Episode 54

Dianel was a soul born with the fate of inheriting the power of the Demon King.
Even if he died and was reborn, that fact would never change.
However, unlike the savior who lived eternally and remembered all memories, he forgot the memories of his past life upon death.
Therefore, his doubts continued to grow.

Why hasn’t he been saved yet? Has he been suppressing his power all along?

Recalling the fact that he had heard the same words a hundred years ago, Dianel couldn’t bear the rising sense of devotion.
At that time, the savior had said that he, who would be born in the next life, would love him.
With a similar doubt back then, Dianel asked him when he sealed the Demon King.

‘Please allow me to meet the next savior.’

The Demon King willingly bestowed eternal curses upon Dianel, Hierian, and Adandito, so that he could meet the next savior, Piasse, with all his memories intact.

However, when he finally met Piasse after waiting for a hundred years, she said the same thing.

‘Of course.
In this life, you will die and cease to exist, but I will love you when you are reborn in the next life.’

The savior given by Eora, the Demon King defined as darkness, and he inherits the power of the Demon King.
Perhaps the deity didn’t even know that it was using the savior to control the power of the Demon King. 

The speculation that he had believed to be impossible all along started to become apparent.
Dianel swallowed a sigh and took a step back from Piasse.
Just by separating from her, a suffocating thirst surged, making it difficult to breathe.

But Dianel persisted.
He had become accustomed to suffering from thirst because of Piasse.
If she had held him more often, if she had loved him more, maybe it would have been easier without suppressing his power.

So, it was all her fault.
The resentment that had been suppressed all along grew even stronger.

Dianel muttered in a voice filled with hatred.

“You said the same thing a hundred years ago.”


“I know that I can’t remember everything from my past life.
But even so, I remember important things.
It seems that you don’t remember the promise you made to me.”


“In the end, the promise with me was not important to you.
Have you been suppressing my power like this all along?”

“…Dianel, the sealing of the Demon King was only successful a hundred years ago.”

“So, how much longer do I have to wait? A thousand years? Two thousand years? Will I ever be able to control this power? Won’t I even be sealed?”

The anger that had been suppressed for a very long time boiled up.
At the same time, the darkness that had been sealed a hundred years ago found a crack in Dianel’s heart and lifted its head.

‘Dianel, the savior never had any intention of saving you from the beginning.’

At that moment, Dianel shouted out.

“Piasse, you said you would willingly suppress my darkness with your power.”

The Demon King, who possessed power equal to that of Eora, was half of a god.
Piasse’s power was remarkable, but Dianel, who inherited the power of the Demon King, was not to be taken lightly either. 

If he refused, he could do it.
The reason the Demon King’s power had been suppressed so far was sole because Dianel had endured it.
But there was no reason to endure anymore.

Dianel unleashed the power he had suppressed all along.
Immediately, Piasse screamed in alarm.

“Dianel, stop it now! Do you intend to ruin everything you’ve done so far?”

Dianel didn’t respond.
In the meantime, the Demon King grabbed hold of Dianel and began to possess him.
Just as Piasse had said, Dianel couldn’t control the power of the Demon King.
By siding with the Demon King like this, it was obvious that he would lose his sanity and live according to his intentions. 

However, Dianel couldn’t suppress the rising exhilaration.
Only now did Piasse’s eyes fully focus on him.
Her ears leaned toward his words, capturing every single one of them.
After such a long time, the savior finally acknowledged him.
Unable to overcome the tingling sensation that spread throughout his body, Dianel whispered.

“If you truly feel so sorry for me, please use all your power and willingly save me.”

At the same time, the awakened Demon King whispered.

“Let’s devour Piasse.
If we swallow the savior, we will become whole.”

At that moment, Dianel swung his hand towards Piasse.
His swiftly growing claws became razor-sharp enough to pierce through Piasse’s flesh and bones in an instant.
Piasse didn’t run away and instead was impaled through the shoulder.
Dianel’s body was drenched in Piasse’s blood, and only then did he regain his senses.


Piasse willingly grabbed onto Dianel’s arm, despite being pierced through.
A golden power flowed into Dianel through her body.
As the darkness gradually receded, Dianel realized what he had done.
At that moment, Piasse looked at Dianel and asked.

“Are you satisfied now, Dianel?”

“I… I…”

“I will die now.
And then…”

“I won’t let you die!”

Dianel shouted, supported by the darkness.

“Don’t die! Don’t escape through death!”

