Adandito was lost in thought as he looked at Siara, who was heading towards Izaya.
Would she ever look back at him? Maybe she wouldn’t leave forever like this.
If that’s the case, how should he live? No, would he even be able to live? What meaning would there be in surviving like that…

As he was lost in contemplation, their conversation reached him.

“The administrator has collapsed.
We’ve already tried healing with ten healers, but it was useless.
Siara, your healing is needed immediately.”

“So, you needed my help.
I should hurry.”


Izaya unfolded a magic circle.
Seeing her determined attitude, Adandito felt an urge to just let Siara leave.
But he couldn’t send her away like this.
Regardless of the situation, he had made up his mind to follow her.

Adandito gathered his resolve and took out the “Blessing of Eora” ring from his pocket and handed it to Siara.

“It’s not fully restored yet, but it should be useful.”

Siara looked at him, surprised, and smiled warmly.

“Yes, thank you.”

Siara didn’t say anything more and her smile was enough of an answer.
Adandito breathed a sigh of relief.

After that, they quickly walked and arrived at the teleportation gate.
However, the connection between the gate and the magical power had become a mess and it couldn’t be used anymore.
Izaya noticed a disturbing spark near the teleportation gate and her expression hardened.

“…The magical pillar seems to be going out of control.
Hierian’s condition is also serious.”

At that moment, Adandito narrowed his eyes as if looking into the distance.
Then, he took both their hands and whispered.

“Hold my hand tightly.”

“Is there any way?”

“Yes, we’ll use the trajectory of the sun to teleport directly to the Mage Tower.”

Without waiting for further explanations, the three of them disappeared.

* * *

Hierian’s breath intermittently stopped and continued.
The magical pillar showed an unstable appearance, repeatedly condensing and dispersing the magical energy. 

Even the high-level mages wearing purple robes, who had presented the book “Withered Flowers Don’t Cry.” to Hierian, were busy commanding the situation.

“Team 1, activate the magic suppression formula.
Team 2, activate the sealing formula! Mages not assigned to a team, focus on restoring the healers’ energy, and apprentices, bring any potions you can find! The most important thing is to wake up the administrator!”


Amidst everyone’s frantic movements, a mage who had handed the book to Hierian sat down on the floor and muttered in despair.

“It’s all my fault.
It’s my fault…”

“What’s wrong with you? Get out of the way!”

“The magical pillar is shaking violently! If it continues like this, it will collapse!”

“Damn it, why did the administrator suddenly collapse?”

At that moment, the ground trembled violently.

If the magical pillar collapsed, Hierian, which was made entirely of magical energy, would suffer the most damage.
As evidence, the collapsed magical energy that had completely covered the sky dispersed, revealing glimpses of a clear sky.
The mages watched in despair as the barrier crumbled and sunlight seeped into the Mage tower.
It was a catastrophe for them.

“…Is this the end for Hierian?”

Their homeland, which had been maintained firmly for countless years, could disappear like this.
They were immersed in profound despair when suddenly…


A group broke through the ceiling of the Mage tower.

* * *

Adandito rode the sunlight and swiftly moved to the mausoleum of Hyregia.
Originally, it would have been impossible due to the interference of magic, but it became possible because Hierian collapsed and the flow of magic became unstable.

Izaya didn’t blame Adandito for breaking the ceiling of the tower but asked Siara to help her.

“Siara, please save Hierian.”


Siara approached Hierian without hesitation.
Her expression as she examined his body was worrisome.

“…His condition is not good.”

Siara placed her hands on Hierian’s body.
As soon as she did, Hierian, who had been sweating cold sweat and intermittently groaning, gradually relaxed his expression.

The healer, who had just regained consciousness after drinking a recovery potion, sighed in admiration at the sight.


Hierian’s condition was severe, and the abundance of magic within his body made healing a challenging task.

It was like pouring water into a bucket to put out a forest fire.
Naturally, it was impossible to put it out.
Healing became even more dangerous, to the point where the healers themselves were at risk.
Because of this, the healers who had tried to escape as soon as they recovered their strength looked at Siara as if they had lost their minds.

“Who on earth is she?”

“She doesn’t even have a single worried expression.”

“She hasn’t even used the Blessing Ring of Eora yet.”

Observing the mesmerized individuals, Siara tilted her head.

“…It seems like my energy has improved.”

After quietly looking down at the ring, Siara raised her head and released her hand from Hierian.
Hierian collapsed into Siara’s embrace.
Siara casually held him and spoke.

“He just fell asleep for a moment.
After a good rest, everything will be fine.”

