon King.”

“Do you want to break the curse?”

“Well, of course! My family is suffering from baseless rumors because of me.”

“Then, I will break it for you.”


“But there’s a condition.”

Well, Dianel, who was meticulous in calculating gains and losses, wouldn’t make a deal for nothing.
I sighed and asked.

“What’s the condition?”

Then Dianel bent his upper body towards me and said,

“Please marry me.”


“You must become my only companion for the curse to be lifted.
This is a condition directly set by the Demon King, and there is no other way to lift the curse.”

Dianel smirked.
I looked at the corners of his lips, drawing a frown, and belatedly leaned back.

“D-Don’t lie.”

“It’s the truth.
Of course, there is no evidence, but that’s what I heard.”

“…The Demon King set such a ridiculous condition? Who am I? Why would he set such a condition?”

“Because you’re the only savior.”

How long has it been since I was called a savior? It was a word I had forgotten and didn’t resonate with me.
I didn’t even know what a savior was doing, and now it wasn’t important either.

‘It’s fortunate that I can scrape by as a healer.’

But what meaning does the savior have when the subjugation is already over? Perplexed, I made a bewildered expression, and Dianel spoke directly, straightening his posture.

“It’s okay to refuse.
No, it might be better for you, Siara.”

A nonchalant attitude as if it wasn’t his own business.
It seemed like he thought it would be better that way or maybe he was joking.

Could he understand my position?

He said something like that earlier.

‘What does he have to say? Shall I go find the one who spread the false rumor and scold them?’

Even if he knew everything about me and our family suffering together under the Demon King’s curse, he couldn’t understand it. 

Even if the intentions of the Demon King and his intentions were different, I wouldn’t have been upset if he had at least realized it and apologized.

I couldn’t understand why he treated this matter as if it were someone else’s business.

Emotions that had been suppressed welled up, and the lingering resentment I had felt so far began to flow uncontrollably.

“What are you talking about? Do you know how miserable it is that people in the world can’t remember me? My father and my brother have forgotten me, and now my mother is even misunderstanding and pretending to be insane!”


“No words? Shouldn’t you at least make an effort?”


“I’m sick of you.
I’ve always thought about it, but… You only care about yourself, don’t you?”

Dianel furrowed his brow.
Even that emotionless guy seemed upset by the fact that he was being criticized.

But he didn’t seem to understand how others would feel.

‘I misjudged you.’

Even though I thought of him as a colleague I had been with for three years, it was my mistake.
He never had any intention other than taking advantage of his benefits while blabbering about being a savior.

I stood up abruptly.

“It’s fine if you don’t help.
I’ll find a way somehow.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know, maybe the solution will come if I kill the Demon King.”

“…Kill the Demon King.”

“Yes, then my curse should be lifted.”

I realized that what I said was something that shouldn’t have been said after I blurted it out.
But Dianel didn’t even flinch.
He just looked at me blankly.

“….Is that your intention?”


“….It’s nothing.”

Dianel stood up and opened the door to the office.
Light poured in through the open gap in the door.
I stood up, feeling like it meant to leave.

Because there was no more conversation to be had between us.

Trying to hide my displeasure, I left the office.

* * *

After Siara left, Dianel was lost in thought, ignoring everyone around him.
The outside had grown dark enough that he didn’t need to draw the curtains.
He gazed at the newly risen moon.

In his mind, just like the spread of a blurry light around the moon, a glimmer of hope emerged in Dianel’s heart.
But the darkness overshadowed the light by far.
Even in such moments, he couldn’t help but have wicked thoughts.

‘Have you seen, Dianel? No one will stand up for you or understand you.
You’ll be forever alone.’

In that case, wouldn’t it be better to claim her, even if it meant receiving hatred? Dianel bit his lip, trying to suppress the sudden thought.
Blood seeped from his lips bitten by sharp fangs.

He made an effort to regain his composure and immersed himself in his thoughts once again.
He recalled what Siara had said before leaving.

‘I don’t know, maybe the solution will come if I kill the Demon King.’

Despite his confusion after receiving the entrusted mission, Adandito overcame the fear of possible punishment and went to save Hierian.
Even though he knew Hierian had defied the will of the gods and brought destruction upon his race, Adandito tried to free Siara from her duty.

Dianel believed that Siara regaining her role as a savior was the right thing to do, and he intended to eradicate Hierian alongside Adandito.
But they didn’t seem to share the same perspective.

‘Another wrong answer?’

They seemed to have their own ways of wishing for Siara’s happiness.
So Dianel followed suit.

It would be best for Siara not to get closer to him.
It would be better if they grew apart.
As the savior drew closer, the Demon King’s desire to possess her would only intensify.

He thought he could control it, but it proved more challenging than he had imagined.
He had caused problems, even to the point of kidnapping Siara.

Knowing her, he hoped she would hear what he said and distance herself from him.
He knew she would dislike such absurd and whimsical stories.
He thought it would be fine to let her be with someone else.
Maybe then, the overwhelming emotions would subside a little.

But it seemed he wanted more than that.

His usually decisive hand hesitated as he shuffled through the documents.

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