“….I will be reborn soon.”

“Do you say that again? You’re truly cruel.”


“You don’t have the right to blame me! Do you know how much I’ve waited for you, wanted to be loved by you, without knowing anything—”


Piasse weakened, and Dianel’s anger grew.

At that moment, the Demon King laughed contentedly.
With the hand that pierced Piasse’s shoulder, he took away one of her important powers.
Piasse stumbled as if dizzy.
Then the Demon King spoke through Dianel.

“I’ll show you a life worse than death.
Face the darkness you have fought all these years and I wonder if you’ll still have that noble face.”

Piasse lost her strength and collapsed.

At that moment, all the suppressed desires within her were unleashed.
Hierian and Adandito’s repressed instincts were also the same.
After that, Piasse’s hell unfolded.
Years passed like that.
Piasse no longer seemed to love Hierian or Adandito.
In the end, she fell apart without anyone being able to save her, merely killing time without being able to die.

Piasse didn’t react even to Dianel’s footsteps.
Her eyes, once sparkling, lost their vitality and looked at the ground.

Dianel stood in front of her.
A dark shadow loomed over Piasse’s head.

“It’s impossible to save everyone.”


“I agreed with Adandito and Hierian.
If you save one person, the rest will enter the afterlife.”


“You just need to choose one person, Piasse.
It’s not that difficult.”

When humans are betrayed by the one they cherish, they feel the greatest despair.
So Dianel thought Piasse would choose him, not Adandito or Hierian.
But Piasse’s choice was to escape.

She lured Hierian and left for another dimension.
At that moment, Dianel thought.
Even a savior is just a human.
He was not wrong.
So if he continued as he always had, everything would be fine.

Dianel seized the opportunity when Hierian weakened due to traversing dimensions and severed his limbs.
Then he used Hierian’s limb to open a dimensional portal and imprisoned Piasse.

Already consumed by madness, Adandito obediently brought Piasse back and confined her in the secret garden of the temple.
She had destroyed the one she cherished and betrayed the one she trusted.

Now, what would Piasse do? Would she cry, feel despair, or let go of everything?

Dianel watched the situation with interest.
However, Piasse’s choice remained unchanged.
He persuaded Adandito to restore Hierian to his original state and started to torment them again.
Although Piasse’s power had weakened, the situation unfolded just the same.

Hierian regained his limbs, and Adandito regained his sanity and began repenting.
Everything started to return to its original state.

As their powers grew stronger, Dianel gradually regained his sanity.
He looked at the savior who remained unchanged and felt despair.
In his wailing state, the Demon King whispered to him.

“Convince Piasse.
If she wants, she can turn back time.”

Upon hearing those words, Dianel rushed towards Piasse.
After being consumed by the Demon King, it was the first time he saw Piasse with a clear mind.

Piasse sat alone by a tree.
At that moment, she was on the verge of death, her body frail.
Dianel frowned deeply as he looked at Piasse, who appeared so emaciated.
Emotions of sobbing surged through him.

“…If you die like this, I will go on a rampage.”

Piasse nodded her head.
There was no trace of pain or sadness on her expressionless face.
Instead, she seemed more at ease than before.

“It seems so.”

“Do you want to turn back time?”

“…I won’t accept help from the Demon King.”

Piasse, with her frail and emaciated body, looked at Dianel with determined eyes.
As Dianel witnessed Piasse’s firm rejection, he swallowed a bitter smile.

“I will return as the Grand Savior and seal the Demon King once again.
I won’t betray you.
This time, it will be as you wish.”

“Dianel, there are no free deals in this world.
I repeat I will not make a contract with the Demon King.”

“This is an opportunity to fix everything.
Can’t you trust me once more?”

“Even if it doesn’t work.”

Piasse’s mysterious eyes, a blend of pink and purple, looked sharply at Dianel.
There was no trace of resentment towards him in those eyes.
It was as if all the terrible things Dianel had done meant nothing to her. 

In the end, he couldn’t leave a single mark of resentment on her.
Dianel trembled, feeling both sorrowful and relieved.

Piasse chuckled as she observed Dianel’s contorted face.
It was a smile reminiscent of the one she gave him when they first met, back in the days when he was just a young boy and she bestowed him with a smile.

The sole lifeline, the thread of fate, the only existence that could save him.
With that, she comforted Dianel as if nothing had happened.

“Dianel, there’s no need to blame yourself for your mistakes.”

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