Hierian seemed very relaxed as she listened to Siara’s words.
His gasping breaths became calm, and color returned to his face.
Most importantly, the scattered magic gathered once again, and the barrier of the Mage tower started functioning again.


With the collapse of the circle, Hyregia, who had been bathed in sunlight, was plunged into darkness once again.
Then, the grand sorcerer who had been watching the situation with a tense expression spoke softly.

“Excuse me… Are you, not the person I mistook for Hierian?”

Upon hearing this, the surrounding people began to exclaim in surprise.

“That’s right, that’s right!”

“She saved Hierian.”

“She is the benefactor of the Mage tower!”

Tears welled up in the eyes of the sorcerers, and the healers joined in praising them.

“For the grand sorcerers to mistake her for the Administrator?”

“No wonder her abilities were extraordinary.”

“But how could we not know?”

“In any case, she is an incredible talent!”

Amidst the shower of compliments, Siara embraced Hierian and started walking.
The crowd that had gathered wherever Siara walked parted to make way for them.

Adandito followed closely behind Siara, protecting her like a shadow.

“Everyone, please step aside.”

Izaya also stepped forward.

“I will guide you.
Please come this way.”

That way, Siara, and her companions disappeared, carrying Hierian with them.

Those who watched them wore strange expressions.
Soon, the events they witnessed began to spread throughout Hyregia.

“So, this healer named Siara instantly cured Hierian?”

“And she was escorted by the High Priest.”

“Izaya guided them.”

“Heh, that fearsome sorcerer said it.”

“Although we don’t know who she is, she’s quite a remarkable person.”

The rumors gradually spread beyond Hyregia.

* * *

After treating Hierian, I immediately returned to Astita.
Although my brother and father were staying at the palace, I didn’t think Dianel would cause any trouble, and above all, I was worried about Mother.

Izaya opened the teleportation gate for me, allowing me to quickly return to Astita.
Fortunately, Mother had only fainted briefly and was not seriously ill.
When she heard the news of my arrival, she rushed out and hugged me tightly.

“Siara, where did you go without saying a word?”

“I had an urgent matter.
I’m sorry, Mother.”

“Still, you should have said something before leaving.”

I don’t have a hundred excuses even if I had a hundred mouths, I just held her back.

Then my mother took my hand and led me inside.

“I thought you left because you felt excluded during the festival.
I should have paid more attention if I knew, I regret not examining the situation properly back then, I’m sorry.”

“No, Mom.
I enjoyed resting in my room after a long time.
This recent incident was truly unexpected.”

“Well, at least it’s a relief.”

My mother reached out and gently brushed my hair, her kind touch quickly lifted my spirits.
The events of being trapped in the Forest of Evil and everything related to healing Hierian felt like distant memories.

‘Home is indeed comforting.’

I embraced my mother tightly.
Naturally, strength surged from my body, enveloping my mother.
Suddenly, her weakened body regained vitality.

Looking surprised, my mother smiled softly.

“A royal physician was sent to the palace, so my health is good now.”

“But I still want to help.
Above all, please don’t feel hurt if I disappear again in the future.”

“Why would you say that?”

“I will stay by your side no matter what happens, Mother.
Even if it seems like I’m not here, it’s just a temporary absence.”

“I see.
I’m sorry for surprising you.”

My mother silently hugged me, and we held each other for a long time.

* * *

After a long time, I spent time with my mother.
We went shopping, ate out, and when night fell, we talked about trivial matters until we fell asleep.
It was a peaceful time, almost awkwardly so.

After about two days, a letter arrived from the palace.

[My Lady, I heard the news of your improved health.
I’m glad you’re better.
We received an invitation from His Highness the Crown Prince to attend the palace festival.
His Highness will assist Therid’s debut in society.
If you’re fine with it, how about coming to the palace with Siara as well?]

I was sitting next to my mother, eating snacks.
As I sneakily glanced at the contents of the letter, my mother showed it to me.

“Take a look, Siara.
Your father is finally concerned about Therid’s marriage.”

“Well, it’s about time.”

Therid, my older brother, had been without a fiancée until his mid-twenties.
He became a knight immediately after becoming an adult and was engrossed in his training, missing the timing. 

Afterward, he took care of our mother, who was plagued by an illness and couldn’t participate in society.
Somehow, he hadn’t even made his debut in society yet.
Now was truly the time to consider marriage.

Fortunately, Dianel had agreed to fully support Astita Territory as compensation for imprisoning me in the tower.
The same was written in the letter, so I could feel relieved.

‘I don’t need to worry about it.’

As I leisurely ate my snack, my mother spoke to me.

“Now that I think about it, Siara, you’re of marriageable age too.”

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