The Savior could utilize all the powers created by the gods, including the use of the Magic Pillars and access to restricted areas for administrators only. 

‘Adandito mentioned that he received a divine oracle.’

If Adandito received a divine oracle because the gods knew that the dragon was alive, then he must have been ordered to kill Siara. 

However, Adandito ended up protecting Siara instead.
There had been several occasions when Hierian felt uncomfortable with the extent of Adandito’s actions.

Furthermore, even Dianel was showing interest in Siara.
Many circumstances pointed to Siara’s true identity.

‘So, Siara is really the Savior?’

The magic book clearly stated that one would become stronger by acquiring the Savior.
However, Adandito specifically instructed Hierian to help Siara escape…

In the face of this incomprehensible situation, Hierian swallowed his questions.

* * *

Hierian went straight to find Adandito.
Adandito was in the middle of praying alone.
He wore a serious expression while engaged in prayer, but as soon as he saw Hierian, his complexion stiffened.

“What’s the matter?”

Without responding, Hierian sat beside Adandito.
Then, Adandito glanced at Hierian as if surprised by his unexpected visit and asked, still looking at the statue of the god Eora placed in front of him for prayer.

“Hierian, what do you think would happen if the dragon was still alive?”

Hierian heard the unexpected question and looked at Adandito for a moment.
Then, with a serious expression, he replied in a similar tone.

“If we assume the dragon is alive?”


“He would have died the moment he was discovered by my eyes.
Not only me, but all the divine officials would have to avoid his gaze.
It would be a difficult task to hide in the Nest forever.”

“…How can you be so sure?”

“Eora, the god, sees the world through the eyes of the divine officials.”

Hierian closed his mouth but asked again after a moment.

“Is the god that free? Couldn’t she take a break for a while?”

“She is here in front of us.”

Hierian blinked his eyes and pointed to the statue.


“No, Hierian.
The god Eora is standing next to you, quietly observing you.”

“Huh, really?”

“Yes, although she is only a part of the god, not the entire entity.
You don’t need to worry.
God is present in everything.”

Hierian couldn’t discern whether the peaceful tone was genuine or false, so he wore a perplexed expression.
While he knew that the divine officials used divine power, which originated from the gods, it still felt strange to have one in front of him.
With a bewildered expression, Hierian spoke, with Adandito comforting him with his words.

“Although you cannot see the dragon, you can still use magic.
Even though you are an administrator and can hear commands from the spirits, others cannot hear them.
However, magic is still real.
The same goes for divine power.”

Hierian nodded his head.
It was a world where the consciousness of the deceased dragon existed and could wield its power.
It wasn’t too strange to have a part of the god in front of him.
Nevertheless, Hierian couldn’t shake off the uneasy feeling and asked.

“…Wouldn’t Eora dislike me? I am a mage who inherited the power of an extinct dragon.”

“No, that’s not true.”

Adandito firmly denied it.

“The dragon was originally a being that connected heaven and earth.
Since humans, as gods, have taken over that important role, the gods are watching over your contributions.”

“…Is that so?”

“Yes, the god Eora even embraces those reckless individuals who disregard the order of the world.
Hierian, you have nothing to worry about.” 

The emphasis on the phrase ‘reckless individuals’ stood out.
Hierian had a feeling he knew who Adandito was referring to.
He knew exactly whom Adandito had yelled at just a moment ago. 

Hierian briefly glanced at Adandito’s complexion.
Despite the previously intense tone, Adandito quickly regained his composure.
Could it be because the god was present? 

If Hierian were to ask now, would Adandito reveal what had happened with Dianel? After contemplating, Hierian decided to speak up.

“Is that reckless individual Dianel?”

“That’s correct.”

“You didn’t even try to hide it.”

“Because he is a disruptive person.”

Their relationship hadn’t been great before, but it had never been to this extent.
It seemed that while Hierian was absent for a moment, Adandito had developed a strong dislike for Dianel.
It was understandable considering the circumstances.
Hierian quietly inquired, guessing what had happened.

“Is it because of Siara’s abduction?”

“That is one of the issues, but…”

Adandito didn’t provide a detailed answer.
His face, as he remained silent, was uncommonly filled with anger.
Hierian wondered about the reason behind Adandito’s sudden intense dislike for Dianel.

‘Could it be because he realized that Dianel inherited the power of the Demon King?’

If Adandito entered the distorted space and rescued Siara, it meant that Dianel hadn’t inherited the power of the divine beast.
Adandito was a devout divine official, and he could have been angry about the lies he had told until now. 

Unlike Hierian, who had suspected that Dianel had already inherited the power of the Demon King, the revelation didn’t come as a big shock to him.

Hierian remembered witnessing the power that Dianel had manifested when they were children, and he had come to know whose power it truly was.
That was why, even when the royal family actively supported the sealing of the Demon King, Hierian speculated that Dianel had difficulty controlling the power properly, leading to the involvement of the royal family.

However, he didn’t care much about it.
While it might be different from Adandito’s perspective, from Hierian’s perspective, it seemed natural that there would be a human who inherited the power of the Demon King.
Even the small fairies were searching for humans who could manifest their power, so the Demon King, who possessed power comparable to Eora, couldn’t stay idle.

Above all, the fact that the Demon King’s seal was possible was because the Demon King allowed it.
Otherwise, how could they seal the Demon King, who could rival Eora?

‘I thought Adandito had a rough idea.
Guess he didn’t know.’

Hierian nodded silently, realizing that he had stood above Adandito.
But now wasn’t the time to focus on such childish emotions.

Hierian held back the questions he had been chewing on and finally asked, 

“Adandito, is Siara the Savior?”

At that moment, Adandito’s expression hardened.
Even without hearing the answer, his expression said it all.
So Hierian nodded silently.

“How did you know?”

“I had a rough idea.
It’s strange for there to be another person besides me who can enter the restricted area for the non-administrator.”

It felt like a sandcastle of delusions had collapsed.
The reason Hierian had thought Siara might be a dragon was that he had immersed himself in the race that admired Siara the most, as he liked her.
He believed in the favorable aspects and satisfied himself.
But that was a misconception he wouldn’t have made as an adult.

‘Childish body is uncomfortable.’

The body that had been happy to be by Siara’s side all this time suddenly felt uncomfortable.
Hierian looked quietly at his own hands.
His short, blunt hands were pale and soft.
Since adapting to this body, his heart had also become soft and mushy.

‘Dianel and Adandito are fine, so why only me?’

Hierian bit his lips.
He couldn’t settle for it anymore.
If he did, Siara might be taken away from both of them.
From the beginning, the Savior had been the object of admiration for everyone.
It was different from the dragons who would eventually become allies.

Hierian stood up without saying a word. 

“I’m leaving.”

A belated restlessness made his lips dry up like parchment.

* * *

Hierian returned to the mausoleum without hesitation.
Although he had been going back and forth to the mausoleum for work, his basic duties kept him busy, and the mages were eager to see Hierian.

“Hierian, have you come?” 

“Hierian, here are the documents–” 

“This is more urgent!” 

“There’s an error in the magic pillar!”

Then Hierian would quickly handle the important matters he deemed necessary and return to where Siara was.
But not today.
Ignoring all the urgent tasks, he went straight to the library.
Then he gathered all the information he could find about the Savior.

Unlike the priests who considered even searching for information restricted by the gods as a sin, the mages’ passion for unknown beings was tremendous.
Thanks to that, research on the Savior was being actively conducted.

Of course, most of the information was so inaccurate that it was treated as rumors or superstitions.
For example, it was said that the Savior’s blood could resurrect the dead, or that they could heal all wounds with their words.
Some even claimed that the Savior was a manifestation of the goddess Eora herself.

Hierian quickly flipped through the pages of many books.
He then lowered his head deeply.
The Saviors in the book were all overwhelmingly powerful, like gods, and they always disappeared like the wind.

‘If Siara is the Savior…’

If Siara truly is the Savior, why does she associate herself with him? The Saviors recorded in the scripture all concealed their tracks, so was Siara leaving like that too? If so, why did she stay in the Astita mansion and get kidnapped by Dianel? His thoughts became more complex.

“Let’s stop here.”

He couldn’t find it in himself to investigate the Savior any further. 

Just as Hierian was using magic to put all the books back in their original places, a novice-looking mage who had been lurking around since Hierian entered awkwardly spoke up.

“Um… Administrator.”

It seemed like he hadn’t received the basic training of not speaking to Hierian when he was in the library.
Normally, he would have chased him away without mercy, but Hierian had a soft heart in his childlike body.


“I-I thought you were looking for information about the Savior.”

As he spoke, the inexperienced mage held out a book to Hierian.

Hierian narrowed his eyes and skimmed through the book with a red cover.
The title of the book was a bit peculiar.

〈Withered Flowers Don’t Cry.〉

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